Brave New World Essay

Only if a person (s) has an IQ of 80 and above, has an income above $12,000 a year, has no serious emotional problems, and is able to care for a child should she or he be allowed to have children. Having met these requirements a child license should be issued. This insures that the person having the child is perfectly capable and financially able to provide for him.

In society today licenses are handed out left and right. Little boys with puppies have to make sure their dads take them to get dog licenses. Young teenage girls are restricted till they’re 17 until they can get their license and scramble for the keys to their parents’ car. A couple wanting to spend the rest of their lives together must first acquire a marriage license before doing so. Doctor’s and dentist’s have to get a license to practice their profession. Even as we look out into the water and up in the sky, all those people must get a license before taking out their boat or plane. Still yet the list of licenses one must acquire continues. This insures, for the most part, that a person is capable of doing whatever task he or she wishes to.
Why then should not a license be given to people who wish to have children? To care for a child, especially a young infant, takes extreme caution and care. One must be perfectly capable of insuring that a child’s health is not at risk. Today babies are being born all over the place. Kids are having kids. Newborns are being dumped in garbage cans and thrown down waste disposals. Yet the world keeps spinning and everyone continues going about his or her own business. Now is the time for change. With a license requirement, fewer people would be allowed to continue having children. A child will not be deprived of having the bear essentials such as enough food, good clothes, a secure shelter, and a loving parent.
As psychologist Jerry Bergman stated, “If you can prevent reproduction, you can prevent those who are least qualified from having children.” This way young teenagers wouldn’t be coming home with a newborn. People with mental disorders wouldn’t be able to have children for the mere welfare of the child. Also, anyone with very low intelligence quotients would not be faced with the task of raising children. The idea here is not to be selfish and just because you want a child you can automatically have one. It is to think of the well being of the child and the environment a child will be growing up in.

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There is also an extreme seriousness that comes along with raising children. One must keep in mind the thought required to have children. One a person becomes a parent, he or she never stops. It is an experience that lasts a lifetime. Parenting involves intelligence to a certain degree. Parents are where a child learns most of their life information. If a parent can not provide such, what good does that do the child? A stable home and financial environment are also important. A child should be able to be cared for properly and never be lacking in the basic essentials. A stable parent is also necessary. A mother or father needs to be free of emotional problems before caring for a child. This helps make sure that a depressed parent won’t become reclusive just as their newborn starts to cry. The idea here is to avoid any forms of neglect that might arouse from any problems. The ability to care for a child is very important. Many people could have high IQ’s, lots of money, no emotional problems and still not be able to adequately care for children. This is where training centers and parenting groups come in. This way a parent knows how to care for a child properly physically and emotionally.
Thus, a license to have children should be mandatory. Providing for children in today’s society is not an easy task. To insure that the future of America is in good hands, only capable people should be allowed to have children. Otherwise, children all over will continue being neglected, ill cared for, and deprived of a nurturing environment. Let the selfishness stop, and start thinking of the young child that is about to come into the world without a choice. Let that child enjoy his right to live.


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