Benefits Of Manpower Planning Commerce Essay

Reliance telecommunications LTD is an Indian telecommunication company founded by Anil Ambani in 2004.The central offices of the company is in Navi Mumbai India. Reliance telecommunication is the fifteenth largest telecommunication supplier in the universe with 150 million endorsers and the 2nd largest telecommunication supplier in India. The company has sections like radio and broadband in telecommunication industry.

The company achieved a high growing in telecommunication industry from the beginning phase itself. Customer satisfaction and good company policies made them to competitory with other companies.

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Benefits Of Manpower Planning Commerce Essay
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Reliance communications follows good human resource policies and processs even though it has some draw dorsums.

Vision of the company-Providing information, communicating, amusement services and being the benchmark in client experience, employee centricity and invention is the chief vision of the company.

Mission of the company-meeting beyond client demands and wants with a metameric attack, grim offering of services and merchandises that are value for hard currency and stimulate clients, offer a web experience that is best in the communicating industry, make trust in to an international trade name which is a iconic trade name

by others and lead industry in mark to buy and faithfulness.


Human resource direction refers to an mixture of policies used to systematise work in the employment relationship and Centres on the direction of work and the direction of people who undertakes this work.

Therefore HRM is concerned with enlisting, choice, larning and development, wages, communicating, teamwork and everyday direction. While it is comparatively easy to name activities that make up HRM, It is a topic that stimulates much argument and dissension.

The hour procedure is considered as of import for the direction of the consumer pleasance with human resorts. The clients find comfy and will be satisfied when they understand the hour processes and how they are connected and the hour processes interact. Modern hour procedures are measured and often analysed and identifies the abnormalities in the activities and it brings the betterments for the benefits of the administration.

The success of Human Resources Management is in the connexion of all HR procedures as they provide the equal supports to workers and the directors. So the chief purpose of Human Resource Management is to maintain the human capital ready for action on the market and the rational grouping of HR Processes helps to interact and pull off the single procedures.

Every administration has their ain HR procedures, but the chief HR Processes are ever same in all companies as it is the market HR Best Practices.

Human Resource Management is considered as a relatively new attack to Personnel Management. HRM emphasizes chiefly on its strategic parts and its closer alliance to concern, HRM is a critical constituent of any organisation, its engagement among other constituents of line direction is noteworthy ( Paauwe. J, Jan 2009 ) . Paauwe farther suggests that HRM aims on its ultimate ends such as High occupation public presentation, low absence and high cost effectivity through the efficient use of the adult male power of the company. Human resource is truly the major constituent of any organisation, the success or failure of an organisation to a great extent relies on its Man power direction. Maslow ‘s demand Hierarchy theory is considered as steering rule for HR Management across the Earth. Maslow identified the really rudimentss of human motive factors. Following this rule it can be assumed that to actuate an employee HR director should understand his degree of outlooks, potency of the employee, and should measure the public presentation before and after certain motivational steps implemented.


Figure: 1

Main HR procedure countries

Manpower planning

Recruitment and staffing

Human resource development

Compensation and benefits

Leadership development


Human Resource Planning is the built-in portion of Human Resource Management Human Resource Planning estimates the optimum degree of Man power demand on the footing of quality and measure. Therefore HRP can be considered as the foundation of Human Resource direction. Although HR planning is really of import it can non be executed faultlessly in all instances, as HR is dependent on assorted factors such as employment state of affairs of the state, influence of technological promotion, alterations in the organisation constructions, Demographic factors such as age, population, composing of work force, deficiency of accomplishment, multicultural work force etc. Certain force per unit area groups will besides impact the preciseness of the HRP. Understanding of competences of the Human resource is critical in organizing a successful HR frame work. Lengnic-Hall, 1988, Milliman et al. , 1991, describes the footings Internal and External tantrum, “ Internal tantrum ” refers to the extent to which the work force components are linked in a logical manner and how efficaciously they support themselves, on the other manus external tantrum chiefly concentrate on the scheme of the organisation, external tantrum reveals to what extent human resources systems are integrated.

Manpower Planning or Human Resource Planning includes seting exact figure of people, exact sort of people at the exact topographic point, exact clip at a low cost. Personnel Planning keep an of import topographic point in the universe of industrialisation. Personnel Planning has to be a systematic attack and is managed in a set of theoretical account operations. The process is as follows:

Measuring the present work force in the company

Forecasting the hereafter demands

budding employment programmes

Organizing preparation programmes


Manpower planning is really of import portion of human resource direction. A few importance of adult male power planning are.

concentrated labour cost.-with the aid of work force planning there is most favorable operation of labour force in the administration workers are given those occupations to implement for which they are skilled ( right individual for the right occupation ) .it leads to overall advancement of the adult male power in the administration.

Optimum use of work force: it helps to use the labour force in the company which helps in the growing of work force in the administration.

Develops concern plan-Man power planning is an of import portion of overall concern planning. No concern can last without holding the right type and figure of people making the right work at the right clip.

Helps in calling sequence planning-with the aid of better work force be aftering it helps to bring forth a good calling sequence of employees which provides much lead clip for internal sequence of workers through higher place through encouragement.

Development of the organisation- The adult male power planning helps in the enlargement of an administration.

Growth in overall concern planning-Manpower planning is a chief portion of overall concern planning. Efficient work force planning will assist to better the concern.


Recruitment and staffing is the procedure of choosing the right labor in to the administration. The chief purpose of enlisting is to look for and be a magnet for individuals with skilled to make full the vacancies. This procedure includes occupation analysis fixing forces requirement beginnings of skilled employees.

Job analysis

Job analysis is a procedure of analyzing the occupation in item and supplying the inside informations of occupation demands to the HR planning section they present inside informations as occupation specification and occupation analysis. Job analysis is of import in the whole administration. And they will supply the inside informations of work force demands.

The chief beginnings of enlisting are

Reliance communications have two chief beginnings of enlisting internal and external

internal external beginnings of enlisting ( figure.2 )

Internal beginnings of enlisting are.

Promotion-This is a normal beginning of enlisting, which means supplying higher place, salary and duties to the employee. So the place of the occupation vacancy is filled by advancing the suited employee within the administration.

Transfers-It means reassigning one employee to the other administration without alteration in wage and place, so the vacancy can be filled by transportation.

Advertising internally-Here the occupation vacancy is advertised within the administration so the bing employees in the administration can use for the station. So the enlisting is take topographic point inside the administration.

External beginnings of enlisting are.

Selective enlisting through occupation boards-This is a major beginning of enlisting.To guarantee most appropriate qualified campaigners are being applied for the major place. The bureau considers the followers inside informations for every places junior, intermediate, senior, Level of instruction grade, sheepskin etc. Using these inside informations the company determines which occupation boards, communicating channels, and advertizement schemes are suited for attract the right skilled campaigners to use for the occupation places.

Management consultants-For the vacancies in the higher places in the company, direction advisers are used to happen the qualified and skilled employees. They act as a recruiter on the behalf of the company.

Ad for public-The Company advertises the vacancy in cyberspace, newspapers, Television etc. And this will supply the inside informations of the company, occupation and the making required for the place.


Keep infinite with new development-New developments are go oning every twenty-four hours. A concern will hold to maintain stage with new alterations. This will be possible merely if competent individuals are employed who can set as per the new state of affairs.

Manpower Development-man power planning will hold to be done in progress. The future demands of forces will be estimated rather in progress. The new staff will be recruited, people will be prepared for speaking up higher duty occupations, and all this will be possible with a well planned staffing map.


This map helps the employees to develop their accomplishments and cognition for increasing their end product. This procedure is non merely done for the freshman ‘s but besides to the bing employees in the house to develop their accomplishments and duties. Human resource development helps to increase the entire cognition, abilities, accomplishments, endowments, and aptitudes of an administration ‘s work force. Human resource development includes map such as preparation, calling development.

Training-Training is supplying to better the cognition and accomplishments of the employees there are chiefly two types of preparation they are on the occupation preparation and off the occupation preparation.

On the occupation preparation is a procedure of giving preparation in normal on the job state of affairss utilizing existent stuffs or paperss, equipment, existent tools trainees will do usage when wholly moulded.

Off the occupation preparation is normally provided off from the usual working environment, it may include more general accomplishments and cognition which is utile for the occupation. This type of preparation is given by the specialized trainers or from an outside company who outsource the trainers.


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H. Internet and distance Training – Internet preparation includes picture conferencing and web based preparation, distance preparation means traditional developing paper and pencil correspondence class.

1. Tele developing – where a trainer in a cardinal location Teachs groups of employees at distant locations via telecasting hookups.

2. Videoconferencing – allows people in one location to pass on unrecorded via a combination of audio and ocular equipment with people in different locations-another metropolis or state or with groups in several metropoliss.

3. Training via the Internet – the Internet based acquisition plans are really popular. Several companies merely allow their employees to take online classs provided by on-line class suppliers while others use their intranets to ease computer-based preparation.


Diagram showing your personal development

Carrer developement of employees is a important portion of the administration, It helps to place the overall acheivement of the employees.Career developement is going an indispensable portion of HR departement due to today ‘s everchanging organisaton enviornment and work topographic point.

Reliance communications helps the employees to achieve a good carrer graph based on the company HR policies and processs. First of all the company gather the strength and failing of every person, so they provide different chances to develop their carrer based on the strength and failing. The basic expression for the calling developement is self consciousness every person asses their ain jobs and issues and so the company will assist to over come this issues.Now yearss people are altering their occupations to achieve a good carrer success.Reliance communicating identifies this job and they had a good calling sucession program for every single employee in the administration.


Compensation and benefits is a basic motivational factor to the employees.Every employee will seek for high paid occupations, benefits is besides another of import factor if the company provides good benifits the employees will acquire good fond regard to the company benefits include fillip, medical insurance, retierment policies, life insurace, holiday etc.Reliance communicatons provide basic wage which is satiable for every employee to actuate the employees and to pull to measure up employees to the administration.

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Leadership developement helps the administration to accomplish the ends, through the developement of good leading in each employee trust purposes at the overall developement of the administration every bit good as the growing in employees functioning.Every employee in the administration is deriving a better leading quality through the leading developement function.Each emloyees in the company are closely monitored by the direction and if they are weak in the work the company will promote them.And the workers are councelled by the direction to increase work efficiency.And their will be a structured program to make a positive working enviornment.The chief purpose of leading developement is to taking ego, taking others and taking the administration.

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Cash and compensation issues is a major job faced by HR directors in trust communications. There is more force per unit area on HR map to pay more inducements and basic wage for the employees.However trust paying basic wage to each person employees the company faces more force per unit area to run into the employee beniefits.


Most of the companies face the same job of employee lay-offs. So the administration have to forestall the issue by retaining the employee by supplying good on the job status and benefits whichever the employees need. In trust industries there are so many employees leave the company due to miss of co-ordination between workers. The administration tries to look into the issue but fails sometimes.


The plocies and patterns adopted by the HR directors sing their networking sector is an of import illustration. They brought some new programs in nomadic networking sector like low call rate for Mobile users, low cyberspace browse charge.etc. , but the rivals like AIRTEL communications, BSNL web, VODAFONE facilitated some more exciting offers than the trust. In that state of affairs the Reliance communicating hesitated to alter their HR policies and techniques.


Nowdays telecommunication industry is confronting high competition from other telecommunication companies,

If the company has no good HR stratergies the company can non be in the high competative world.Reliance communicating is confronting some HR issues as mentioned above, to get the better of this jobs company must make some good HR restructuring procedure in the company.The foremost chief issue is ;

Cash and compensation issues- As it is a major job the company must happen a good solution to get the better of this issue, the suggestion to work out this job is to pay hard currency and compensation based on the experience of the employees.As mentioned above the company is paying a basic wage to each person, foremost of all the company must alter this basic payment method, and the compensation and benifits must be paid harmonizing to the experience and accomplishments of each person. So the company can cut down the cost of labors so the company can run into the compensation and benifits of each person harmonizing to the net income earned by the company.

Employee keeping issues-Retention of employees is another HR issue faced by the company, nowadays a batch of employees are go forthing the company due to high force per unit area of work and deficiency of co-ordination between employees are the chief employee keeping issues faced by trust communicating, to cut down this jobs trust must supply good working enviornment to cut down the force per unit area of work, communicating is another manner to over come this job good communicating between the direction and staff will do a good apprehension between the employees and direction, this will increase employees confidents and cut down the work pressure.A high rate of employees vacating their occupation and traveling to another companies who offer better working enviornment. Better co-ordination is the another manner to better employee keeping, co-ordination will better better relationship between employees and management.And this will ensue increase employees confidence and work efficiency.

Poor HR policies-Due to high competition in communicating industry tonss of companies presenting new HR techniques to better their company good will.Reliance communicating is following the traditional HR policies and programs so the company is confronting high market competition from other companies, to exists in the competative market company must better their HR stratergies and policies.Nowadays companies are supplying good offers to the employees so the company must gain the jobs and seek to get the better of such issues.


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