Benifits of Weight Training Essay

I’m taking weight training so I can gain muscle. The reason I want to gain muscle is so I can burn fat. I’m also in weight training to get a daily work out. Working out on a daily basis should help me loose weight and become more physically fit for biking. Benefits of weight training In weight training there are many benefits but I want to point out three main benefits towards myself in weight training. One benefit of weight training is the gain of muscle.

A second benefit is loss of weight. And a third final benefit is flexibility. The first benefit of weight training is gain of muscle. When you take weight training you gain muscle and gaining muscle is a benefit of weight training. Gaining muscle is a benefit that will help you through life in your job and help you stay healthy and live longer. The second benefit of weight training is a loss of weight.

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Benifits of Weight Training Essay
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A loss of access body weight is a benefit because you get healthier and when your healthier you live longer you can stay in shape. So loss of weight is a benefit of weight training. The third and last benefit of weight training is flexibility. Flexibility is a benefit in more then just one way there is many,for instance when your flexibility is up you don’t tear or pull muscles as easily. Another way its a benefit is by you can stay in shape when your older and not be all stiff and sit in a chair all day.

Flexibility is the final benefit of weight training. So to wrap up and conclude on the benefits of weight training there’s the gain of muscle. The gain of muscle can give you strength you need later in life. Another benefit was loss of weight. When you loose weight you stay in shape and have a healthier life style. The last benefit was flexibility. When you have flexibility you avoid tears and pulls in muscle groups.


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