Both Ups And Downs Of The Successful Entrepreneurship Business Essay


About every adult male and adult female of mind and character wants to be rich and celebrated. I ca n’t conceive of anyone who does n’t woolgather of fall ining the elect category of the likes of Bill Gates, Andrew Carnegie and Walt Disney merely to advert a few. We are frequently mesmerized with such “ shreds to wealths ” narratives of persons who build successful concern ventures from about nil. Robert Kiyosaki ( 2000 ) said that his male parent passionately advised him to larn how to do money, if he ( Robert ) wanted to be rich ( p. 14 ) . This secret of “ doing money and making wealth ” – in order to be rich is what we are all looking for. What is the secret so, and how can we retroflex it to turn lead into gold. Entrepreneurship seems to be the myth to unearth.

With unemployment turn outing to be the conspicuous socio-economic challenge of the following century, authoritiess and persons are turning focal point on entrepreneurship and creative activity of little concern endeavors to work out this job ( Rainer & A ; Jim, 2009, p.1-2 ) . Fashions semen and travel, but the field of entrepreneurship and little concern development and publicity remains one of the most consistent ventures that attract intercession and support from givers and authoritiess. It is besides a important driver of economic advancement in any society. Acerate leaf to state, entrepreneurship outshines about all other factors when measuring the success of richest work forces in the American society, talk of Bill Gates, Walt Disney or any other.

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Both Ups And Downs Of The Successful Entrepreneurship Business Essay
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Thesis Statement: The Issue

Successful entrepreneurship has both ups and downs. Is it all about holding the necessary pecuniary capital, authorities connexions and superior trade names and merchandises? Or are at that place other hidden or intangible values that a successful enterpriser should posses? Some people argue that, “ personal values ” of an enterpriser determine-to a greater extend, the success and corporate scheme of any concern endeavor, others disagree and give converting statements to support their point of position. The intent of this survey is to happen out to what widen “ personal values ” determine the development of a successful concern venture ( entrepreneurship ) . The place of this paper is that in this epoch where the concern environment is quickly changing, “ personal values ” determine-to a greater extends the success or failure of enterprisers in the American society and any other portion of the universe. The survey adopts an analysis of believable literature to back up the job of survey ( thesis ) .

Objective points

This survey will concentrate on three believable issues under the umbrella of the thesis statement ; ( 1 ) what defines a “ theoretical account type ” enterpriser ( successful ) ; are personal values portion of this? ( 2 ) In what ways can personal values act upon the success or failure of an enterpriser? ( 3 ) What schemes are most effectual in fostering a sustainable entrepreneurial activity?

Key words ; Entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, personal values, endeavor

Definition of Footings

Who is an enterpriser and what is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship may be viewed as a sort of leading orientation, to be precise, taking a concern venture or endeavor. Robinson et Al. ( 2007 ) defines the term enterpriser as “ a individual who creates something of value and assumes the hazard of constructing a concern around it ” ( p. 413 ) . This definition incorporates hazard, inventions and execution. Analyzing entrepreneurship frequently focuses on pull offing invention, maximising net incomes and minimising hazards. To accomplish this, the “ personal values ” of an single drama a large function.

The construct of entrepreneurship has a long history. During the mercantilist old ages, the term “ enterpriser ” was used by Gallic mercantilists to mention to a individual who buys goods at certain monetary values with an purpose of selling them at unpredictable monetary values in future. This definition satisfied every organic structure until when Jean Batiste Say wrote in 1803 and broadened the term to “ conveying together the factors of production with the proviso of direction and bearing the hazards associated with the venture ” . This definition has non changed much over clip, but of significance is the debut of the construct of innovation-as the exclusive intent of an enterpriser by Schumpeter ( 1950 ) and Marshall ‘s 1920 description of the enterpriser as person who, normally combines the factors of production-be it labour, capital or land so as to bring forth an increased end product of goods or services. This consequences into increased entire wealth and, or stuff public assistance.

“ Personal Valuess ” ; What Are They?

“ Personal values ” refer to the desirable qualities, criterions, or rules that motivate actions. Schwartz ‘s Value Theory identifies ten cardinal values assumed to be universally of import in any social operation ; power, accomplishment, complacency, stimulations, autonomy, benevolence, universalism, tradition, conformance, and security. Bardi and Schwartz posited that people behave harmonizing to their values because there is a demand for consistence between one ‘s values and actions ; and, value-consistent action is carry throughing as it helps people achieve satisfaction from their actions.

A “ Model-Type ” Entrepreneur

Much is frequently said and documented about the societal, economic and educational backgrounds of the successful American enterpriser. Almost every ambitious adult male would be interested in reading about the “ life of Bill Gates ” , wont you? Literally, to acquire a tip of how he managed to develop “ Microsoft ” and go the richest adult male on Earth. It is agreeable that money is non the exclusive incentive for a successful entrepreneurial activity. Underliing personal values and demands are seen as the chief motive, with money playing a secondary function of achievement ( Paula, 1988 )

In his survey of “ High-tech enterprisers ” Paula ( 1988 ) sought to cognize why people venture into entrepreneurship. Is it because they have much more money than they need? He observed that factors that influence this most are ; deteriorating occupation or career satisfaction-leading to options, find of a new chance and external encouragement to get down a new endeavor. Some occupations may non let an person to prosecute his/her new find. Paula besides found that “ High-tech ” enterprisers readily find givers who finance them to prosecute their new thoughts. Therefore fiscal stableness is non the exclusive determiner of embarking into and wining in an endeavor. You disagree with me, who new Bill Gates, before he invented Microsoft.

The determination to venture into entrepreneurship hence, consequences from values held by an person before he/she makes the determination to venture into entrepreneurship. These values are carried on into the concern and will finally find the success or failure of the endeavor. Paula concludes that the ultimate hazard that entrepreneurs face is straight associated with personal values ; to be precise, the fright of failure. Yet in most instances they overcome this hazard. The significance of work outing a job to accomplish a certain end seems to outweigh the diabolic fright of failure for the passionate enterpriser.

Despite personal differences in societal, economic and educational backgrounds, the personality traits of a “ model-entrepreneurs ” do non differ significantly. They possess a powerful desire for control, liberty, acute intuition-the ability to link thoughts with world, and the capableness to construct, create and work out hard jobs. In add-on they are optimistic and possess a strong desire to carry through ( Paula, 1988, McClelland, 1971 ) .

An enterpriser is a hazard carrier. He/she must hold the strength and bravery to presume the liability of uncertainness, a individual who takes the undertaking of uniting the land of one, the labour and capital of another, in order to bring forth a merchandise ( Hisrich & A ; Peters, 2000 ) . A “ theoretical account enterpriser ” should be able to introduce and invent solutions to jobs and challenges that can non be solved by normal pattern entirely. They should ever run outside criterion operating processs ( Schumpeter, 1950, Casson, 2005 ) .

Sarasvathy ( 2001 ) observed that Entrepreneurs are entrepreneurial, they are different from directors because they think “ effectually ” , they think of how they can do the hereafter and form it. They believe that the hereafter can be made, predicted, and shaped by human action. To be precise, they should ever be a caput of others. Entrepreneurs are like adventurers traveling out on ocean trips to unknown Waterss and land like Christopher Columbus detecting the new universe. They ever imagine of new and possible terminals given a certain set of agencies. An entrepreneurial thought is “ effective thought ” -inherently originative.

The enterpriser is an “ single portrayal ” , what do people state about you, what do they like or detest about you, fundamentally this will be determined by your personal values. Schumpeter ( 1934 ) portrayed the motivations of an enterpriser as an person with a will and woolgather to establish a private land or dynasty, the desire to suppress, battle and be superior to others and eventually to observe the joy of acquiring things done. The economic activity of entrepreneurship becomes similar to featuring. Just the manner sporting is inborn to persons, and people know it, so is entrepreneurship. Your success will mostly be determined by what you passionately like and Value.

The personal values that exist in our “ model enterpriser ” who is successful and ever advanced are non “ Sweets ” that can be bought in the market. These are values that are congenital and self drive within the person. Successful and famed enterprisers like what they do and they are ever proud of it, name them ; the Bill Gate ‘ , Andrew Carnegie and the Rockefellers ‘ among others, and I bet you will come to my adjutant.

Succeeding In Entrepreneurship: The Influence of Personal Values

Why do some enterprisers flourish, while others shine for a piece and acquire into the disregarded “ chapters and books of history ” ? Is it because some have accumulated capital, and superior trade names and products-that clients develop “ relationships with ” and prolong them in competitory markets? Peter Drucker, -a direction Guru one time said that, selling and invention are the two basic maps of any concern enterprise- ” all others are merely costs ” . What does an enterpriser demand to fulfill the of all time altering demands and ingestion manners of consumers?

Fournier ( 1998 ) observed that the successful concern enterpriser “ personified ” his/her trade names which in bend develop a “ relationship ” with consumers giving such a trade name an border in a competitory concern market. This is frequently associated with the existent or perceived superior quality of the merchandise compared to replace or similar merchandises. This signifies the importance of “ human factor ” in today ‘s concern. Personal values play a important function in any entrepreneurial activity.

Our “ model enterpriser ” is protective, perceptive, originative and prolonging a relationship with their houses that can be depicted as familial. Their houses are like their kids, who desire protection, subject, and attention from babyhood to adulthood. Many laminitiss frequently consider go forthing their houses after roll uping significant income, but they barely do so due to a sense of strong personal engagement and fond regards with their houses. These are the findings of Paula ( 1988 ) in his survey of set uping the features of the “ High-tech enterpriser ” . This is a personal value that is inborn to most enterprisers. They are non like strategic directors who are quickly nomadic and ever looking for “ greener grazing lands ” in other suited houses and who may non needfully hold an emotional fond regard with the houses they manage.

It is frequently hypothesized that enterprisers compared to directors, are more susceptible to ethical facets of determination devising in any concern house. This is due to the varying types and grade of fiscal hazards which entrepreneurs face. Ethical criterions any concern endeavors are closely associated with an persons ‘ value system ( Bucar, 2009 ) . An enterpriser will probably win in his/her concern development and invention, when motivated by the society in which he/she operates. This is closely related to the societal contact theory proposed old ages back by Thomas Hobbes and John Locke-which is kindred to allowing an enterpriser the “ licence ‘ to make concern within a certain environment. Our “ model enterpriser ” is double ; he/she understands the technological facet of his/her concern every bit good as the societal facet of it and of the environment within which the concern operates. The normative societal contract of concerns assumes “ an inexplicit consent between social members and concerns in which the societal members grant rights of being to concerns in return for certain specified benefits ” ( Hasnas, 1998, p. 29 ) . Why does Bill Gates traverse the universe, allowing medical specialty and mosquito cyberspaces to affected communities in Africa? This is a pattern of Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) and it secures social credence and acknowledgment. To win, an enterpriser needs to be diversified. Indeed America is the largest universe giver ; much of this comes from successful enterprisers, grounds of their interior personal values.

A notable subject in the personalities of our “ model enterpriser ” is the desire for control, a characteristic that can hold negative effects on a concern venture. This affects the enterpriser ‘s ability to give way, take others ‘ orders and acquire along with others-often presumed as the “ darkest side of entrepreneurial personality ” ( Paula, 1988 ) . Freedom from control by others is an congenital value and outstanding aim of the “ theoretical account ” enterpriser in constructing a successful endeavor. Personal values may in most instances act as drivers of our behaviour and this point to the values of the enterpriser ( Hemingway, 2005 ) .

Employees may non ever move rationally in the involvements of the stockholders ( of which the enterpriser may have the largest per centum ) . Entrepreneurial discretion, mostly determined by his/her personal values is of significance in any concern venture. Personal values are recognized as indispensable constituents in the procedure human perceptual experience due to their correlativity with societal norms and emotions ( Postman et al, 1986 ) . Personal values are an of import facet of human-decision devising. They determine attitude and behavior formation. We can non disregard them in “ doing ” the “ theoretical account enterpriser ” . Personal values seem to hold influenced the success of most of her successful enterprisers.

Entrepreneurs are non needfully successful directors as we have observed. Most of them may non recognize that their success may depend on squad plants, squad spirit, squad attempts and trueness to the house. Their desire to rule and command may negatively impact their ability to pull off their ventures efficaciously and expeditiously. It is agreeable that the greatest challenge to most enterprisers is happening, keeping and actuating a managerial squad. They barely delegate or relinquish authorization to managerial squad. Our “ model enterpriser ” is research-oriented, with a passion for uninterrupted development. This may convey struggles in the house taking to blue public presentation.

The value system of an enterpriser determines how he/she behaves and relates with staff and consumers. Technically a good enterpriser is both a director, a research worker and an pioneer, -tasks that require an person of faultless unity and character. This is because he/she is the “ portrayal ” of the concern venture.

Fostering a Sustainable Business Venture: The Schemes

It is a common stating to hear people from the remainder of the universe stating “ I am trailing the American dream ” . This is because every person wants to be successful in life. In this subdivision, this survey focuses on a possible theoretical account that may be utile in set uping a scheme that can help a society or an single to go a successful enterpriser. Whether it is has been applied by taking enterprisers or non is a argument. Entrepreneurship is the successful application of advanced thoughts that translate into new client values. It is a consequence of originative thought and the application of personal values to make a merchandise that is valuable to consumers.

Impressive and advanced schemes are what differentiate enterprisers from followings. The American desire to keep a world power position after the terminal of Second World War and subsequently the cold war may hold necessitated the demand for uninterrupted invention. This may hold given American entrepreneurs an border over others from the remainder of the universe. Possession of capital or entrepreneurial accomplishments does n’t needfully intend that, one will win in set uping a sustainable concern venture automatically.

Social Scientists have developed the Enterprise Development Process ( EDP ) , which holds that, given different societies with equal resource gift, those societies with resourceful and enterprising persons are likely to enter a higher end product than the others. This is straight linked to the “ quality ” and answerability of its human resources. The person ‘s capableness every bit good as the macro-economic environment will find the result there is demand for uninterrupted and changeless employee development through preparation and mentoring. Employees in today ‘s concern environment demand to understand both the proficient and societal kineticss of the concern environment. Employees, irregardless of their occupation degree can move as changeless beginning of new thoughts and originative invention that can add value to a concern environment.

Technology has frequently changed the manner concern is done today. We are non in the mercantilist period. Goods and services today take a shorter clip to fabricate and present ; consumers ‘ gustatory sensations and penchants are invariably altering. There is besides the increased focal point on the impact of certain merchandises on the environment and social value. Therefore for any concern to stay competitory, today, there is demand for strategic thought and contestant inventions. . Figure 1 below summarizes the interactions that exist within a society and that may find the success or failure of an enterpriser. Any society is alone in its ain manner, but this theoretical account provides a paradigm that can be applied in different societies. How the single interacts with his/her environment will probably find his/her most suited scheme.

Successful interaction with an entrepreneurial environment will find the pick of entrepreneurial scheme chosen by an person or organisation. This requires and single with strong values because in most instances concern environments are complex, dynamic and require interaction with different factors.

Figure1. Beginning: CEFE International ( 2009 )

Macro Environment ; refers to activities in which the person has lesser influence on but they have impact on his/her entrepreneurial capableness ( civilization, economic system, instruction system, legal model ) .

Meso Environment ; denotes conditions which the person may act upon and may hold a strong impact on him/her ( markets, resources, establishments ) .

Micro Environment ; refers to fortunes the person can strongly influence and which have a strong influence on the Individual ( Infrastructure, Family Culture, domestic Situation ) .

Capability ; refers to combined familial endowments and acquired accomplishments ( Physical Attributes, Education, Acquired Skills, Experience ) .

Motivation ; refers to the response or reaction to a given state of affairs ( Personal Valuess, Level of Commitment, Likelihood of Success ) .

Personal Resources ; denotes the touchable assets that persons have at their immediate disposal ( Inherited, Acquired Networking Ability ) .

Results: the likeliness of success.

This EDP focuses both on the person and the society and it is of import for any society that seeks to develop a productive entrepreneurial civilization. Human resource development and preparation proves critical.

Our “ Model Entrepreneur ” : Tips

Michael Porter said that “ a concern can non win without creativeness ” . In these disruptive times of making concern sustainable comparative advantage lies in our capacity of persons or organisations to innovate-creating something new ( Mcbeth and Rimac, 2004, 17 ) . This mostly depends on the accomplishments and creativeness of persons. Entrepreneurship is about happening a manner in opaque barriers and responding to unexpected challenges on the manner. In this ever-changing concern environment, the lone manner to last in the close century is to guarantee changeless reclamation and invention managed through entrepreneurship.

Continuous invention and entrepreneurship doest non of course occur in organisations. They are developed and it is the duty of direction in any house to find the suited grade of entrepreneurship for the house ( p. 19 ) . Additionally houses and persons who trade name themselves “ enterprisers ” should follow proactive instead than adaptative schemes if they want to stay innovate and relevant. Social values and client demand are altering ; engineering is besides changing the tradition of “ how concern was done ” and this is driving concern houses to be “ chance focused ” .

Mcbeth and Rimac ( 2004 ) give the seven dimensions of an entrepreneurial orientation as follows ;

Scheme: Risk-aware and opportunity-focused, proactive and long-run orientation ( 5-15 old ages ) .

Risk Management ; Stepwise committedness of resources with minimum exposure at each phase, Attracts resources to possible chance.

Corporate Culture: Attract, Acceptance of alteration, intrinsic motive.

Organizational Structure ; Empower, Flexibility and liberty, Flat, team-based, people-centered.

Systems ; Open, networked, flexible, interrelated, Results focal point, self-correction, communicating and coordination.

Reward Philosophy ; Motivate, Based on value creative activity, team-based, individualised wagess, Promote creativeness and invention.

Learning ; Integrative, ongoing, and experiential, focused on single growing.

“ Creativity can work out about any job. The originative act, the licking of wont by originality, overcomes everything. ” George Lois


The intent of this paper was to find the extent to which “ personal values ” determine the success or failure of an enterpriser. The place held was that “ personal Valuess ” determine to big widen the success or failure of an enterpriser, whether in America or any other portion of the universe. Several aims were set Forth to set up the truth of this affair and the findings supported by believable beginnings found that ;

Personal values are what specify a individual, his/her character and subsequent behaviour. It is the driving force for entrepreneurship or any other concern venture, because it is closely related to the moral perceptual experiences of an person. Entrepreneurship is non all about holding adequate money or capital to put, it is about the interior individual and keeping other factors changeless, the thrust to a successful entrepreneurship is determined by his/her personal values whether in America or any other society.

Personal values may find the success or failure of an entrepreneurial activity. This because enterpriser ever seek their best to command, ain and pull off their ventures. The desire to make so is inborn-driven by 1s ‘ personal values. This is kindred to how a female parent owns and nurtures a kid boulder clay its adulthood. Entrepreneurs are non like directors who may non take hazards that enterprisers can take. Entrepreneurs seldom delegate or relinquish authorization to direction wholly. They have a personal desire to drive each and every procedure of a house. Additionally enterprisers are “ pictorials ” of their ventures.

The success of an enterpriser may be determined by other factors that ay influence his/her success ; the macro-economic environment, instruction system and establishments among others. The interaction of these factors leads to some societies/individuals being more entrepreneurial than others. The secret for successful and sustainable entrepreneurship is uninterrupted invention and creativity-determined by an persons ‘ or a houses ” accomplishments and capablenesss.

God created you and me to in his ain image and similitude, and gave us power to conjure, subdue and govern the universe. He gave us rule over everything that he created. If you have that passion, endowment and unique accomplishment, make usage of it and animate others before it expires.

“ The things we fear most in organizations-fluctuations, perturbations, instabilities -are the primary beginnings of creativeness. ” Margaret J. Wheatley

Article entry.

Paula, Vancini. ( 1st January 1988 ) . Motivational factors act uponing high-technology entrepreneurship. Retrieved from & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: // & gt ; on 10th December 2010.

The article chosen is Motivational factors act uponing high engineering entrepreneurship.

The article discusses at length the different factors that motivate immature enterprisers to follow the engineering ventures.High engineering ventures are peculiarly common in the sense that they tend to come out instead autonomously. There are really limited perceptual experiences of hazard for these ventures. For these ventures money does non represent a serious consideration. Most of the enterprisers in these ventures have been found to present a high thrust for independency and control in whatever they do. However, it is the impulse for control in whatever they do is what spurs them to makes them to venture into the concerns.

Most of the high terminal enterpriser ventures are aimed at making and marketing the assorted merchandises that were innovated earlier. Most of them have really minimum or nil experience in the merchandises that they deal with but most of them have in at one point or another been associated to a peculiar research establishment. Sing that most of the enterprisers are independence oriented as opposed to gain driven, there arises a singular struggle of involvement between their motivations and those of the direction. These enterprisers have besides been known to widen some of their personal values into the concern and these play a critical function in act uponing the corporate scheme that an organisation pursues.

All in all, the scheme pursued by the high terminal enterprisers greatly determines how their corporations are to be run. It shapes the scheme that a given organisation will prosecute while at the same clip it provides the templet that will determine the future flight of the company.


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