Better Business Bureau Essay

The BBB was created to set up an environment of trust between purchasers & A ; Sellerss. This trust is created through the BBB’s “standards of trust” . Companies that abide by these criterions in bend receive accreditation. As a non for net income. the BBB relies on financess from patrons and members. Up until recent. the BBB seemed to hold offered particular benefits to those that paid a fee to go members. Such accusals have caused the BBB to turn to their current system and do alterations to guarantee fairness amoung members and non-members.

1 ) Who is the BBB’s most of import stakeholder. concern or consumers? – & gt ; The most of import stakeholder for the BBB is the consumer. Yes. concerns provide the resources for the BBB. but they merely do this to make a positive image for their trade name in the eyes of consumers. If the consumers did non care about the evaluations of the BBB so concerns would non put.

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Better Business Bureau Essay
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2 ) Do you believe the BBB can genuinely be impartial given its fiscal dependance on concern? – & gt ; No the BBB can’t be impartial. There needs to be a ground for companies to put in the BBB. If the intervention of non-members were genuinely the same as members. so the company will give companies small ground to put.

3 ) What actions can you take to do certain the “pay for play” strategy did non go on once more? – & gt ; The chief issue with the “pay for play” strategy was the fact that those who sold first twelvemonth ranks received a 45 per centum committee. This type of wages system is really similar to the AIG system that caused jobs within their company. – & gt ; The BBB should implement a new wages system. Possibly a system that provides wagess based on the pitching of ranks to possible concern. Employees should be rewarded irrespective of if the sale goes through or non.


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