Boutique Consulting Firms Sample Essay

Management and Business Strategy Consulting CRA International CRA International is a taking planetary consulting house that offers economic. fiscal. and concern direction expertness to major jurisprudence houses. industries. accounting houses. and authoritiess around the universe. World Wide Web. crai. com ECG Consulting Group Inc ECG provides its U. S. and international clients with concern scheme and development. strategic market planning and engineering commercialisation services. World Wide Web. ecgconsulting. com Marakon Associates Marakon Associates is a taking scheme and direction consulting house and. harmonizing to information provided on company web site. it is the world’s first authorization on value creative activity. World Wide Web. marakon. com Rockford Consulting Group A fabrication. distribution. and supply concatenation direction scheme and operations direction consulting house offering state-of-the-art engineerings and services world-wide. World Wide Web. rockfordconsulting. com Intellilink Intellilink is a direction consulting. training & A ; developing house that works with cognition worker organisations to better productiveness.

Athinais Group- Oil and Gas Athens Group is an Exploration and Production confer withing house established in 1998 by a group of extremely experient advisers. The Athens Group has helped international companies such as BP. Chevron. Exxon Mobil. Maersk. Baronial Drilling. Pride. Shell and Transocean cost-effectively speed clip to production and cut down non-productive clip. World Wide Web. athensgroup. com GeoStrategy Consulting. LLC GeoStrategy specializes in assisting planetary clients turn gross. profitableness. and fight through tailored strategic consulting services. World Wide Web. geostrategy. com William Kent International Inc William Kent International ( WKI ) is a prima direction consulting house that specializes in international scheme development and investing for Fortune 1000 companies. World Wide Web. wkint. com

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Boutique Consulting Firms Sample Essay
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M Squared Inc M? serves a broad scope of clients. from Fortune 100 to emerging concerns. across many industries. assisting to guarantee they achieve their concern ends. World Wide Web. msquared. com McCreight & A ; Company Inc McCreight & A ; Company is a scheme execution consulting house which is focused on guaranting the competitory high quality of its clients worldwide. World Wide Web. implementstrategy. com Jan Consulting Group. LLP Jan Consulting Group. LLP provides services in the country of growing scheme. amalgamations and acquisitions. fiscal deliberation. organisational development. gross revenues and selling scheme for emerging growing and Non-Profit companies. World Wide Web. janconsultinggroup. com Imnex International Imnex is a prime one-stop-shop for clients interested in turning international gross revenues. set uping cross-border amalgamations & A ; acquisitions. doing foreign direct investings. establishing joint ventures and prosecuting in strategic confederations.

MarketBridge MarketBridge is the taking planetary professional services house focused entirely on Gross saless and Marketing effectivity by working with Fortune 500 and high-growth companies to make new go-to-market schemes. lead operational transmutations. and pull off in-market plans. World Wide Web. market-bridge. com Enterprise Financial Consulting Group LLC EFC focuses on supplying customized hazard consulting. administration and conformity solutions to East Coast concerns align with their growing schemes. World Wide Web. crowehorwath. com/crowe Aginsky Consulting Group LLC Aginsky Consulting Group is an internationally recognized. dress shop confer withing company. headquartered in Portland. Oregon. focused on supplying a scope of direction consulting services to mid-size and Global 2000 companies worldwide. World Wide Web. aginskyconsulting. com The Nottingham Group LLC The Nottingham Group is a dress shop confer withing house of fiscal professionals specialising in supplying a assortment of forensic accounting. judicial proceeding support and concern probe services. World Wide Web. nottinghamgroup. com Corporate Renewal Inc Partners for Corporate Renewal. Inc is a dress shop consulting house specialising in work outing jobs and making value for under-performing companies and their stakeholders. World Wide Web. partnerscr. com/recruiting

Cardinal Investment Advisors LLC Cardinal Investment Advisors. LLC is a dress shop consulting house chiefly reding insurance companies and pension financess on the creative activity. execution and monitoring of investing scheme. World Wide Web. cardinalinvadv. com Public Sector Consulting Callund Consulting Limited Callund Consulting is a dress shop confer withing house of economic experts and public sector specializers supplying dedicated advice to authoritiess and industry on all facets of pensions and societal security reform. World Wide Web. callund. com Artemis Consulting LLC Artemis Consulting. LLC is a concern consulting house dedicated to supplying superior fiscal and plan direction consulting services to clients within the Department of Defense ( DoD ) . World Wide Web. consultartemis. com Fiscal Management Associates The house provides a scope of financial consulting services to clients in the not-for-profit sector.

Servicess include accounting. clerking. audit readying ; budgeting. cost analysis. grants direction ; accounting package ; specifying financial staff functions and duties ; financial policies and processs. internal controls ; and financial preparation and coaching for staff and boards. Information Technology Consulting Panurgy Panurgy was founded in 1984 with the end of making a company that would specialise in run intoing the demands of little and mid size companies who needed quality web services but didn’t have the full IT sections and IT budgets to make it themselves. World Wide Web. panurgy. com CAPE ventures CAPE Ventures helps clients cover with altering concern and engineering challenges.

It works in partnership with clients by conveying experient industry advisers and best patterns. World Wide Web. capeventures. co. uk Remtcs Remtcs is a dress shop consulting house that applies a solid concern foundation to work outing engineering demands. World Wide Web. remtcs. com Fund-raising Consulting CCS Fundraising CCS is one of the most comprehensive and widely recommended fund-raising consulting and direction houses in the universe. CCS designs and implements important fund-raising runs and plans for taking non-profit-making establishments. World Wide Web. ccsfundraising. com Goodale Associates Goodale Associates specializes in fund-raising and direction guidance for non-profit organisations. World Wide Web. tkgoodale. com

Changing our World. Inc Changing Our World serves as the sure adviser to the world’s taking non-profit-making organisations. private and corporate foundations. philanthropic persons and corporations. World Wide Web. changingourworld. com Telecommunication. Media & A ; Entertainment Yankee Group Yankee Group Consulting delivers game-changing advice for leaders looking to prehend growing in the planetary connectivity revolution. World Wide Web. yankeegroup. com Ovum Ltd Ovum to the full understands convergence across telecoms. IT services and package. Global clients range from startups to Fortune 500 companies and authoritiess.

They include IT sellers. IT service suppliers. engineering user organisations. telecom operators. regulators. equipment providers. consultancies and investors. World Wide Web. egg cell. com Analysys Limited Analysys International is the taking Internet based supplier of concern information about Technology. Media and Telecom industry in China ; supplying informations. information and advice to 50. 000 clients worldwide. hypertext transfer protocol: //english. analysys. com. cn/ Futron Corporation Futron provides leading-edge Decision Management Solutions to organisations throughout the aerospace and telecommunications industries.


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