Breaking Immigrant Stereotypes Essay

There are many preconceptions of immigrants one of which is that immigrants are here to effect the lively hood of citizens by stealing their Jobs. With the growing strain in the economy it creates tension and resentment toward these people. Human beings tthroughout time have been placed in categories based on religion, race, and color and today is no different. After the 9/1 1 attacks this has become more relevant and accepted more than ever. Islamophobia and stigma attached to iddle eastern or darker skinned people has created an overwhelming problem of stereotypes and bigotry in the U.

S. One generalization is that all Muslims are terrorist, anti-American, and evil. However, I do not think Americans need to fear other cultures Deslaes tnelr own. I ne maJorlty 0T Immigrants tnat come to America come here to have a better life. They love America and want to be apart of the society, not hurt it. America would not be where it is today without immigration. People are afraid of Muslims because of a few bad people who hide behind the religion to mask the act they are terrorists. But a true Muslim would never bring harm to someone.

Another topic of discussion among Americans is accents. Most immigrants have one and most natives to the U. S. misinterpret this as stupidity. This immigrants is already trying their hardest to cope with change and to create better life in the U. S. and on top of this they get treated like uneducated individuals although many of them have graduated college in their home country. There are several solutions to this problem that could help immigrants and the U. S itizens alike. Education is necessary in the growth of individuals and communities . ne of the solutions is Setting up programs by the government that help iintegrate immigrants into “the American way’. Immigrants should take advantage of the free ESL classes most communities offer. You can not be a productive member of society without knowing how to communicate. Basic English courses and activities involved in the local community would help in the citizens and immigrants alike co-exists and even create friendships. They should immerse hemselves in the culture and their community.

If we had Muslim associations here in America who were vocal about their beliefs and intensions in America maybe the fear of Muslims would diminish. The world is growing rapidly and every day Americans encounter people of different backgrounds. The world is an increasingly interconnected place, with many people migrating across borders. Businesses have become more dependent on international commerce. All of these things come into play internationally. And America is the hub of most international economies.

It only makes sense to try and bridge the gaps between cultures and try to break the stereotype immigrants are subjected to. In closing I also think it would help to remind American unless you are 100% Native American YOU are here because of immigration. The United States was founded by immigrants. It is what makes America great. It is the one place all cultures can come together and build an amazing country. We Just have to work together in understanding each others cultures and have respect for one another.

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Breaking Immigrant Stereotypes Essay
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