Black Tea Essay

Black tea is one of the most common teas known to mankind. In the black tea family there is Darjeeling, orange pekoe and other similiar breakfast teas. The teas come from the same plant, but each variety is processed differently. The tea plant is actually a tree and grows only in certain climates. The world;s major tea growing areas are in the higher elevations of China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka and East Africa. After the evergreen shoots of black tea are picked, they are withered, rolled, fermented and dried.

An important ingredient in tea is caffeine. Unlike high levels of caffeine found in coffee, the low amounts in black tea promotes blood flow in the brain without overstimulating the heart. The caffeine in black tea sharpens mental focus and concentration, and the trace element fluoride inhibits tooth decay. Black tea also contains abuindant tannins, astringent chemicals and soothing anti-inflammatory effects on the digestive tract. Black tea has been used throughout history for medical purposes, long before it became a breakfast tea.

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Black Tea Essay
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It helps relieve diarrhea, lowers cholesterol levels and helps prevent tooth decay. The tea has a therapeutic effect on gastric and intestinal illnesses because of its tannins, which decrease intestinal activity and exerts an antidiarrheal effect. To get the maximum benefit for diarrhea, let the tea steep for a full 15 minutes. This releases a good amount of tannins, also drink it unsweetened. In addition to improving circulation, the theophylline in black tea helps improve cholesterol levels.

Drink two cups of black tea for three weeks every day and it shall open the blood flow in the capillaries and helps maintain normal blood pressure. It also has been known to expand the airways, making breathing easier for astmatics. It also helps with preventing tooth decay. Fluoride, a trace element found in black tea, strengthens tooth enamel, thereby helping to prevent tooth decay. If given to children, do not give at night as it does contain the


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