Best Gift Essay

BEST GIFT I HAVE EVER RECEIVED The best gift I have ever received has recently been gifted to me by my parents in the form of an Apple I pod touch. The sleek look of the gadget was enough to make me fall in love with it. The touch interface is superbly smooth and makes access of the applications and music very easy. The sound quality of the device is awesome and takes the listener away from the world. It has become my indispensable partner in gym, travelling, walks, and at times even in the class!!!!

Headphones on, and off I go. 8 GB of memory offers me to have endless music access without having to worry about the memory shortage. The games and other applications in the device help in passing the time while travelling and my boredom disappears once I get engrossed in the wide array of games in the gadget. The Wi-Fi helps me access internet on the go and helps me get connected to the world, it has Facebook, Twitter, G talk, everything.

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The applications like newsletters and business magazines can also be installed on it and help in remaining updated. There is no need to carry the bulk of my favourite novels anymore because I can have them on this sleek device and read them whenever and wherever I want. It’s like a mini computer which fits right on my palm. Apart from the utility that it offers, it helps make a style statement as well. Submitted by: SHRADDHA RANA 261 PGDM –IB (MARKETING) 2009-2011


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