Benefits of a College Education Essay

The Benefits of College Education A college education can open up a world of new opportunities for anyone. In today’s world having a college education is not only beneficial but a necessity. The benefits that come with range from expanding our knowledge to securing a better paycheck. Receiving a degree from that education will help us throughout our lives. Earning a college education has several benefits. The first benefit of a college education is job opportunities. People, who continued with their education and received a college degree, of the various ones that are available, tend to have a greater selection on the job front.

Employers are going to be looking through resumes and applications and who they are going to be searching for Is a knowledgeable and experienced candidate that shows they have the drive to get the Job completed. Unfortunately even the most experienced have been passed over on a Job opportunity due to their lack of a college degree. To show for example: There are two friends Mary and Emily, who attended and finished high school together. They both wanted to eventually manage or run a business but took different paths to try and succeed. Mary decided to first attend Lamar University to accomplish a degree in business.

Emily decided to start on the Job front in a lower position and try to work her way up through experience. Mary graduated with a MBA from Lamar and Emily after years of climbing her way up, made it to assistant manager at a local business. The store director position became available at the business Emily worked at. They both applied for the Job and sent in their resumes. Although they both had impressive resumes, the business ultimately chose Mary for store director. Emily Is a hard worker with experience, but Marry college degree Is what put her on top.

A college education opens many more chances on the Job front. The second benefit of a college education is knowledge. Many people say that knowledge is power, and in many aspects I believe that is true. For someone to be able to do their Job well, will have to be trained and knowledgeable for that Job. From obtaining a Job to picking out a school for our children are situations we’ll have to be able to know how to educate ourselves to find that information. Knowledge is an asset that will never be useless. College gives us the chance to expand our knowledge for our careers and futures.

The most Important benefit of a college degree Is better pay. Money has a part In most aspects of our lives including a college education. We all complain of the cost it takes to attend college; however, in the long term the money we spend now able us to secure a higher salary for our future careers. Basic knowledge of money is that it makes the world go round. Everyone needs money or In other words a paycheck to survive. By having a college degree it allows us to find better jobs which lead to better pay. A degree can also give the benefit of letting us have more control over how much our pay is.

What we have to pay now for that degree is nothing compared o the future Job and paycheck security we obtain because of It. A college education offers us a wider variety of Jobs. It also allows the knowledge we need to accomplish those Jobs. One of the most important benefits a college 1 OFF degree allows Is ten chance Tort netter pay In our careers. I mere are many Detentes a college degree, but these are the most beneficial of them all. Furthering our education by attending college and earning a degree grants us the ability to have the job skills, knowledge, and opportunities to go after whatever we’re most passionate about in life.

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