bio 333 Essay

Medical Terminology Demystified Chapter 13 Study Guide Section 01 : Word Translation Tables Key Term Renal Prefixes Roots Suffixes Word Dissection None Ren A1 Meaning of Parts Kidney Pertaining To Meaning of Word Pertaining to the Kidneys Glomerulus Glomerul Little ball of yarn Presence of Presence of a little ball of yarn Nephron nephr Presence of kidney Filtrate filtr ate Filtered One that One that is filtered Urocyst urine bladder Hypervolemia hyper vol emia excessive volume blood Antidiuretic anti diuret ic Against diuresis Relating to Spermatogenesis sperm genesis Production of Production of sperm Oogenesis eggs

Production of eggs Endometrium endo metr within uterus presence Presence within uterus Student Choice Term: Choose another term from the chapter and translate it. ovulation ovul tion Little egg Process of releasing Process of releasing little egg Section 03: Review Questions These review questions will help guide your reading and review of the main ideas in this chapter. Write your answer below each question. 1. Explain the basic process in urine formation and excretion. High blood pressure generates a pushing force resulting in urinary filtration. Stuff is filtered out and reabsorbed and the rest continues through to the bladder. What is glucose reabsorption? Glucose leaves the blood stream and enters the urinary filtrate and from there they are filtered and actively absorbed with the aid of ATP back into the blood stream before excretion. 2. What is tubular secretion? Process of actively secreting small amounts of substances across the walls of the 4. Explain how a zygote becomes a fetus. Zygote continues dividing and specializing until it becomes an embryo 5. Who was Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis, and what was his contribution to medicine? He was an Hungarian physician and was one of the early pioneers of antiseptic procedures.

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bio 333 Essay
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