Brave New World

Education is the activities of educating or instructing or teaching; activities that impart knowledge or skill. The purpose of education is to learn the facts and skills of life in the world today and to know information and facts that what makes the world what it is today. It is very important that every student to know the fundamentals of how the world is made up. Students should learn in my school science, english, history, and mathematics.

I don’t think that it is important for students to learn a language unless they want to for extra knowledge about other background languages. My school will teach the students what is really important in today life style. In history classes they will learn what laws were made and why or even about certain people that gave us most of the privileges that we have today.

Mathematics is important also because every student should know how to add, subtract, divide, and multiple. You need math for jobs, going to supermarket to make sure you get the right change or even for your taxes when you get older and buy a house. English is one of the most important to know because you need to know how to use the right words in certain parts of speech and even when you write you need to know correct grammar.

Science is necessary for students to know because you need to know how the world was formed that you live in or ever things such as certain gases so you don’t mix the wrong ones and get hurt. All these things make up what you need to have essential knowledge. All these courses will prepare my students for when the need to get jobs and set out of high school and enter the real world. They will be prepared already for what they need to encounter. So instead of failing they will be reaching their goals and beyond.


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