Benefits of a College Education Essay

Benefits of a college education 2 In today’s changing world earning a college degree is one of the keys to ensure great career opportunities and a successful life. In today’s society, the value of an education has taken a whole new meaning. Many have been done on the subject and in each study the good far outweigh the bad when it comes to furthering ones education. A long time ago one could grow by with taking a few courses in a specialized area and climb up the ladder by way of on-the-job experience. In the past, many years of service made one untouchable, but that does not hold true today.

In the new millennium, the computer technology industries seem to be overpowering the workplace. In fact, most businesses and practically government agencies require at least a bachelor’s degree for an entry- level position. To keep up with technology and these changing times the need for a higher education is much higher in demand. The cost of college tuition continues to rise, and as a result of this inflation students began to ask themselves whether it is worth spending four years or more working toward a degree when the same time could be spent earning money.

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Benefits of a College Education Essay
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Though the earnings differential between college and high school graduates varies over time, college Benefits of a college education 3 graduates, on average, earn more than high school graduates. According to the Census Bureau, over an adult’s working life, high school graduates earn an average of $1. 2 million; associate’s degree holders earn about $1. 6 million; and bachelor’s degree holders earn about $2. 1 million (Day, & Newburger, 2002). College graduates also enjoy benefits beyond increased income.

A 1998 report published by the Institute for Higher Education Policy reviews the individual benefits that college graduates enjoy, including higher levels of saving, increased personal/professional mobility, improved quality of life for their off-spring, better consumer decision making, a more hobbies, and leisure activities ( Institute for higher education policy 1998). The benefits of higher education include the tendency for postsecondary students to become more open-minded, more cultured, more rational, more consistent and less authoritarian; these benefits are also passed along to their children in the future.

A number of studies have shown a high correlation between higher education and cultural and family values, and economic growth. According to Elchanan Cohn and Terry Geske (1992), there is the tendency for more highly educated women to spend more time with their children; these women tend to use this time to better prepare their children for the future. It is estimate that around 600,000 students leaves 4-year colleges annually without graduating. More surprising, they tend to earn less than or the same amount as 2-year college students who have as much education.

Furthermore, 2-year college students show about the same gains in tested cognitive skills for each year of attendance as 4-year Benefits of a college education 4 college students. Students at 4-year colleges also pay more in tuition and are more likely to have student loan debts than 2-year students (Boesel, & Fredland, 1999). Boesel and Fredland also stated that high school graduates of modest ability or uncertain motivation-factors that increase their chances of leaving college before graduation-would be well-advised to consider attending 2-year, instead of 4-year, colleges.

If they did, they would probably realize the same earnings and cognitive skill gains at lower cost and with less debt. To maximize the return on their time and monetary investment, students who do choose to enroll in 4-year colleges should do everything in their power to graduate (Boesel, & Fredland, 1999). Additionally, college attendance has been shown to “decrease prejudice, enhance knowledge of world affairs and enhance social status” while increasing economic and job security for those who earn bachelor’s degrees.

There is a correlation between completion of higher education and good health, not only for oneself, but also for one’s children. In fact, “parental schooling levels (after controlling for differences in earnings) are positively correlated with the health status of their children” and “increased schooling (and higher relative income) are correlated with lower mortality rates for given age brackets” ( Cohn, & Geskee,1992).

Benefits of a college education 5 Although it is clear that investment in a college degree, especially for those students in the low income brackets, is a financial burden, the long-term benefits to individuals who receive their degree appear to far outweigh the costs. If one decides to obtain any degree in a specialized field the more doors open and more opportunities are available to them. If one is majoring criminal justice. Once one is finished with his/her degree, doors will began to open and one will have the flexibility to look in other areas of the criminal justice field to work not just law enforcement.

People, who choose to work a low paying job, lack the knowledge to know what they could have accomplished with a degree. . If one obtains a degree, doors will open with positions such as juvenile or adult probation officer, youth and crisis counselor, victim services, and legal assistant. With hard work and determination one can continue to work his/her way up the ladder and work for the F. B. I. , U. S. Marshall, or even work in forensic science to help solve crimes. After graduation one should keep in mind this may be the beginning of his/her career and there are many things to think about that one may start to feel overwhelmed.

Fortunately, students it is not written that one should wait until graduation to start planning for job situations. What one should do may depend on whether he/she is currently employed already or not. If, one is employed he/she will have to face making a decision to stay with one’s current employer and request a raise or began submitting resumes and applying for Benefits of a college education 6 jobs elsewhere. Students she search for jobs that will allow he/she to pay bills, staff is appreciated, descent salary, degree put to use, and there is growth within the company so that one’s skill and art will continue to blossom and grow.

Personal satisfaction is another benefit of receiving a college degree. With a degree one satisfaction of knowing that one has took all the necessary steps to educate oneself and better ones future. The reward one receives is the knowledge of a career of interest, growth, and increasing economic standing. If one were utilize this information and follow the steps listed above, he/she would be ensured the keys to great career opportunities along with living a successful life.


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