Blood Donation Essay

In a health course many times you are assigned papers on a variety of topics pertaining to physical maturation, the human body, nutrition, and a number of other topics. However, in my own education one topic I don’t remember being covered was blood donation. Blood donation and blood collection is very important in order to keep the blood banks full for when blood is needed and so knowing about blood donation, and how blood banks collect and distribute blood is very important.

If you are assigned a paper on the topic though, there is a variety of news and information on blood donation. While the essay you may be asked to write may include information on blood collection or blood drives local to where you live, there is lots of information about giving blood which is true for all blood donation agencies and blood drives. The most general of guidelines require that a donor be at least sixteen years old and have a weight of at least 110lbs.

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The essay could describe the requirements or the process of blood donation, as well as how the blood which is collected is used. In many cases the entire process of blood donation can run about an hour if not longer however the actual blood collection only takes about ten to fifteen minutes. The donation process usually begins with signing in and waiting in a waiting room until it is your turn to fill out the prerequisite information.

The information is a basic overview and consent form of the process, as well as a questionnaire about your health background confirming that you are healthy for blood donation, and that your blood may be used for donation. After you fill out the forms a small blood test is done to make sure your body has enough iron and other minerals so that it is safe for you to donate. After all is said and done, you are set up to donate blood and after about ten to fifteen minutes, that part of the donation process is over, after making sure you are not light headed or going to pass out you are free to leave.

The blood collected is used in many ways. For instance normally one unit of blood is collected per donor. For an organ transplant forty units of blood are used. For heart surgery, 6 units of blood are used, and for bone marrow transplants twenty units of blood are used. According to bloodcenters. org, people who have blood diseases such as hemophilia can used hundreds of units of blood within their lifetimes.

To conclude, an essay on blood donation is not only interesting for the sake of teaching others how blood is used, and explaining the process blood donors go through when giving blood, but it also is interesting to learn for yourself about the process. If you are capable, you should donate blood. According to bloodcenters. org, someone needs blood every two seconds. Also one out of every seven people entering a hospital is in need of blood. So hopefully the experience of writing an essay on blood donation will be a learning experience not only for those reading your essay but also for yourself.


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