Biology Venn Diagram Ecological Succession

The series of predictable changes that occurs in a community over time. As an ecosystem changes, older inhabitant gradually die out and new organisms move in causing further changes in the community
Ecological succession
Succession that occurs on surfaces where no soil exists.
Example: volcanic eruptions build new islands over time or cover the land with lava rock or volcanic ash. Also on bare rock when exposed as glaciers melt.
Primary succession
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Biology Venn Diagram Ecological Succession
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Succession following a disturbance that destroys a community without destroying the soil. Components of an ecosystem can be changed by natural events such as fires, human activities – farming. Affect the ecosystem in predictable or unpredictable ways. When over, ecosystem restores to original condition through secondary succession.
Secondary succession
First species to populate an area during primary succession – lichens are first to appear – fungus and alga that can grow on bare rock.
Pioneer species
Stable community that existed prior to the secondary succession.
Example: old growth forests in Pacific Northwest,
Climax community

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