Body System Functions

Term Definition
Digestive System Allows the body to break down food into usable nutrients and gets rid of solid waste
Circulatory System (Cardiovascular) Pumps and circulates blood containing oxygen, nutrients and CO2 throughout the body
Nervous System Receives stimuli (or messages) from inside and outside the body and coordinates a response
Muscular System Works with the skeletal system to help provide movement for the body and works with organs to move materials through the body
Skeletal System Helps to give the body shape and support and protects internal organs; allows for movement
Reproductive System Produces sex cells to allow for conception and the production of offspring
Lymphatic System Transports fluid throughout the body that contains white blood cells to fight infection
Endocrine System Consists of glands that secrete hormones into the bloodstream to help regulate body functions
Respiratory System Brings in oxygen for the body and exchanges it for with carbon dioxide to be released as waste
Integumentary System Protects our body from the outside world. Regulates body temperature
Urinary System Rids the body of nitrogen containing waste and helps to filter the blood to maintain proper fluid balance.

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