Board Of Directors And Marketing Department Commerce Essay

In the concern universe, profitableness may be considered as one of of import factors that a company is looking for because it can mention to its endurance in the concern in footings of capableness to put. It appears that marketing section might play a important function in increasing its gross revenues by using suited selling tools in order to promote consumers to do purchase determinations on its merchandises. However, Board of Directors does non gain an importance of marketing executives in the council chamber. They might prefer to be interested in of import issues which would badly impact the company and besides fiscal studies such as balance sheet, income statement, statement of hard currency flow. It is obvious that they might concentrate on operational and fiscal facets more than others. This assignment will indicate out necessities of marketing map to Board of Directors, particularly for the Chief Executive Officer. In add-on, the ground why selling should be focused as a strategic activity will be defined here.

A Relationship between Board of Directors and Marketing Department

Board of Directors ( BOD ) is a group of individuals who are elected by stockholders of a company in order to take control of an overall concern. Susan Shultz ( 2001 ) describes that BOD should O.K. corporate scheme and measure major investing. Furthermore, they should supply general suggestion of the concern and rede direction on important issues confronting the corporation, every bit good. Neville Bain ( 2008 ) besides states that there are four chief undertakings which BOD should prosecute. First, they set up vision, mission and values of the company. Second, they decide the scheme and the constructions. Third, they delegate authorization to direction and proctor and measure the execution of policies, schemes concern programs. Last, they account to stockholders and be duty to stakeholders. BOD is comprised of both executives and non-executives managers. Executive managers are elected from executives within the company. On the other manus, non-executive managers are chosen on the footing of their old experience which is related to the concern ( Johnson, Whittington & A ; Scholes, 2011 ) .

Marketing Department is responsible for making value for clients by understanding client demands and edifice client relationships in order to capture value from clients in return ( Kotler & A ; Armstrong, 2012 ) . Marketing are positioned as one of primary activities harmonizing to the Michael Porter ‘s value concatenation within the company. By deriving support from both support and other primary activities such as operations, logistics, service, it can present value to consumers in order to bring forth higher border merchandises.

Due to the fact that Board of Directors is seemingly on the top of administration chart, their duty is concerned with the organizational direction and overall activities in the administration as a whole. Each map in the administration chart would be paid attending to. In a company, there are five cardinal activities which would be involved such as general direction, selling, finance, accounting, and operation. In order to run the concern swimmingly, all the mentioned activities would join forces to accomplish the organizational end. Vision, mission, end and aims of the company should be clearly appointed by top direction squad and those should be delivered to all employees. Peter Drucker ‘s Management By Objectives ( MBO ) is one of an attack which might be worthwhile for a company. Basically, employees have been encouraged to put end and aims. Consequently, all participants in the administration might work towards the same end. It would assist an administration planning, directing, commanding and measuring its direction consistently. Furthermore, MBO may bespeak public presentation of the administration, every bit good.

One of of import things which BOD is concerned with is fiscal public presentation and stockholders. Selling activities is besides significantly engaged to it. Peter Doyle ( 2000 ) points out how selling creates value and how Shareholder Value Analysis ( SVA ) can be applied as a powerful technique for developing and warranting selling schemes. SVA is a sort of fiscal steps which illustrate the part of selling to the company ‘s fiscal public presentation. There is a intriguing relationship between selling and SVA. ‘Without selling, SVA is merely another accounting tool that sacrifices long-run fight for short-run net incomes ‘ ( Doyle, 2000: 310 ) . On the other manus, SVA demonstrates a model for marketing to join forces with other maps in the company more efficaciously. Graham Hooley et Al. ( 2004 ) besides describe the relationship between selling and public presentation results. High degree of market orientation would heighten resources such as marketing assets and market invention capablenesss ( Slater and Narver, 1995 ; Han et al. , 1998 cited in Hooley et al. , 2004 ) . Well-developed selling resources may take to higher market public presentation through an addition in client satisfaction, client trueness, gross revenues volume and market portion, which in bend bring to fiscal public presentation at last ( see Figure 1 ) .

Figure Selling and public presentation results

Beginning: Hooley, G. , Saunders, J. & A ; Piercy, N. ( 2004 ) Selling Strategy and Competitive Positioning, pp. 21.Market-oriented civilization

Selling resources



Selling public presentation

Customer satisfaction & A ; trueness

Gross saless volume & A ; market portion

Fiscal public presentation

Jean Johnson et Al. ( 2012 ) indicate four cardinal dimensions of a company ‘s strategic orientation which would impact its market orientation scheme by carry oning the cross-sectional quantitative research. The survey sampled 800 companies from assorted sectors including electronics, cloth, transit, computing machine equipment. The first dimension is a company ‘s aggressiveness which refers to its attempts to derive market portion, thirstily. Second, it concerns how much the companies contributes to future orientation, which chiefly focuses on constructing sustainable competitory advantage. Third, the selling formalization would be a systematic attack to assist determination shapers undertaking with expressed issues, understanding market and heightening client satisfaction through the tactic. Last, hazard propensity is a consistent paradigm of taking or avoiding hazard of an administration. The consequence reveals that a company ‘s aggressiveness smartly affects market orientation. For big administrations, their strategic orientation tends to be inconsistent with a market orientation due to a deficiency of concentrating on prolonging an bing market. However, hazard averse big companies tend to construct their market formalization in order to beef up relationships with bing clients.

Functions of sellers in Board of Directors

Although selling might crucially take portion in an administration, now it appears that there might be issues which should be considered. Mark Davies & A ; Barry Ardley ( 2012 ) point out that strong selling leading takes a important portion in the value of marketing. They besides reveal that there are five factors which involve in cut downing the function of marketing section in the board meeting. First, harmonizing to Malcolm McDonald & A ; Hugh Wilson ( 2004 ) and Jagdish Sheth & A ; Rajendra Sisidia ( 2005 ) , the function of selling section has been reduced in footings of gross revenues support, tactical promotional activities or selling communicating. Furthermore, other directors have intervened in the nucleus scheme which once relates to selling. Second, immature selling executives lack accomplishments in team-working, determination devising and dialogue ( Dacko, 2006 ) which are necessary for working efficaciously. Third, sellers are likely insensitive to environmental alteration such as economic downswing, low cost rivals, technological progresss. Fourthly, competence required for selling is neglected. Comparing to comptrollers who tend to follow accounting ordinances tightly. While sellers tend to be more flexible due to their duties. Last, as a consequence of deficiency of theoretical account of measuring, selling answerability is hard to accomplish.

In the significance of sellers who want to be promoted to executive degree, Roger Bennett ( 2009 ) states that they need to fix themselves in footings of cognition and job resolution accomplishments, from his research of which the information is from senior sellers in 209 registered companies in the nutrient and drinks fabricating sector. Additionally, emotional intelligence, societal behavior, fiscal and general direction cognition would separate from others. Coral Ingley & A ; Nicolas Van de Walt ( 2001 ) conducted a research on ‘The Strategic Board: the Changing Role of Directors in Developing and Maintaining Corporate Capability ‘ by analyzing the choice, rating and public presentation of board of managers in New Zealand. It is obvious that non merely strategic vision and leading, but besides single competence are an indispensable making in manager capableness.

Sellers as strategians

It appears that marketing section might be reduced its strategic function in a company, particularly for its executive board. Although the Board of Directors realises how of import selling is, they may non rest assured that selling is extremely relevant to the word ‘strategy ‘ .

Harmonizing to Alfred D. Chandler, ‘strategy is the finding of the long-term ends and aims of an endeavor and the acceptance of classs of action and the allotment of resource necessary for transporting out these ends ‘ ( Johnson et al. , 2011: 4 ) . Strategy comprises of three degrees which spread from top direction degree. Corporate scheme defines a company ‘s overall way in footings of aims of the company, acquisition and allotment of resources and coordination of every Strategic Business Units ( SBUs ) . Business scheme focuses on one scope of concern. It may cover with positioning the concern against rivals, expecting alterations in environment. Functional sections such as fabrication, selling, finance might develop their schemes in footings of resources, procedures and people in order to implement both corporate and concern schemes ( see Figure 2 ) .

Figure Hierarchy of scheme

Beginning: Wheelen, T. & A ; Hunger, D. ( 2004 ) cited in Johnson, G. , Whittington, R. & A ; Scholes, K. ( 2011 ) Researching Strategy ( 9th edition ) , pp. 38.

As a portion of an administration, selling has to get by with the alteration in marketing environment such as new entrants, client behavior, technological update. In order to construct and keep competitory advantage of a concern, sellers should explicate selling schemes to suit the environment and capablenesss of the company. However, the schemes might reflect to vision, mission, end and aims of its company. Not merely environmental analysis, but besides analyses on client, competition and industry would be recognised. The information which is derived by using the PESTEL analysis and the Porter ‘s Five-Force theoretical account, would promote sellers to specify their strategic place in the market. After that, they would develop strategic options in footings of selling waies and methods by which the scheme might be pursued, based on competitory advantages. When they evaluate all strategic options and implement by seting in the operating program, a reappraisal of schemes should non be neglected through scheme control and prosodies.

Enrique Claver et Al. ( 2007 ) conducted a instance survey on the elucidation of the relationship between environmental direction and house public presentation of a Spanish agricultural co-op which is known as COATO. It succeeds in broadening its agricultural activities to assorted merchandises such as veggies, fruits, honey, Prunus dulcis, oil. It is awarded for outstanding accomplishment which guarantees quality and sustainability of the co-op. Not merely are at that place agricultural merchandises, but besides services for members of the co-op for illustration fiscal services, proficient support, fuel station, preparation. Harmonizing to the research ‘s findings, COATO examines environmental factors that would hold an influence on the concern in order to explicate a corporate scheme to derive a competitory advantage. After transporting out the research, the administration might be affected by four factors which are environmental ordinances, stakeholders, the Spanish co-op sector, and complementary resources and capablenesss. The last two factors involve with environmental direction. COATO found that many Spanish co-ops lack engineering and installations for toxic and waste direction. It can reflect obstructions to co-ops ‘ version to environmental issues. The more there are good environmental direction patterns, the more positive influence they may hold. These information helped the directors to find the strategic way which is finally transformed into ‘proactive environmental scheme ‘ . The scheme comprises of environmental management-prevention and pioneering entry scheme. Its public presentation is evaluated on three facets which are environmental public presentation, economic public presentation and competitory advantage. At the terminal, the credence of the proactive scheme positively affects both environmental and economic public presentation. Furthermore, there is a high chance of deriving a competitory advantage through cost and distinction.

Kyung Hoon Kim et Al. ( 2011 ) studied the relationships between Sustainable Competitive Advantage ( SCA ) , selling scheme and employment trade name equity in the wellness service industry in the Republic of Korea in 2009. Research workers believe that marketing scheme which is established from a vision and aims of an administration would drive that administration to be the leader in the market. His research findings indicate physicians working in infirmaries agree that sustainable competitory advantage has a notable influence on selling scheme. The higher degree of SCA is, the stronger selling scheme is. In add-on, selling scheme has a important influence on infirmaries ‘ image.

Michael Volkov et Al. ( 2002 ) studied consumer behavior and consumer ailment behavior, concentrating on advertisement country, in Australia. Consumer ailment behavior herein means a set of behavioral and non-behavioural responses to negative perceptual experiences on advertizements. The research shows that there is a important difference between ailments and non-complainants and advertisement plaintiffs tend to widely distribute negative messages on merchandises.

Above three researches are illustrations of implementing strategic selling to better public presentation of the administrations. Not merely macro and micro environments, but besides ‘internal clients ‘ that COATO, a Spanish co-op, analyses and come up with a ‘proactive environmental scheme ‘ which make it go successful in the concern. While physicians in infirmaries in Republic of Korea tends to hold that Sustainable Competitive Advantage has an influence on trade name image of the infirmaries. And the survey of Michael Volkov et Al. shows that consumer behavior is different and may response to the same selling tools in different ways. Sellers who possess this information might derive competitory advantage by developing suited selling tools.


Selling is one of primary activities which drive a company to accomplish end. Clear vision, mission, end and aims which are developed by board of managers in the corporate degree, might heighten the company to make competitory advantage. Consequently, board of managers and stockholders might be satisfied by a greater figure of fiscal public presentation, particularly for profitableness. Marketing section would be responsible for supervising selling environment and measuring the company ‘s capableness to make, measure, take and implement the most appropriate selling scheme. However, every map in a company should work collaboratively and strategically to make the end.

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Part 2



Competitive advantage

Generic scheme for making competitory advantage

Cost leading



G.T. Lumpkin et Al. ( 2002 ) exhaustively examine

Sustainable competitory advantage

Sustainable competitory advantage in a company

C. Marlena Fiol ( 2001 ) argues that organisational individuality as a nucleus competence taking to competitory advantage by contextualizing and supplying intending to new adaptative behavior. I suggested that organisational individuality represents a comparatively inimitable resource, taking to sustainability of the advantage.


Figure TQM procedure, activities, tacitness, complexness and sustainability of advantage

Beginning: Reed, R. , et Al. ( 2005 ) ‘Total Quality Management and Sustainable Competitive Advantage ‘ , Journal of Quality Management, pp. 13.

Function of selling in sustainable competitory advantage

Unique and valued merchandises

Clear, tight definition of market marks

Enhanced client linkages

Established trade name and company credibleness


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You are to fix a persuasive paper in which you attempt to convert your ( conjectural ) director to take a peculiar action related to a strategic selling subject of your pick

Your paper will be related to issues we discuss in category

Sample subjects might include:

– Market orientation is non the lone of import concern orientation of a successful concern

– Listening to the client can harm dynamic invention in the long-run.

– The of import function of market driving behaviour versus market driven behaviour

You are to fix a persuasive paper in which you attempt to convert your ( conjectural ) director to take a peculiar action related to a strategic selling subject of your pick. Your paper will be related to issues we discuss in category. Sample subjects include: why new research attacks should be used to understand consumer markets in add-on to consumer study attacks, or why market orientation is non the lone of import concern orientation of a successful concern, or why listening to the client can harm dynamic invention in the long-run ( *NB* Please note this paper must non be on the function of marketing within corporate boards – as outlined in the ‘Get the Evidence Brief above ‘ ) . A good illustration of a subject could be the of import function of market driving behaviour versus market driven behaviour, exemplifying your paper with illustrations from the Virgin Galactic Space Project ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . See the undermentioned citations:

Harris and Cia ( 2002:172 ) explain that “ a little figure of taking theoreticians reminded the selling academy that being ‘market driven ‘ was non needfully the solution for, or so the pattern of, every house. ” The outgrowth of this research docket went farther, admonishing against the institutionalising of “ excessively close relationships ” , non least because this would “ stamp down invention and harm house public presentation ” ( Harris and Cia, 2002:173 ) .

Keep in head that many foremans, yours included, may hold small professional direction preparation and even less cognition of societal scientific discipline ( non holding the benefits of university instruction and Birmingham University grade! ) . Criteria for measuring your paper will be based on 1 ) how efficaciously you marshal the best grounds to do your instance, 2 ) the extent you have made your instance in a strong, true, and converting mode, and 3 ) how good you use facts about the peculiar organisation ( once more, existent or conjectural ) to assist you do your instance.

why new research attacks should be used to understand consumer markets in add-on to consumer study attacks

why market orientation is non the lone of import concern orientation of a successful concern

why listening to the client can harm dynamic invention in the long-run

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Part 3


The ‘Contemporary Issues in Strategic Marketing ‘ is one of my interesting topics for analyzing at the University of Birmingham. After being rotated to take part in a selling division, I have been attacked by many selling issues which the direction squad would wish to cognize how to get by with. Although I have taken many selling classs, in some instances, it is hard to use those theories and set that into pattern because it seems conjectural and can non be achieved. Professor Philip Kotler, a celebrated selling guru, said ‘Marketing takes twenty-four hours to larn. Unfortunately it takes a life-time to maestro ‘ . I could non hold with his citation more.

In hebdomad 1, ‘if you do n’t cognize where you are traveling, any route will take you there ‘ was a citation from Alice in Wonderland which was raised to present the strategic selling. It can evidently exemplify the competitory selling model. In order to explicate any program expeditiously, strategians or contrivers should cognize what their administration wants to accomplish, through their mission, vision and aims. If they create any program without any end, it would be obscure direction which may take to a failure of the administration. Strategy is besides of import. ‘Strategy is the long-run way of an administration ‘ ( Johnson, Whittington, & A ; Scholes, 2011: 3 ) . It can place how to apportion limited resources in a way that would make a Sustainable Competitive Advantage ( SCA ) . SCA would be worthwhile for an administration in the long tally every bit long as it can keep its competitory place in the market. Strategic direction could be categorised into three hierarchal degrees. First, corporate scheme directs an administration ‘s overall concern direction such as specifying mission, puting aims and ends, planing the concern portfolio ( Kotler & A ; Armstrong, 2012 ) . Second, concern scheme is concerned about activities under a Strategic Business Unit ( SBU ) such as aiming a niche market, positioning. Last, functional scheme is developed by a functional section such as selling, human resources, production, in order to accomplish corporate end. Examples of functional scheme are a choice of distribution channels, take downing monetary values. All three degrees of scheme must be consolidated for corporate success ( West, Ford & A ; Ibrahim, 2012 ) . From my old experience in a authorities bureau, my executive board has emphasised that corporate scheme should be clear and must depict a way of the administration. In add-on, the scheme should be consistent with the authorities policy. Top and middle-level directors from all divisions will hold one-year meetings to incorporate SBUs ‘ activities following to the vision, mission and aims of the administration. Every primary and support activities in the value concatenation such as operations, selling and gross revenues, procurance, should work in synergism in order to accomplish the organizational end. It is obvious that some divisions would wish to put their Cardinal Performance Indicators ( KPIs ) as the first precedence to accomplish. Consequently, other divisions have been affected by those actions such as a struggle between the selling and operation divisions. Approximately one twelvemonth ago, a cardinal client requested for a consultancy undertaking through the selling division which passed this petition to the operation division afterwards. The operation division refused it due to the penchant of the authorities undertakings which gained more repute. The selling division had to work out this job by outsourcing from another company. This action affected the cost of the proposed undertaking, every bit good. What I have learnt from this instance is that a well-planned scheme will be worthless if staff in SBU or functional degree does non gain and implement to accomplish the aims of the administration.

The activity which allowed pupils to believe about cardinal issues that a tea store facing in the concern is utile because we can use our cognition on strategic selling to analyze this instance survey. We might cognize how to get by with this sort of state of affairs in the existent on the job experience.

As a seller in a authorities administration, I have on occasion participated in strategic planning. SWOT, Value Chain and Porter ‘s Five Forces theoretical account are used to place and analyze both internal and external concern environment in order to explicate a five-year strategic program. Consequently, the determination shapers know where is the administration ‘s place in the market, comparing to rivals. Furthermore, they can utilize these information to take a directional scheme. When analyzing ‘Strategic Fit ‘ , I realise that a successful company might be able to equilibrate its schemes, capablenesss, and environments expeditiously. Strategic determinations at any strategic degree would be made after this phase for illustration resource allotment, strategic orientation, market cleavage. Each strategic determination would be translated into an action program through methods or tools to make the ends and it would be monitored and evaluated the public presentation of each strategic degree at the terminal.

Another two challenges which should be concerned about in my administration are a late response to the environmental alteration and how to construct sustainable competitory advantage. Due to the fact that the administration is under the supervising of a curate who is assigned by the Prime Minister, there is a high chance that the curate could be rotated to another place or to be expelled. Hence, the scheme that is formulated by direction squads would be influenced by the new curate ‘s policy. This could disrupt the action program and lead to an unattainable end.

In decision, this faculty encourages me to believe critically by heightening my basic selling constructs through a assortment of issues, articles, instance surveies, video cartridge holders from Google Videos and YouTube. It would be fruitful for me to use the cognition non merely from text editions but besides from the lector ‘s experience to undertake existent selling issues. In my point of position, this class reviews and updates my comprehension of selling rules, which I learnt many old ages ago. I would use this strategic thought accomplishments in my occupation as a seller in order to take part in making a sustainable competitory advantage of the administration.

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