Beauty Without Cruelty Essay

Beauty Without Cruelty Dear Friends, Imagine your whole life being hit, starved and locked up in a cage. This is reality for some animals. Unfair, right? Why is this happening? There are millions of pets around the world, with no home. They were abused, abandoned and just left all alone with nothing around, left ot die. Its horrible how someone would even does that to such innocent creatures. Buttons, Jackets, Belts, Shoes, Purses, Ornaments-List of man’s life are endless.

Do you know, where do these things come from? Its nothing other than animals which are killed mercilessly by humans. Man, most urbanised, modernised and intelligent creatures on earth, on the other hand, has put the fragile nature on backfoot. Exploitative attitude has put stress on fragile nature. Man hunting deers for horns and skins, lions and tigers for skins, elephants for tusks, monkeys for kidneys-show the sefishness and selfcenteredness of humans.

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Beauty Without Cruelty Essay
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Not only this, Butterflies are sold in market, besides animals are sold to circus companies and zoos where they are kept in cage and made to dance and act in circus to entertain the public. The amount of pain and cruelty that animals have been subjected to all in the name of “beauty” is downright disgusting. Recently the report of sky rocketting declining tiger population is a matter of serious concern.

So, we have to change our mindset otherwise thses beauties of nature will be found only in books an magazines in coming years. “Suffering is suffering and its victim cannot be ignored.. ” Animal cruelty occurs in all type of neighbours, all across our country because they are speechless for themselves. Stand up for those who can’t speak! So, lets come into action. Ultimately the only solution to save these animals is nothing but “Beauty Without Cruelty”!


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