Beauty Therapy Business Plan

Part 2 – The Business

My Background:

The thought for this concern has been acquiring planned out in my head since I foremost began analyzing Beauty Therapy at James Watt College. My old ages of client service experience, that I gained old to get downing college, in cordial reception both in a managerial function and a squad member will function me good and can be adapted to accommodate the beauty and complementary therapies industry. When I started I knew my end end was to put up a little concern of my ain utilizing the makings I was to derive, I did non, nevertheless realise at the clip that I would travel on to prosecute complementary therapies.

During the 3 old ages I have been analyzing I went from beauty, to spa path and so onto Complementary Therapies, I have been a devoted pupil throughout this clip and ever took on any challenge given to me. I have worked difficult throughout this clip and as a effect to the difficult work I have done I was offered a occupation in the 5 star Blythswood Square Spa where I had done my arrangement, I have been there for about 2 old ages now where I have developed my accomplishment and cognition base, this had allowed me to work with many different people and acquire a gustatory sensation of the work I want to make. I have besides had the chance to witness first manus many first-class working patterns, which has given me plentifulness of thoughts of how I can see my concern and interventions running.

Equally good as my clip in college and the watering place I besides do work from place with clients I have met through close friends and household members. This has let me construct a little client base with whom I can fall back on at quieter times in the beginning of my new venture.

I have added a transcript of my CV in Appendix 2.

The Idea:

The thought for my concern will be a room in the local wellness Centre in which I will offer complementary therapies. Massage will be the chief focal point, I will offer limited aromatherapy utilizing pre-blended oils which have been pre-blended and labelled before I get them. The chief interventions I will offer will be Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports/remedial massage, Indian caput massage, aromatherapy ( utilizing pre-blended oils ) and seventh cranial nerves. I will be working closely with the health care professionals in the Centre in which the concern is based and will take referrals from them to seek and help the patients in their health care demands. The concern will be different from anyplace in the country as there are lone salons around, all of which are much more focussed on beauty intervention and nails as opposed to rub down and complementary therapies.

Business Name:

My concern name will be “ A Tranquil Touch ” , tranquil means quiet, unagitated or peaceable and this is how I intend my concern to be. I will take to ever hold a tranquil atmosphere, unagitated staff should I need to spread out or acquire aid and ever go forth my clients experiencing tranquil and relaxed. The touch portion refers to the massage interventions I will offer.

Position to Date:

All of my initial research has been to the full compiled and every bit shortly as I have purchased the merchandises and equipment needed and register that I am freelance to HMRC I will be in a place to open.

Mission Statement:

“ A Tranquil Touch ” will be a topographic point of composure and tranquility, as the name suggests. I will supply the best possible service to my clients through difficult work, first-class client service, high criterions and professionalism. I will take to supply a topographic point and intervention list for which my clients will wish to return clip and clip once more to have the complementary therapies they need in order to experience their best.

Short term aims:

Over the following 12 months I aim to accomplish regular visits from bing clients from the wellness Centre and of my ain, aboard new faces through recommendations and with successful advertisement through Facebook, through publicity, bundles and pricelists. Posters will be on show in the wellness Centre, town halls, schools and other public edifices in town, monetary value lists will be available in assorted locations throughout the assorted locations every bit good. To guarantee a profitable concern in the hereafter and set up a healthy patronage I will publicize every bit much as I can before gap and in the 1st twelvemonth updating and beating up new concern through publicities and advertisement every bit and when is necessary.

Long term aims:

My purpose for the hereafter is to spread out the concern into an health Centre, where clients can come to loosen up, wind off, all right tune their heads and organic structures and heighten any medical they are having from the NHS. I would trust to hold a successful concern and employ staff to run a room each in any given twenty-four hours. I would besides wish to include a beauty room as portion of the concern to assist clients look every bit good as they feel, tendencies are fast traveling nevertheless and while I will endeavor to go on my ain acquisition and that of my staff, I would take over as a pull offing function supplying interventions as and when possible. I will ever be 100 % involved in my concern, supportive to employees, ever looking at things through the clients eyes while supplying the best possible client journey for all.

Industry Analysis

Distribution Chanel:

“ A Tranquil Touch ” , based within Port Glasgow Health Centre, is a holistic salon with a friendly and relaxed ethos in which provides a high criterion of massage services. The method of distribution is direct distribution as the service is coming straight from myself to my clients and they come to the premises.

Competition:For “ A Tranquil Touch ” I want to put myself apart from other salons in the country that offer a similar type of service. After researching I discovered that there are 4 salons in the environing country of Port Glasgow Health Centre, who are my direct rivals. There is a spread in the country for a service which concentrates on complementary therapies, specializing in massage and which is non focused on beauty interventions but looks to better the wellness and well-being of its clients. After holding sent out a questionnaire ( included in appendix 3 ) and talking to my ain clients I have gained through nomadic services, I found out that they want a concern they can experience confident will supply them with services and interventions to complement and heighten the wellness attention they are having from the NHS. Most people seem to be incognizant of the added benefits of massage or do non believe that beauty salons are the best topographic point to have these interventions ( some illustrations of the returned questionnaires are included in appendix 4 ) .

Direct Rivals

Tres Mar:5 Church Street, Port Glasgow, PA14 5EH are the salon in my country I consider to be my strongest rivals. They offer aromatherapy, reflexology and podiatry every bit good as massage, seventh cranial nerves and athleticss massage. At the minute they are frequently to the full booked but this largely with nails, waxing and the other beauty interventions they offer. Equally long as I keep my monetary values low I should be able to aim my patronage and maintain them. I will besides offer different gap hours maintaining my room unfastened tardily when they are non in order to aim clients after working hours ( I have included a transcript of the intervention monetary value list in appendix 5 ) .

Amethyst Hair and Beauty:King Street, Port Glasgow are the closest salon to the wellness Centre where I will be based, at the minute they do offer seventh cranial nerves but have no organic structure massage interventions on their intervention bill of fare as they offer more superficial interventions such as nails, ciliums, waxing and hair dressing. This should be of great benefit to me. I may besides seek and do a nexus with the salon where we can offer referrals to our clients ( I have included a transcript of the intervention monetary value list in appendix 5 ) .

The other 2 salons in the country are the Relaxation Room and Brown Street Hair and Beauty. Both of these salons are comparatively new and besides offer chiefly beauty interventions, as they are non yet good established within the country and have non done much in the manner of advertisement I do non see them as a major menace, every bit long as my advertisement is done good I am positive I can set up my concern in the country without excessively much fuss in the manner of competition.

Operational Plan

Servicess:I plan to offer different types of massage which will be Swedish, Aromatherapy ( utilizing pre-blended oils ) , deep tissue, sports/remedial, Indian caput, bamboo, hot rocks and seventh cranial nerves to get down with. I will offer full organic structure and have many options for portion organic structure which will be back, cervix and shoulders, facial, scalp cervix and shoulders, legs and pess, manus and arm, abdominal and chest, cervix and shoulders. All massages will be customised to run into the demands of the client and will hence be bespoke, this is something wholly different from that which is offered in any of the environing salons and will be my chief merchandising point.

Cost:The rent for the room for the 1st 2 months will be me ?600. The room is in walk in status and needs no decorating, due to the specialized nature of the concern I will necessitate really small equipment which is massage bed at approx ?350, hot rock warmer and rocks ?100, a hot towel cabinet ?150 and a choice of towels ( big and little ) , face fabrics and hands on which I estimate I will necessitate to pass ?100 to get down with.

My other costs will be merchandises and consumables such as couch axial rotation, spatulas, bowls, first assistance kit, grapeseed oil, pre-blended aromatherapy oil, cleansing agent, toner, mask, exfoliator, cotton tablets, tissues, massage pick and moisturisers all of which I can acquire for an approximative cost of ?200 to acquire me started. I can acquire all of this from beauty express which will maintain my transportation costs to a lower limit.

As I plan on paying my insurance with my ain money I estimate I will necessitate an approximative sum of ?1500 to acquire me started.

Legal Entity:The legal entity I will be merchandising under will be as a exclusive bargainer as I will be working for myself, leasing a room and entirely responsible for get downing it up. Therefore, there are no peculiar legal formalities to adhere to and no planning permission is needed as the concern is already established. However, I will reach the HMRC to inform them that I will be freelance and when I intend to get down my concern.

Health and safety statute laws:There is a great trade of statute laws which protects both the clients and myself. I must guarantee every bit good as the director at Twisted Sister salon, to follow the statute laws expeditiously harmonizing to the Health and Safety at Work Act ( 1974 ) .

Health and Safety at Work Act ( 1974 ) :This forms the footing of wellness and safety ordinances in the UK, this act explains the minimal criterions required for wellness, safety, and public assistance in the workplace. This makes certain that all work premises are safe to utilize.

How this applies to me?I work in a specific work country transporting out interventions on clients. Therefore, I am responsible for keeping my work country throughout each intervention and doing certain that it is safe and hygienic plenty for my clients and myself. I will look into my work country exhaustively such as the cleanliness of the work surfaces and streetcars. I guarantee there are no lose wires, spillages and obstructions of any of the tracts and that there are no jeopardies doing hazard to any of the employees or client ‘s.

The workplace ( Health, safety and public assistance ) ordinances 1992:This is to do certain that all those working, maintain the high safety criterions of the environment. This includes equipment, airing, working temperature, illuming and cleanliness, turning away of falling objects, safe floors, Windowss and doors.

How this applies to me?I am responsible for my clients comfort and safety. Therefore, it is of import for me to look into all facets of the intervention and intervention country. I guarantee that the temperature is at the right working degree along with accurate lighting, the light bright plenty for me to transport out the intervention safely yet low plenty to make a restful atmosphere. Besides, guarantee that the country is exhaustively cleaned with germicide to cut down the opportunity of cross-infection, in which can be passed on from individual to individual, or coming into contact with a contaminated work surface or tool. All tools and equipment which I use is sterilised and disinfected suitably. All bedclothes is newly laundered and changed after each client.

Methods of sterilization and disinfection

UV cabinet: These are extremely recommended for equipment sterilization. Tools and equipment can be placed in the cabinet for effectual sterilization.

Disinfectants: Ammonia compound germicides ( e.g. ‘Barbicide ‘ ) can be used for metal and plastic points such as pincers and scissors. Follow maker ‘s instructions for correct usage.

Control of substances Hazardous to Health Regulations ( 2002 ) :This is normally referred to as COSHH Regulations. These ordinances are really of import as it is a legal duty to measure any hazards associated with risky substances used in the workplace to extinguish or command hazards.

How this applies to me?To forestall personal injury from risky substances e.g. skin annoyance, respiratory disease, a COSHH hazard appraisal is required for such substances as cleansing chemicals. All decorative merchandises used in salons must follow with the Cosmetic Products ( Safety ) Regulations 2004, which are enforced by Trading Standards Officers.

During the interventions I handle merchandises with attention and merely usage and hive away them following the maker ‘s instructions throughout.

Electricity at Work Regulations 1989:These guarantee that all equipment and sockets have been checked by a professional lineman. It is of import to guarantee that any employee uses their ain enterprise to look into the contraptions they are utilizing. For illustration, descrying any worn or exposed wires.

How this applies to me?Before my intervention I guarantee that the electrical equipment I am utilizing are all checkered and maintained in conformity of the maker ‘s instructions and recommendations. I guarantee that no wires are twisted, worn or frayed and that the stopper is non cracked or loose. Once the intervention is over I store the equipment off safely with all the wires fixed firmly in its topographic point.

Data Protection Act:The client is asked really personal inquiries during a audience through specific audience techniques. Therefore, it is of import to guarantee that any information given is kept confidential and secure.

How this applies to me?I conduct a audience with my clients before a intervention depending on what they are holding to find contra-indications and to guarantee it is safe and suited for the client. I hence, guarantee that all information that is given remain confidential and protected. I keep all paperss and replies from others and are non kept longer than necessary.

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