Book Of Nod Essay

The preface to this book is very cool. I know that this book is totally
fictional, and is in no way real, but the preface makes the book sound like it
was written from ancient scrolls and manuscripts that were uncovered through his
journies. The preface describes how he was able to get all of the material to
write the book. It is incredibly detailed and extreamly vague at the same time
if that is possible. With all of the history and this mans travels in the
preface, it seems like the book is written from fact and really gives the book a
nice read to it. Chapter Two: The Chronicals of Caine This is the begining of
Caine’s adventure, this story was written in a biblical type of story line. The
diffrence from the bible and this book is that instead of focusing on the light,
it focuses on the darker side. Instead of god, this book more or less deals and
talks of the devil. Caine in this story, just as in the bible, starts off by
sacrificing his most prised possetion to god, in this case it happens to be his
brother Able. He thinks this to be a fitting sacrifice because he was told to
sacrifice that which was most dear to him. Insted of the praise that he thought
he would recieve, he was cursed by the god he loved so much. He was cursed into
the land of NOD. The land of nothing, the land of balckness. Caine, in this new
world, was completely helpless, until he came upon a woman named Lilith. Lilith
was able to help him and give him comfort. In doing so, she fell in love with
Caine. Caine, later, was vistited by the archangels of god. First was the
archangel Michel. Micheal offered himforgiveness, Caine’s responce was “I
shall not be forgiven by god but by my own strength.” With this responce
Caine was further cursed. God set onto him the curse that “For ever more
fire shall bite you and take thy flesh openly.” Making him even more
effected by fire than normal mortals. The next archangel to come was Rapheal.

Again, Caine was offered forgiveness, again he refused, and again he was cursed.

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God set upon him the curse “Forever more, the suns rays shall burn thee
like fire.” This made him fear the light and even more embrace the
darkness. After that, The archangel Uriel came to him. Again he was offered
forgiveness, and again he refused. His curse this time was “You shall drink
only blood and eat ashes only. And you shall live forever more undead, never
dying.” With this, he was cursed to live the rest of his life as, what now
is refered to as a Vampire. Lastley, he was joined again by and archangel. He
was offered forgivness, he refused, and he was cursed again. “Your children
shall bear your same curse, and in them you will plant your dark seed.”
With this his entire blood line was cursed to live out his same life. Caine was
totally devistated now, cursed to the brink, he pleeded with Lilith to teach him
the ways that she lived in this void so long. She taught him her secrets,
Awakening the inner beast in him. With these new powers, Caine was able to
further his powers with his own learning and experimenting. He learned the
secrets of the darkness. With these powers he was able to leave NOD and return
back to his own world. Leaving Lilith behind in her NOD. Being new to the world
and very tired from the energy it took to get him there he needed blood to heal.

He happend upon an old cron, that was more than willing to let him feed. He fed
on her for three days, and on the third she mixed a potion that she said would
fully recover his wounds. Instead, it was a blood bind to the cron. Forever more
the cron could control Caine, and in that Caine would control anyone that drank
of his blood. He then came back to the crone, and described to her a dream that
he pretended to have about his children coming back on him and trying to kill
him, so the cron taught him how to kill a vampire, a wooden stake straight to
the heart. With this, Caine turns on the crone and shoves the wooden stake
through her heart killing her. Caine then goes back to the first city and is
made ruler, he gets bored after a while and wants company, so he bites Enche and
is made his first son, Enche wishes to have brother and sister and so he is
given them. And this is were it gets confusing… Chapter Two: The Chronicle of
Shadows This is a very lengthy descusion of how and why the children of Caine
operate. As his curse had earlier stated, Caine’s childeren were doomed to
constantly fight amunst them selves. Caine makes himself Ten more childern,
making thirteen in all. These thirteen children of Caine seperate and make their
own children. These, Caine’s children and Caine’s children’s Children, create
thier own clans in order to fight each other. It Describes each of the thirteen
Childrens clans. The clan names are as follows: Progeny, Canaille, Moon Beasts
(Werewolves), WildOnes (Kamakazie Vampires), Bruhaj, Gangrel, Malvak, Nosferatu,
Trendor, Venture, Saulot, Diablerie, Jyhad. Progeny are the ones that rules the
land of enoche, the human city. Canaille are the ones that protected the humans
from other vampires in return the humans hide and helped these vampires. Moon
Beasts (Werewolves) are the vampires that, on full moons, change to wolvish
monsters and hunt the land for anything that move. The Wild Ones, the warrior
clan, they are the most beautiful, yet most deadly. Bruhaj, they are a self
seving clan. They can beat on each other but if you cross any of them, you get
the entire clan’s wrath. Gangrel will attack anything that moves just for the
fun of it. Malvak are the choas bringers. They seek out any way to cause
disruption. Nosferatu are the masters of the night. They hide in the shadows, by
the time you see them your blood is already splattered on the walls. Trendor are
not fighters, They seek the more beautiful things and the more intellectual
things. Venture These are more or less the police for vampires. Saulot is a clan
based around the worship of their original father, Caine. Diableria are focused
on pholosify and on the words of scollors. Jyhad is a clan that absolutely
nothing is know for sertain about, but they are the focus of multipule myths.

Each of the children and thier children fought the other of the thirteen clans
until they die. Among these clans they were also hunted by humans that came to
know of the Vampires. These children got to a point that Caine had to do
something because he could not stand the fighting anymore. He came out with a
list of rules for the Vampires to live by. The clans did not much like these
rules and again Caine’s curse lived up to the words. Because of the rules he had
all of his children and thier children out for his blood. Caine went into hiding
and was never seen from again. Some of his children thought that he was hiding,
some thought that he made a deal with the demons he controlled and went to rule
the underworld. But where ever he did go, he was never seen from again, which
all of them had stories of where he went. Chapter Three: The Chronicals of
Secrets This chapter describes what is profisised to happen, when, where and how
Caine is to come back to the world of the real. It describes blood red moons,
and pure black suns. The earth opening up and all the under demons of everyones
worst nightmares magnified comming forth to rule and kill the planet. It is all
the fears and all of the hopes of Caine’s Children. It is said that Caine will
come back and rule the world and rule with an iron fist. He is said to rule in a
way that makes all of his followers so impure and ungodly that the stench of it
reached to the high heavens and god himself chokes on the vapor. Did I mention I
love this book? It also goes into some rules and lifestyles of vampires. The
topic of love is mentioned by Caine and is siad that no vampire should endulge
in love because it is not a thing that cursed creatures such as them should have
in their non-lives.


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