Bombardier Aerospace Essay

After geting a few companies. Bombardier Aerospace was now faced with the challenge of how to aline the operations of these companies who all had different sets of informations. procedures and systems. Major countries of concern were process holds. low stock list bend. inconsistent pricing and charge of stuffs among others. Bombardier introduced the Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) into its aerospace division with a vision to accomplish higher efficiency in fabrication and besides to significantly salvage cost. To measure the public presentation of this IT undertaking. Bombardier Aerospace needs to see the following six variables which are mutualist every bit far as success or failure is concerned.

System Quality examines the desirable features of an information system. These may include easiness of usage. system flexibleness. system variableness and easiness of larning. If we take a expression at the first stage of the undertaking which was carried out at the Mirabel Plant. we realize that this component of system quality is non really solid. There were ailments from users with respects to the IT system. Problems were encountered after the Go Live and as a consequence. several users were still utilizing bequest systems for some facets of their work. In the 2nd stage at the Saint-Laurent works. we realize that after robust steps were put in topographic point. they achieved informations truth of 97 per centum. The 2nd variable to see is Information Quality. This examines the desirable qualities of the system end product such as its relevancy. comprehensibility. currency. seasonableness and serviceability. The methods employees encountered holds in modifying measures of stuffs.

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Besides. it took some clip before they could understand what information the freshly formed Master Data group required of them. This tells us that Information Quality was hapless in the first stage of ERP execution. Equally far as the Use of the IT undertaking is concerned. Bombardier Aerospace needs to look at the grade and mode in which staff and users utilize the capablenesss of the system. For case. the sum of usage. frequence of usage. rightness of usage or the intent of the usage. In the stage two. most users of the new system reacted positively to it but the undertaking at the Mirabel works was rather different. Sourcing agents could non O.K. a purchase order for a portion if its contract did non incorporate a monetary value or if the current monetary value was different from that stated in the contract. This was a defect in the system every bit far as its usage was concerned.

Another manner to measure the IT project’s success or failure is by mensurating the User Satisfaction. Not until after about one twelvemonth after Go unrecorded. user satisfaction at the Mirabel works was non good plenty. Users from assorted maps complained about important holds in acquiring replies to their questions. At the Saint-Laurent works on the manus. most users felt that the new system made their occupation easier. The ERP execution had different impacts on persons. Employees in finance at the Mirabel works were frustrated by the system.

They had to do manual corrections to the general leger if stuffs were issued falsely. At the Mirabel works. the bulk of users thought that the new system had impacted them positively. They thought that their inputs were taken into consideration and they virtually used the system in all cases. In footings of organisational impact. we are able to state from the instance that the undertaking was a successful 1. One of the primary ends of implementing this system was improve visibleness and cut down the value of stock list held by Bombardier Aerospace. The BMIS contributed to cut downing stock lists by $ 1. 2 billion in merely less than a twelvemonth after Go Live. Besides Procurement became more efficient and incorporate due to the execution.


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