Brandon Bond Essay

Eric Palomino 12/04/13 Brandon Bond Brandon Bond was born in Perdido Key in Florida, USA and is considered as one of the many legends of modern American tattooing. As a student of Fine Arts in Texas Brandon started tattooing in College. Then under Shaman Bear he began his formal apprenticeship. He started working at Tattoo Zoo during College, after College he went to Vegas and tattooed on Las Vegas Blvd. Then in New Hampshire he worked with his friend Joe Capobianco. Followed by Slave to the Needle with Aaron Bell.

Later ouring tattoo conventions with Damon Conklin. Then Electric Ladyland Tattoos in New Orleans Just to name a few of the places and people he worked with. His first shop called “All or Nothing Tattoo” is a true Who’s Who in the Tattoo world. His Second studio is a private studio that hosts a movie theater, Jacuzzi, and every amenity imaginable. Brandon Bond has also been artist of the year twice in row with an outstanding amount of awards to prove such feat. Brandon moved to Las Vegas and then relocated to several places.

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These places are New Hampshire, Seattle, New Orleans, and finally to Atlanta, GA in 2003. His artwork has now been featured in over 500 international tattoo arts publications, and he has been interviewed and published more than any other contemporary tattoo artist in the world. Brandon has to studios to work in. The second studio is a private studio that hosts a movie theater, Jacuzzi, koi fish water garden, nine-foot tall statues, Brazilian flooring, beautiful marble throughout, and every amenity imaginable.


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