BIO 301 Mitosis and Cell Division (Hickman Zoology - Chapter 3,5)

Question Answer
Body Cells Somatic Cells
A term 'reductional division' is used by biologist to describe Meiosis
Mitosis is the only reproductive mechanism if cells undergo… Asexual Division
Complex of DNA with associated protein is known as… Chromatin
A complex body, spherical or rod shaped, that arises from the nuclear network during mitosis, splits longitudinally, and carries a part of the organism's genetic information as genes composed of DNA associated with proteins Chromosome
A localized constriction in a characteristic position on a chromosome, bearing of kinetochore Centromere
Microtubule organizing center in nuclear division… Centrosome
An active cytoplasmic organelle found in the centrosome && division center of the animal cell && organizes spindle fibers during mitosis and meiosis Centriole
Morphological Characteristic of chromosomes… varies in shape – bent && rod like && mixed shape
Disk of proteins that binds with microtubule… Kinetochore
Each chromosome has… thousands of genes
What is current methods of dividing stages of mitosis in simple terms? Mitosis is artificially divided into four successive stages or phases, although one stage merges into the next without sharp lines of transition
Disintegration of nuclear envelope & manufacturing of microtubules &visibility of chromosomes from diffusion of nuclear chromatin happens during… Prophase
Lining up of centromeres with the arms of the sister chromatids happens during the… Metaphase
Disassemblade of microtubules & movement of centrosomes farther apart & relocation of chromosomes towards their respective poles, pulled by kinetochore fibers Anaphase
Disintegration of spindle fibers && formation of daughter chromosomes Telophase

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