Beowulf: the Monsters and the Critics Sample Essay

“There is non much poesy in the universe like this ; and though Beowulf may non be among the really greatest verse form of our western universe and its tradition. it has its ain single character. and curious sedateness ; …” ( 113 ) . Tolkien has successfully undermined the unfavorable judgment of all of those opposed to how Beowulf was written. Tolkien besides surveies and analyzes how the construction of the verse form fits into the significance of the article. The most of import point of Tolkien’s address I find is that Tolkien finds this verse form non to be an heroic poem. In the address that Tolkien gives. he is able to demo how the critics are incorrect. how the construction impacts the plot line. and why this verse form does non measure up as an heroic poem.

J. R. R. Tolkien takes it upon himself to demo how all of the critics are incorrect in their unfavorable judgments of Beowulf. The most prevailing and memorable manner he does this in his address is through the fable of the tower. Tolkien provinces that a adult male uses old rocks to construct a tower in a field. and coevalss subsequently. there are people who come to analyze it and strike hard it down without even mounting the stairss to it. In the sense of the fable. the people who come to analyze the tower are the critics. and the tower itself is the verse form of Beowulf. When the people knock the tower down. the see that it is in a clutter. The critics seem to look at the single rocks and think that there is nil astonishing about those rocks and hence believe that the single parts of the tower are really weak and lacking of information. If the critics had taken the clip to mount the tower before strike harding it over. they would hold been able to see how the construction and history of the verse form shaped Beowulf. The critics would hold realized how the verse form tantrum together and found that it is in fact a feasible and fantastic narrative.

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Beowulf: the Monsters and the Critics Sample Essay
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“The general construction of the verse form. so viewed. is non truly hard to comprehend. if we look to the chief points. the scheme. and neglect the many points of minor tactics. ” ( 108 ) . Tolkien provinces that Beowulf is a narrative verse form. It follows a consecutive order in that Beowulf kills Grendel and his female parent. and so returns fifty old ages in front to demo us the conflict with the firedrake. The balance that is given to us in this verse form is that the narratives about Grendel and his female parent are lengthier than the conflict with the firedrake. The verse form must be written this manner to demo us the importance in the character of whom Beowulf is. Without that. the reader understands no bond with the character. and this verse form becomes yet another verse form with no significance. Tolkien says. “It is basically a balance. an resistance of terminals and beginnings. In its simplest footings it is a contrasted description of two minutes in a great life. lifting and puting ; an amplification of the antediluvian and intensely traveling contrast between your and age. first accomplishment and concluding decease. ” ( 108 ) . This summarizes the construction of how the verse form works. and how it so efficaciously captures the reader in the verse form.

The largest and most controversial portion in the address that Tolkien gives is where he says. “Beowulf is non an ‘epic. ’ non even a magnified ‘lay’” ( 111 ) . Tolkien believes that Beowulf is a heroic-elegiac verse form. While I believe that it is true that this verse form is an lament. I besides believe that it is an heroic poem. Tolkien believes that Beowulf does non precisely fall into a class. There are no Grecian ties to it. nor from any other civilization than the one it was written within. Tolkien besides states that it is a coronach. This I do agree with. this narrative can be thought of as a plaint to the dead. Beowulf lives his life as a hero. and so dies as a hero while contending with the firedrake. Within the Geatish civilization this narrative could easy be taken as both a heroic-elegiac verse form and a coronach.

Tolkien brings up many great points in this address. He successfully discredits those who have disbelief in his positions. He shows how Beowulf was meant to be analyzed. and I wholly agree with it. If I were to hold the cognition and apprehension of the Old English linguistic communication and were to knock this verse form. I would decidedly hold had my position changed upon the verse form by how Tolkien analyzed it. I besides agree with Tolkien in how he proposes the construction to be laid out. I believe that there is no other manner to look at it than how Tolkien does by saying that lengths of the different subdivisions must be how they are. And eventually. I do non hold with the categorization that Tolkien puts on the verse form. I do believe it to be an heroic poem because that is how we have studied this verse form to be. Tolkien undermined the critics by demoing how they wrongly criticized it. he showed how the construction of the verse form is right. and shows his beliefs of how the verse form is to be classified. Tolkien is a adult male of great stature and cognition and his return on this verse form give Beowulf yet another dimension to be studied from.


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