Better and Adrian Maldonado Self-acceptance Essay

Adrian Maldonado Self-acceptance is more important than correction of weaknesses, because if you accept you for who you are then you love yourself more, accept the weaknesses and improve your life. IF you accept yourself for who you are you can analyze the bad points and good in your life, and change them. If you Just change your ways, change the weakness in your body you will never be satisfied because you have never accepted who you are. Most people believe that if you correct your weakness then your life will be great, but is that really true?

Yes you can go from being fat to having a great toned muscular body and can have a total makeover but what if you are always looking for something to change. What if you always see something wrong with yourself? People go through their whole lives looking at what’s wrong with them and changing l, it becomes a mental issue. For example a gay boy in buffalo committed suicide because he was made fun of and insulted for being a homosexual. Now if this boy accepted the fact that he was going to deal with people insulted him for his difference he might not have killed himself.

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Better and Adrian Maldonado Self-acceptance Essay
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But since he was so influenced by other people and wanted so deeply to change he decided that he would be more peaceful in a hole. Now wnat Is selT-acceptance? selT-acceptance does not mean tnat you accept wnat you are and do nothing to change and improve. It does not mean accepting your fate and life as it is. Becoming aware of you behavior, habits, life style, personality, and not being afraid to look at yourself as you are, is the first step of self-acceptance. When you accept yourself you put yourself in a better position to improve yourself.

Improvement requires that you nderstand your character and habits, to stop comparing yourself to other people and what skills you lack compared to someone else. Accepting who you are will bring you inner peace and get rid of a burden that you kept with yourself. If you don’t like how things are, change it? You’re not a tree. You have the ability to totally transform every area in your life, and it all begins with your very own power of choice. Correction of weakness, changing, who you are, improving yourself, these all sound amazing and great don’t they?

But -what are the reasons that people change their ppearance or their ways of life? Usually when people all of a sudden make a great change if their way of life and cant stop talking about it and always finding something to change is because they never accepted whom they are. All they do is look at other people and compare themselves to otner people instead of looking at themselves and becoming the best that they can be. This leads to depression and Just a horrible burden about what you think about yourself. This is why self- acceptance is much more important than Just changing your self.


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