Question Answer
What are examples of flat bones? sternum, ribs
What is the compact bone? hard, middle layer of bone
What are examples of long bones? femur, fibula, tibia
What are examples of short bones? bones of the wrist and feet
What is the hard, middle layer of the bone? compact bone
What are the 5 functions of the skeletal system? 1. Give shape and support to the body2. Protect the organs3. Allows for movement4. stores calcium and phosphorous5. makes blood cells
Do humans have an endoskeleton or exoskeleton? Endoskeleton.
Which bones does the axial skeleton include? Bones that go down the center of the body
what is the smallest bone in your body? stirrup
what is the inner part of the bone where blood cells are made? marrow cavity
What kind of bones are teh vertebrae and pelvis? irregular
What is the hard outer surface of the bone? periosteum
How many bones are there in the adult skeletal sytem? 206
Which bones does the appendicular skeleton include? bones that hand down
What forms a protective cage for several internal organs? ribs
What is the spine made up of? vertebra and discs (cartilage)
Which bones do teeth grow out of? maxilla and mandible
What are the regions of the spine in order? cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum, coccyx
What is the purpose of the skull? to protect the brain.

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