Bio lab practical exam

No symmetry
Sponge Symmetry
No tissue organization
Sponge Tissue Organization
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Bio lab practical exam
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No Body Cavity
Sponge Body Cavity
intercellular digestion
Sponge Digestive Openings
Water transported through body
Sponge Circulatory System
Sponge Habitat
directly through membrane
Sponge Respiratory Organs
No excretory system
Sponge Excretory System
No locomotion, sessile
Sponge Locomotion
spicules, spongin
Sponge Support system
No segmentation
Sponge Segmentation
No appendages
Sponge Appendages
No nervous system
Sponge Nervous System
Hydra Symmetry
2 tissue layers
Hydra tissue organization
No body cavity
Hydra body cavity
mouth (1 opening)
Hydra digestive openings
cells come into contact w/ water
Hydra Circulatory System
Hydra Habitat
directly across membrane
Hydra Respiratory Organs
no excretory system
Hydra excretory system
Hydra locomotion
Hydrostatic skeleton
Hydra Support System
No segmentation
Hydra Segmentation
Hydra Appendages
nerve cells (no brain)
Hydra Nervous system
Planarian symmetry
3 layers
Planarian tissue organization
Planarian body cavity
pharynx/mouth (1 opening)
Planarian digestive openings
No circulatory system
Planarian circulatory system
Planarian Habitat
directly across membrane
Planarian Respiratory Organs
2 lateral excretory canals, flamecells
Planarian excretory system
Planarian locomotion
hydrostatic skeleton
Planarian support system
No segmentation
Planarian Segmentation
No appendages
Planarian Appendages
brain w/ 2 ventral nerve cords, ladderlike nervous system
Planarian Nervous system
Earthworm symmetry
3 layers
Earthworm tissue organization
Earthworm body cavity
mouth & anus (2 openings)
Earthworm digestive openings
closed w/ blood vessels
Earthworm circulatory system
aquatic and terrestrial
Earthworm Habitat
skin, parapodia
Earthworm respiratory organs
Earthworm excretory system
wiggles, paprapodia and setae
Earthworm locomotion
hydrostatic skeleton
Earthworm Support System
yes segmented
Earthworm segmentation
Earthworm Appendages
ventral nerve cord w/ brain (dorsal)
Earthworm nervous system organization
Clam symmetry
3 layers
Clam tissue organization
Clam body cavity
mouth and anus
Clam digestive openings
open (heart, blood vessels, sinuses)
Clam circulatory system
Clam habitat
Clam respiratory organs
2 tubes in lateral lines
Clam excretory system
scooch (foot)
Clam locomotion
Clam support system
No segmentation
Clam segmentation
no appendages
Clam appendages
3 ganglia connected by nerves
Clam nervous system organization

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