Biological Factors Essay

Essay 5 Biological factors are an important role in your personality. For it tells if you will change or keep the personality you have kept. If you family history has some affective disorder among your grandparents, most likely you can gain it as well in your older years. Also, if you don’t have a history of any disorder in your family, the continuity of your personality will stay consistent throughout your life. Learning factors enable you to learn form your experiences. In this case, you observe people who are shy, and then you take on their shyness and in some cases, when no words are spoken; it’s as if you seem depressed.

Also learning is that you can learn to express your self, have high self esteem and be able to express your personality. From this point of view, Situational factors can change your personality, or not. Again, it is a type of learning from your mistakes. So if you are able to learn form your mistakes and are able to overcome them, your self-esteem will deem high and no need for a disorder to come into play, but if you let your fear of risk take over. Phobias can occur, and Phobias are extreme fears. And when you’re in such a situation Panic attacks can overtake your body and you lose control of reality.

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Biological Factors Essay
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Now a cognitive label may be harder to explain, for its describing the thought process. Maybe thinking of being alone, can cause depression and anti-social disorder, so that can overtime turn you emotionally unstable and possibly into a psychopath. If it was to go the other way, thinking positively will keep you in the right track and you will lead a healthy life, without flaws. Learning and situational factors can overcome shyness. You can learn to overcome it with experience, in such situations like meeting a new friend, you talk to them first. You take the risk. So, you learn form your experience and the life situations at hand.


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