Biddy Bakery Sample Essay

The ground Elizabeth is challenge with her capacity demands and must to travel into a more superior facility…Back in the early 80’s a lady by the name Elizabeth McDoogle pet name “Biddy” started a custom-style bakeshop in Cincinnati. Ohio operated in concurrence with three of her friends to bring forth a multiplicity of Sweets and was sold to the general community and local restaurants. There forte was the McDoogle pie. a deep rich cocoa ingredient combination in a cooky crust. a deep rich cocoa ingredient combination in a cooky crust. The formula has been handed down from coevals to coevals in their household. Although this operation started as a avocation in Elizabeth place on the first floor. the concern “Biddy bakery” accepted orders in progress nevertheless the gross revenues were slow and steady but finally grew overtime and needed extra infinite to suit the concern demands for more merchandises. Thus the first floor of Biddy place was converted to suit the turning concern. but by 1994 the concern outgrew the freshly renovated infinite therefore necessitating Biddy to research other resistance to efficaciously run her concern.

Midyear of 2000 Biddy unfaltering acquires the bordering edifice to travel her complete bakeshop operation into this edifice. Hence the new edifice had significantly more infinite than needed. but the possibility was that concern would go on to turn. However Biddy didn’t do her research before geting this new installation. The challenges Biddy was face with in obtaining her edifice infinite was that she should hold considered the undermentioned concern patterns before traveling into the larger edifice. The first thing missing was a Business Plan. “A Business Plan is a concern scheme to assist develop enterprisers and directors to assist see legion facts and schemes determinations. The facts and schemes include developing a mission statement. analysing market. and concentrating on company strengths. These facts are critical to developing company’s long-range programs and/ or concern schemes. ( Reid & A ; Sanders. 2010. )

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The 2nd cardinal component is the Operations Strategy and Competitiveness”The duties of operations schemes are to supply a program for the operations undertakings so that it can do the finest usage of its assets. Operationss schemes specify the policies and programs for utilizing the establishments resources to back up its long-run competitory schemes. ( Reid & A ; Sanders. 2010. pp. 59 ) Additionally a Layout program is to make up one’s mind the best physical apprehension of all resources that uses infinite within a edifice. These resources might include a desk. a work centre. a cabinet. a individual. an full office. or even a section. Decisions about the agreement of resources in a concern are non made merely when a new installation is being designed ; they are made any clip there is a alteration in the agreement of resources. such as a new worker being added. a machine being moved. or a alteration in process being implemented. Besides. layout program is performed any clip there is an enlargement in the installation or a infinite decrease. ( Reid & A ; Sanders. 2010. chp 10 ) .

The program completed by the squad of concern undergraduate would dramatically modify the manner Biddy was carry oning her concern from the disused traditional method to a more conventional method. Therefore custom-make the merchandises that she would be bring forthing. The focal point would switch from doing pies and bars to merely doing her forte pies McDoogle pie. a deep rich cocoa ingredient combination in a cooky crust. a deep rich cocoa ingredient combination in a cooky crust. Consequently restricting her from gross revenues the other assortment of bakes goods she is known for bring forthing.

The job with this proposal is that Elizabeth was confused that this proposal would transform the original aim for “Bibby bakery” to a commercial base operation and chiefly concentrate on fiction of the McDoogle pie. a deep rich cocoa ingredient combination in a cooky crusts in tremendous volumes to work out her capacity issue but didn’t offer an aim for the overall province of her current concern. The pupil didn’t focal point on the complete operations of Biddy’s Bakery hence go forthing Elizabeth clueless about the hereafter of her concern. Additional some steps could hold been implemented into the metric for the ratio of end products over inputs. Productivity is used to mensurate how good a concern converts its inputs to end products. Productivity and Efficiency Measure public presentation related to criterions. ( Reid & A ; Sanders. 2010. ) Some of the assortments of operations Elizabeth has in topographic point are called: pure services” . Servicess with high client contact. This operation has high in individual contact and are greatly labour demanding. The standardisation for the merchandise is low. and each client has sole demands. and with low gross revenues volumes. Pure service operations have an ambiance of low system efficiency in comparing to other service concerns. ( Reid & A ; Sanders. 2010. chp 3 )

The operation needed to piece the suggestion made by the squad of concern undergraduates would be “quasi-manufacturing” This map has an elevated grade of service criterions. a really high gross revenues volume. but is really low in labour demands. This operation has about no in individual interaction with clients and is in many ways parallel to fabricating operations. ( Reid & A ; Sanders. 2010. chp 3 ) i. e. in this contract Biddy’s Bakery would focus on the attending on the production on the McDoogle pie. a deep rich cocoa ingredient combination in a cooky crust. which would be distribute in mass measures to a local shop twice a hebdomad. The measure of pies required would busy the extra infinite and absorb most of the infinite from fiction of the other Sweets. Furthermore increasing the operational hours and labour would be needed to carry through the new concern patterns.

The major differences between these two operations as explained in the old paragraphs the “pure services” operations have high seeable in individual interaction and the labour is demanding. And the “quasi-manufacturing” This operation is really standardization and gross revenues are much higher volume. therefore the labour less demanding.

Elizabeth senses that her company would be dissimilar is because of her deficiency of cognition and apprehension of today’s concern. The functions of her concern would be dramatically different i. e. the functions of the concern ( Providing to a big populace ) . the operation of the concern ( runing in a big capacity ) and the fundss of the concern ( bring forthing a steady merchandise ) hence conveying in a steady income. The hours of operation would be impacted. longer concern yearss no more 6am-2pm work yearss. potentially more employees to pull off and a more diverse client base. Not to advert that the assortment of merchandises that she was presently doing would be limited and the forte order compromised. However thru it all her capacity issues with the mitigated.

I would rede Elizabeth to seek alternate advice if she isn’t clear on the program proposed to her by the undergraduates and seek advice from a
professional beginning. I would so rede that a cost benefit analysis be done to assist with her understanding and cognition. A cost analysis or rating is use to set up how successful or unsuccessfully. a program will turn out. Although a cost benefit analysis or rating can be used for approximately for many things. it is most often done on economic inquiries. Since. the cost benefit analysis or rating relies on the arithmetic of positive factors and the computation of negative 1s to hold on a net result. this as good is acknowledged as running the Numberss. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //managements. about. com/cs/moneys/a/CostBenefits. htm )

I would so rede Elizabeth focal point was on turning her concern that she accepts the students’ proposal because it appears that the legs work has been done and understanding reached. The squad of undergraduates nowadayss this chance to a local food market franchise that was excited with the mentality. With this contract Biddy’s Bakery would concentrate its productions for the McDoogle pie. a deep rich cocoa ingredient combination in a cooky crust. which would be delivered in mass measures to local shops twice a hebdomad. The measure of pies required would utilize up all of the current extra infinite and occupy most of the infinite from the production of other Sweets. Furthermore increasing operational hours and labours needed to carry through this new concern pattern.


Reid. R. D. & A ; Sanders. N. R. ( 2010 ) . Operations Management: an incorporate attack ( 4th ed. ) . Hoboken. New jersey: John Wiley & A ; Sons. Reh. John F ( 2012 ) . A cost analysis or rating is use to set up how successful ( hypertext transfer protocol: //managements. about. com/cs/moneys/a/CostBenefits. htm )


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