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Topic: The effects of Indian residential schools Annotated Working Bibliography Bombay. A. , Matheson, K. , & Anisman, H. (2011). The impact of stressors on second generation Indian residential school survivors. Transcultural Psychiatry, 48 (4), 367-391. dot: 10. 1177/1363461 511410240 In this article Bombay et. al. writes about the effects of residential schools. Many Native children were forced to attend Indian Residential School (IRS) and suffered trauma, neglect, abuse, and much more. Bombay also looks at the intergenerational patterns and effects.

David, R. (1996, October 22). Native residential schools leave often-brutal legacy BACKGROUND/fallout in native communitues includes suicide, alcoholism, various forms of abuse. The Globe and Mail, p. A. 7. Toronto , Ontario, Canada: The Globe & Mail division of Bell Globemedia Publishing Inc. In this article David writes about brutal legacy left, the aftermath of residential school and the fallout of effects that occur such as, suicide, alcohol abuse, and many other forms of abuse. Hookimaw-Witt, J. (1998). Any Changes since residential school? 2 (2), pp. 159-170. This article writes about the changes since residential school, and how have they changed since IRS. Indian residential schools: The Nuu-chah-nulth Experience: Report of the Nuu-chah- nulth Tribal Council Indian Residential School Study 1992-1994. (1996). Port Alberni, BC, Canada : Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council . The key issues of this book entails: separation from families, abuse, loss of language, loss of culture, and personal experiences of the Nuu-chah-nulth people. Jack, A. S. , & Secwepemc Cultural Education Society. 2006). Behind Closed Doors: Stories from the Kamloops Indian Residential School. Penticton, BC: Theytus Books. In this book Behind Closed Doors are about 32 individuals that came forward to tell their stories as part of a healing journey. This book was for the most part to help their families and communities so that they could learn and understand what happened behind closed doors. Mark, K. (1999, May 25). Abuse turned thousand of natives children into molesters, book says: armful legacy of residential schools was no mystery:: Final edition.

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The Ottawa Citzen, A. 3. Mark expands on his findings in his new book about the legacy of Indian residential schooling has left behind. More than 1000 residential schools have left a legacy 0T malnutrltlon, aouse, ana mentally scarred Milloy, J. S. (1999). A National Crime: The Canadian government and the residentual school system, 1879-1986. Manitoba History . This book provides information on residential schooling, personal experiences, the history and reality of residential schooling.


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