Body Modification

Minor Plastic Surgery, does it really make you look younger? (Audience: People who get minor plastic surgery) Over the years, more and more people get their minor plastic surgeries done. According to the article ‘’the good, bad, ugly’’ by Alene Dawson, 13,828,726 cosmetic procedures were done in 2011. ‘’According to statistics from the America Society of Plastic Surgeons, 13,828,726 cosmetic procedures were done in the U. S. last year. ’’ (Dawson) Even though many people are not happy with how they look, plastic surgery will not resolve to their happiness.

Many articles on cosmetic procedures say that minor plastic surgery does not change the look all that much. One of the main reasons why people get minor plastic surgery is that they want to look younger; they want to feel their youth again. But unfortunately, the best they will ever get is looking about 5 to 6 years younger which is not much difference. There are many way to look younger such as dressing up differently. Why not buying jewelry or high quality brand of clothes?

It would be much cheaper and safer considering how much money they have to spend on plastic surgeries, physical counseling, and having to have to go though the side effect from pain killers that they have to take after the procedure. So, for those who get minor plastic Ishikawa 2 surgery done, what is the point of spending so much money and risking your life getting your cosmetic procedures done when it does not make much difference and you will look the same again after couple of years?

In the article ‘’Face-lifts have minimal effect, according to new study’’ by Brad Balukjian, it says that statistic shows that these small minor plastic surgeries can only shape off about 3 to 4 years. ‘’Before you spring that face-lift, take a look in the mirror- the face looking back will only look about three years younger and be no more attractive than it was before. ’’ (Balukjian) Can you really call this happiness? Even if you spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery, it will not make much difference and after a few years, your face will go back to looking just like it was before.

On top of that, it requires months of physical counseling, touch ups, and usage of pain killer and it is not going to be a healthy process considering the side effect of the medicine that you would have to take. How can you be happy or feel young when you are unhealthy and feel a lot older than before? These drugs that are prescribed to you after the surgery can actually kill you. Is it really necessary to risk your life? Can you be happy when you are dead? Because of these small, minor, and simple plastic surgery is getting so popular, people are paying thousands of dollars and abusing plastic surgery all over the world.

According to the article ‘’Facebook users in India turn to plastic surgery for perfect profile’’ by Salvador Rodriguez from L. A. Times, many women in India are getting their plastic surgery done in order for them to make a perfect profile pictures for their Facebook, or other social networks that they are using. ‘’How much would you pay for the perfect profile picture? In India, young Facebook users are reportedly paying thousands of dollars for plastic surgeries solely for the Ishikawa 3 purpose of improving the way they look on Facebook and other social networks. ’ (Rodriguez) Is it really necessary to go through all the trouble just to look good on simple social network profile picture? What can they accomplish by looking good on Facebook? Is it going help them find attractive men to date? There are many other safer and cheaper ways to make good looking profile pictures such as taking pictures from different angles, using Photoshop, wearing good looking clothes or wearing make ups. They can definitely afford all that if they can afford plastic surgeries. Besides, almost nobody care about how people look on their social network pages anyway.

It’s not like they would be very popular and famous just because they look attractive on their social network pages. If people want to look at attractive women, they would go on website where they show pictures of actual models and actresses instead of these women’s profile pictures on social networks. Plastic surgery is for people who really need it. It’s for people who were born with birth effect, deformity, people who were severely injured from accidents or soldiers and war veterans who came back from war with fatal damage on their faces.

A famous racer Niki Lauda who got into huge crash during a race and was severely injured says that there is no need to get plastic surgery. ‘’I only have surgery to improve my eyesight. Cosmetic surgery is boring and expensive and the only thing it could do is give me another face. I had the eye surgery so that my eyes could function and as long as everything functions, I don’t care about it. ’’ (Lauda) He has a very strong point on having cosmetic procedures done. Even a person like Lauda, whose face was severely damaged from the accident, kept the procedure to the minimal.

The only thing he had surgery on was on his eye lids so that he can see well in order function in his Ishikawa 4 everyday life and live normally. Other than that, he never had any other procedures on his face. He says that all the scars from the accident slowly faded away anyway as time passed by. ‘’As I get older, scars get lost in the lines and, well you just get used to it. ’’ (Lauda) There was an incident where famous pop star Kanye West’s mother, Donda West died shortly after her plastic surgery. The cause of death was most likely from heart attack due to side effect of pain killers that were prescribed to her after the procedures.

Scott Glover from L. A. Times writes about what had happened to Donda during and after the surgery in the article ‘’Doctor Talks about Donda West’s death. ’’ ‘’The mother of rap star Kanye West, who died earlier this month after undergoing routine plastic surgery, likely succumbed to a heart attack, pulmonary embolism or accidental overdose of drugs prescribed to her for pain after the procedure, her surgeon said in an interview Monday. ’’ (Glover) As you can see from the article, the amount of pain that people have to go through the procedure is very horrible.

Some just cannot tolerate the pain that they have to abuse the medicines that are prescribed to them. Plus, the amount of pain killer that they use during the procedure is also harmful for human body. These drugs all combined, both during and after the procedure, can easily kill a person. So why risk your life going through all that just to look better or younger? Would you be really happy if you have to rely on pain killers to live your everyday life? Can you really call that a happiness? Yes, she had the money and she wanted to feel young again but was it worth it now that she is dead?

Can you imagine how much pain Donda had to go through when she heart attack? Ishikawa 5 Even the teenagers now days are beginning to think about having cosmetic surgery. In the article ‘’Plastic surgery for teens’’, Valerie Ulene claims that the time has definitely changed and more teens are thinking about getting cosmetic procedure done including herself back in the day when plastic surgery was beginning to broom at the time. ‘’To say I dislike my nose as a teenager would be understatement. Both its size (too big) and its shape (hooked) made me feel as if I stood out.

Though I sometimes fantasized about getting it ‘’done’’, a nose job wasn’t something I ever considered seriously. At the time, plastic surgery boom was just beginning to gain steam and, for the most part, adolescents weren’t on-board. Times have certainly changed. ’’ (Ulene) It is not as it used to be for teenagers anymore because of this whole plastic surgery boom is getting bigger and bigger. It has become a bad influence for teenagers because it has been making the teens, especially the girls, dislike how they look and making them unhappy with themselves.

For teenage girls, because of their age and hormone, they tend to worry way too much about how they look. It is the age where they like to try to change themselves to impress their friends or boys at school. This whole plastic surgery getting poplar is like pouring gasoline to a fire house for teenagers. This topic is very important to society because when people think too much about how they look, they tend to forget about the value of life. Also, because of plastic surgery getting popular, it is affecting children and teenagers. Kids now days worry about their looks way too much compared to a decade ago.

Because of famous pop stars, actors and actresses, and models are getting plastic surgeries left to right and the media making a big fuss about it all the time, it is affecting children today. For most people who get plastic surgery, the idea is to feel Ishikawa 6 younger, better, and happy with themselves by getting the procedure done, but so far, the only thing that the plastic surgery has created is depression over the years. The only people who are happy from plastic surgery are the surgeons and doctors who make a lot of money off these people who get plastic surgery.


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