Birth Order And Child Development Art Essay

The argument on whether birth order influences child personality furies on. The chief inquiry that has been asked in the yesteryear is whether being the youngest or the oldest has anything to make with the kid ‘s personality. This paper shall try to concentrate on how birth order influences the kids ‘s personality.


Harmonizing to Neville ( 2007 ) , older siblings are frequently charged with a batch of duty particularly over the younger kids. Therefore, with clip they learn to go more responsible in life. This personality trait is acquired from the nature of their age, being the eldest. Busy parents will normally go forth the younger kids in the custodies of their older siblings. Hence this creates the personality trait of being responsible which will attest throughout life.

Older kids frequently are rated to hold high degrees of intelligence since they are expected to put the gait for the remainder and therefore they learn to work hard. Working difficult is a personality trait that is synonymous with the older kids. However, some research workers harmonizing to Ernst and Angst ( 1983 ) challenge the fact that older kids have a higher IQ. He suggests that older kids are busy with most of the household duty and will therefore develop their IQ at a slower gait.

On the other manus, older kids are frequently entangled in the battle against a displacement of power and will most frequently lose out of their acquisition procedure, doing them less intelligent. Critics indicate that the in-between kids are more likely to hold a higher IQ than their older siblings. This is attributed to the ground that most of the in-between kids frequently seek to stand out and derive much more acknowledgment and take their place within the household. Researchers describe them as subsisters.

The sense of duty is besides created and developed by the parents who are frequently rigorous to the older kids. Parents view older kids as function theoretical accounts to the remainder and are hence taught to be responsible and take control over the remainder rather early.

On the contrary, the in-between kids will be challenged most frequently seeking to set up their place within the household. For most of their young person, they will be busy viing for resources with their younger every bit good as older siblings. Reese ( 1996 ) argues that this creates a personality trait of being aggressive in the in-between kids. The kids will besides be easy traveling as they attempt to acquire along with most of the household members so as to derive acknowledgment.

Possibly the kids with the worse personality traits are the youngest kids within the household. Since they are the duty of others, they will seldom emerge to go responsible. They will besides be despised by their older siblings most of the clip as they try to suit in and play with them. This will take down their regards and lead to the younger kids being originative so as to last ( Reese, 1996 ) . Furthermore, the younger kids will besides develop a strong sense of wit that will assist them suit into the remainder of the household. Younger kids besides seem lone most of the clip and therefore develop the personality of egoism.

Lonely or merely kids will normally expose a higher degree of adulthood and ego control. Since they gain 100 % of their parent ‘s attending, merely kids will frequently be left entirely in the house and therefore they learn to be responsible. Merely kids develop a personality trait associated with being egocentric or individualistic. This is due to the fact that they are frequently entirely most of the clip.

It is non safe to presume that birth order influences personality traits of kids wholly. There are a twosome of other pertinent factors that come into drama when modeling the personality traits of a kid. For case, the immediate environment in which the kid grows is an of import subscriber to issues of personality traits. Neville ( 2007 ) reveals that the personality traits of kids are the merchandise of their environment. The environment in this instance is the household where the kids are brought up. Birth order is simply one subscriber.

Critics of this theory suggest that personality of kids frequently result from their cistrons and non from their birth order. Possibly birth order is of import in other aspects when finding matrimony twosomes, but non personality traits of kids wholly.


Birth order therefore influences the kids ‘s personality traits to some extent. First Borns are known to be responsible and aggressive frequently due to the high degree of duty that parents have placed on them at a stamp age. Middle Borns are known to be advanced and easy traveling. They besides possess a higher IQ than the first Borns. Younger siblings are humourous and more egocentric or lone.

Therefore, birth order influences personality traits among kids and therefore kid development. This is attributed to the duty that birth order ballads on a kid. Responsibility comes with age. It should be acknowledged that parents besides play a major function in act uponing the personality traits of their kids by supplying the right environment for their growing so that they are able to go responsible in life.

Position within the household contributes vastly towards the development of personality traits associated with laterality or low regard. First Borns are frequently dominant and bold, while last Borns are timid, and vulnerable.


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