Biology 8-1

organism that can capture light energy from the sun or chemicals and use it to produce its own food/producer
organism that obtains energy from the food it consumes/consumer
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Biology 8-1
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both must release the energy in sugars and other compounds to live
How are autotrophs and heterotrophs similar?
Autotrophs make their own food, by absorbing light energy from the sun to use in photosynthesis.
Heterotrophs get energy from foods they consume, usually other organisms.
How are autotrophs and heterotrophs different?
They use light energy from the sun.
Where do autotrophs get energy to produce food?
Living things use ATP to release and store energy.
How do living things use ATP?
A phosphate group is added to ADP.
How is 1 molecule of ATP formed from 1 molecule of ADP?
Energy is released when the chemical bond between the second and third phosphate groups is broken.
How does a change from ATP to ADP provide an organism with energy?
active transport, protein synthesis, muscle contraction, respond to chemical signals on the cell surface
Ways cells use the energy provided by ATP:
adenine, 5 carbon sugar/ribose, 3 phosphate groups
ATP’s 3 parts
adenosine triphosphate
ATP stands for
one of the principal chemical compounds cells use to store and release energy
ATP or
What is ATP and what is its role in the cell?
the basic energy source of all cells.
The characteristics of ATP make it exceptionally useful as…
adenosine diphosphate
ADP stands for
mushrooms are
light energy from the sun
ultimate source of energy from plants
ATP = a fully charged battery. When the bond between the second and third phosphate groups is broken chemical energy is released. The ATP molecule contains less energy and has one less phosphate group so it is like a partly charged battery.
Use the analogy of a battery to explain how energy is stored in and released from ATP.
One glucose molecule holds 90 times the chemical energy an ATP molecule. ATP is used as an immediate source of energy.
Compare the amounts of energy stored by ATP and glucose. Which compound is used by the cell as an immediate source of energy?

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