Book review in values education Essay

This study is specially written for freshmen students in college in Determining correct and proper values to consider in our Journey to life. This carefully research and selected according to our needs, interest and experiences. While you reading, you will realize how you how you improved yourself socially, morally and spiritually. You will be able to develop self-confidence necessary for with people around you. As you interact with them, you will be able to practice your talents, skills and lessons learned.

These learning experiences will help you become a responsible, righteous and productive person. So read this article, have fun and realize the great value of learning. II. SUMMARY What is Values? Values means worth qualities, characteristics, behavior that we feel may it be good or bad, useful or harmful. We get our Values from our home, school, society, friends, T. V. , church, music, books, culture, employers, time period on which we were raised. There are types of Values such as moral, material, aesthetic, intrinsic, extrinsic, universal and group specified values.

Age greatly influence your values. Different people and things influence you at every age bracket. Your values mold your behavior and future goals. It can change over a lifetime as you experience change your views. Ethics correlates with values in social, moral, and spiritual aspects. Ill. Personal Realization It’s an individual, I may say that our home values was my great foundations in facing and interacting towards the community, school and workplace.

The process or system we were brought up by our parents influenced much in our values. My values is the engine of my attitude and behavior. IV. Conclusion Therefore values I a great factor in improving, molding, and source of satisfaction of oneself. V. Recommendations This study recommends that good values should start at home to enhance the school, encourage by the church, implementing the community and government laws. Book review in values education 1 By Nashua-zoom

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Book review in values education Essay
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