Blind Side Essay

The movie of The Blind Side attempted to mimic the book as much as possible, however there were noticeable choices that the director made that changed the presentation of the movie compared to the picture that the book created. One of the main choices was to cut out a lot of the football facts that were presented in the book. Throughout the book, numerous chapters were dedicated to talking about the history of the importance of the left tackle and other players in the game, but in the movie, almost all of those scenes were cut out.

This made the movie move faster unlike the book which was slow moving at times. Another noticeable change in the movie verses the book was the emphasis on the different characters. The main character was indisputably Michael Oher in both the book and the movie. However, the movie put a strong emphasis on Leigh Anne Touhy (who was played by Sandra Bullock) and presented her as the second most major character aside from Michael. The book, on the other hand, had a lot more facts about Sean that the movie never presented.

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Leigh Anne was a key player in both, but in the movie, she seemed to be so much more of a main character that the other characters that stood out in the book did not do so in the movie. The major example of that was Sean Touhy who seemed to be the first one to invest in Michael in the book unlike the movie where he played a more quiet and uninvolved role in Michael’s life. There were other subtle differences that could be noticed, like having the necessary GPA for an NCAA scholarship be 2. 5 (movie) instead of 2. 6 (book) which led to another problem to work around, or having Michael’s fght be with the gang members in his old neighborhood (movie) instead of with one of his teammates at Ole Miss (book). Overall, however, the movie attempted to portray an accurate account of the book hich made it enjoyable to read and watch both. In the Book Michael gets into a fight with a teammate while at Ole Miss. Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy are fairly equal characters in terms of their help with Michael Michael was interviewed by the NCAA investigator at his home with Sean at his side.

In order to get his grades up, Oher takes several online courses that are short and easy to get A’s in. Michael attended Briarcrest Christian High School Sean Tuohy is the richest man in Tennesee and there is a lot of discussion about how he got there. Michael needs to get a 2. 65 GPA in order to qualify to get into an NCAA school. Michael has a natural affinity for playing football. In the movie He fghts with gang members in his old neighborhood.

Sean is in the background while Leigh Anne is the main character. He has to go to the investigator’s office, and Leigh Anne is made to wait outside so Michael can be interviewed alone. He isn’t shown taking online courses, he Just gets better grades in regular classes because of his tutor. The name of the school is Wingate Christian High School. He isn’t shown as much, and he is Just known to be quite wealthy. He only needs a He is presented as not understanding the game and needing to learn. MAIN CHARACTERS


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