Beauty Pageants is a debatable topic. Many girls and even compete based on abilities, poise, and perfection. Beauty Pageants either lean towards a good side or a bad side. Some people think the pageants can be harmful, because of competition. Some people think otherwise, they think it builds up self-confidence and character. There are different opinions and debates on beauty pageants. There are many debates that lead to beauty pageants to lean toward the harmful side. Some people think parents get carried away.

Jon Benet Ramsey a girl that was in ast beauty pageants, was murdered at age six. Her mother qualified her into pageants all the time. She really didn’t have a childhood, because the pageants took up most of her time. Also the kids wouldn’t have a choice, their parents would sign them up every weekend if they could. The pageants parents sign children up for can cost a lot. They are willing to spend as much money as they can (Gleick 1). If the child, when in a contest makes the tiniest mistake, like coughing or tripping, their parents would be furious (Gleick 2).

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Mothers will probably start putting the children into pageants at age 2. Children were told to have fake hair and false teeth (Cromle 1). On average kids are signed up 5 times per year, which is really expensive. Parents would make their child seem and look older to win (Gleick 3). Beauty pageants encouraged children to change. Parents bought fake eyelashes, teeth and even hair. Children may decide to become anorexic or bulimic because they don’t think they look good enough (Nussbaum 1). They think they should look like a Barbie.

Beauty pageants can lead to ating disorders and even body distortions (Nussbaum 2). Feminism also occurs in beauty pageants. Some people think that all women can do is look pretty and take care of cleaning, cooking and caring for kids. Beauty pageants will lead to violence against women (McElroy 2). Beauty pageants will always be a topic that people debate on. Beauty pageants can also be a good impact on children. It gives children a chance to be on stage in front of many people. It gives them confidence and poise. Parents want their children to be high on the social scale.

They also want their children to know that there is always going to be someone better than them (Cromle 2). Parents would put children into contests so they can make friends. Children should think of themselves as pretty and they should be proud of what they are (Cromie 3). Beauty pageants also teach children many things. Children learn to be themselves and not to be fake, the Judges want real children. Beauty pageant contestants have to learn to not be shy, also they have to get used to being in front of a crowd (Cromie 2).

Beauty pageants make you more outgoing and improve self-confidence (Gleick 3). They also enhance self-esteem. Parents tell children that they are beautiful and to expose it (Cromie 3). Although, many contestants in pageants are beautiful there are many beautiful people that aren’t in pageants (McElroy 2). Beauty pageants encourage beautiful inside and out. I think beauty pageants can be harmful in some ways. However they are a great thing to experience, because you learn many things to do.

I agree that they can’t eally do too much harm. They can improve many abilities, confidence and even behavior. Pageants teach children many lessons. Between the bad and the good sides of beauty, some say they are harmful, some oppose that opinion and say they do a lot of help. Some people think parents get carried away or pageants encourage children to change, or even feminism occurs. Others think different, that they help build character. My decision is that they aren’t harmful and that they are something many children should do.


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