Big Idea 1- week 1

Question Answer
What is a Habitat A place where a plant or an animal naturally live.
What do Beavers build their habitats with? Trees and water
Where do beavers run for safety? The forest
What does a beaver use to cut down a tree? They use their teeth.
What do beavers build out of sticks and logs. They build dams.
What does a dam do to water? Blocks the water to make a deep water hole.
What is a lodge? The dome shaped home that beavers build of mud, sticks, and logs.
A moat around a castle is like a… Pond around a beaver's lodge
Where is the entrance to a beaver's lodge? Underwater
What animals hunt beavers? Foxes, bobcats, and coyotes
Why do beavers need trees? They use trees to survive.
What is erosion? The moving of rocks and soil by moving water and wind.
Name two positive effects of and two negative effects of beaver dams? Positive Effects: Create new habitats, slow soil erosion
Negative Effects: Destroy Trees, Cause silt to build up and flood the land
What is silt? Small particles of soil deposited by water
What is a wetland? A habitat where shallow water to cover most of the ground.

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