Brief History Of International Business Commerce Essay

International concern is defined as the minutess that are carried out across national boundary lines to carry through the aims of persons, companies and organisations. The different manners by which international concern is being done are import-export trade, foreign direct investing, licensing, franchising and direction contracts. Over the last five decennaries international trade and investing have grown faster than the domestic economic systems. International concern facilitates flow of thought, services and capital across the Earth. The consequence is higher degrees of invention, faster airing of goods and information worldwide, more efficient usage of human capital and improved entree to funding ( Czinkota, Ronkainen and Moffett, 2009 ) .

Brief History of International Business

International concern is non a new phenomenon but has been practiced around the universe for 1000s of old ages. Through the paths established in the Mediterranean, the Phoenicians, Mesopotamians, and Greeks did trading. As sophisticated concern techniques emerged, easing the flow of goods, resources and financess between states flourished. This growing was further stimulated by colonisation activities. The Industrial Revolution farther stimulated the growing of international concern by supplying methods of production for mass, markets and efficient methods for using natural stuffs. The innovations and technological developments from Industrial revolution farther accelerated the smooth flow of goods, services and capital between the states. The production grew at unprecedented degrees by 1880 ‘s as the industrial revolution was in full swing in Europe and the United States. Growth continued in an upward spiral as mass production was realized and the industries were pushed to seek foreign markets for their merchandises. This marked the outgrowth of transnational corporations. ( Ajami, Cool, Goddard and Khambata, 2006 )

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Brief History Of International Business Commerce Essay
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Factors taking to Growth in International Business

Development and enlargement of engineering

The debut of telegraph in 1837, the telephone in 1876, the radio in 1895, the aero plane in 1903, the telecasting in 1926, the liquid fuelled projectile in 1927, the coaxal overseas telegram in 1930 ‘s and digital computing machine in 1946 were all the cardinal events that triggered the growing of international concern. Following to air conveyance, electronic communicating, digital information processing has been the other chief country of technological invention. All these technological promotions provided the platform for companies to put off increased figure of international concern activities. ( Marios Katsioloudes, Spyros Hadjidakis, )

Liberalization of cross boundary line activities

The governmental barriers for international concern have been lowered after the Second World War. The European Union, NAFTA, ASEAN and other regional economic axis throughout the universe provide fewer limitations on cross boundary line motions. The European Union was awarded the Nobel award for peace 2012 in acknowledgment for its constructive handling of peace, bettering dealingss between states through trade, rapprochement and human rights in Europe over the past six decennaries. (, 2012 ) The European committee president Jose Manuel Barrosa at the beginning of having award said that, “ we honor this award and will continue what had been achieved. This accomplishment will impel the quest for determining a better organized universe with the values of freedom, democracy and human rights. “ (, 2012 )

Development of back uping services

Governments and companies have developed services that facilitate farther international concern. For case Mail, which is a authorities monopoly, could be transferred by an air hose other than that of the state of beginning could travel through many different states before making the concluding finish with the cast of the state of beginning. Besides banking establishments have developed effectual and efficient agencies for companies to have payment for their foreign gross revenues. The Bankss can help in the payment of any currency through assorted international minutess upon the reception of goods /services. ( Marios Katsioloudes, Spyros Hadjidakis, )

Distinctive elements of international concern

The four typical elements of international concern are:


International Business Environment

Alone Culture

International Business Management

Globalization: Peoples around the Earth are more affiliated than of all time before. Goods and services produced in one portion of the universe is progressively available in other parts of the universe. This phenomenon is termed as “ globalisation. ” Globalization refers to the displacement toward a more incorporate and mutualist universe economic system. Globalization has two constituents which are globalisation of production and globalisation of markets. ( Aswathappa )

Globalization of markets refers to the meeting of separate and distinguishable market topographic point into a individual market. ( Subba Rao, 2009 ) . The planetary credence of consumer merchandises such as Sony Walkmans, Coca-Cola, Levi ‘s Jeans, Citicorp Credit Cards, MCDonald Hamburgers are wholly considered as archetypal illustrations of this tendency. By offering a standardised merchandise worldwide they are assisting to make a planetary market. ( Marios Katsioloudes, Spyros Hadjidakis, )

Globalization of production refers to the inclination among houses to beginning goods and services from locations around the universe to take planetary advantage of national differences in the cost and quality of factors of production. ( Labor, land, energy and capital ) Companies hope to take down overall cost construction by making so. For illustration, Boeing company ‘s jet airliner 777 has 132,500 constituent parts which are produced around the universe by 545 providers. ( Marios Katsioloudes, Spyros Hadjidakis, )

International Business Environment

The international concern environment is extremely characterized and influenced by

International Politicss

International Culture

International Trade

International fiscal markets and Institutions

International Politicss

International political relations is a primary concern for Multi National Enterprises. ( MNE ‘s ) The past two decennaries have witnessed dramatic alteration in their political systems. Most of the states in the Eastern Europe, in the Americas ‘ are constructing market economic systems in changing grades. MNE ‘s feel more confident in get downing up their operations in market driven economic system as they are endowed with more freedom to repair monetary values and more autonomy in transporting out their concern operations. Until MNE ‘s feel that the authorities is willing to take the stairss necessary to guarantee that promises are kept and they are able to repatriate their financess, they are traveling to continue really carefully with their investing programs. ( Rugman and Collinson, 2006 )

International Culture

Despite the assorted forms and procedures of globalisation, Cultural consciousness is a really of import facet for MNE ‘s when it operates in international sphere. As an illustration, the civilization, beliefs and etiquettes which are followed in the India is wholly different from that of the western universe and the companies and individuals who are involved in concern in India should grok the Indian civilization to its full extent. ‘When traveling to a concern meeting in India, conveying household exposures. Indians enjoy speaking about each other ‘s households, which is seen as edifice trust and resonance before making concern. ‘ ( Czinkota, Ronkainen and Moffet, )

Real Business Case – Saudi Arabia: Many organisations from foreign states entered into the Saudi Arabian market following the crisis it faced in 1970 ‘s. But non all were successful as they failed to understand the Saudi Arabian civilization. A major U.S security company won a big contract to put in security system for a client in Saudi Arabia. The problems started when the cargos from the U.S. which landed in Saudi Arabia were non released by the usage functionaries. The ground behind the detention of the cargos was that the security devices were wrapped in newspapers which contained manner exposure of scantly claded adult females. This offended the cultural sensitivenesss of the functionaries of a state in which bulk of the adult females wear a long garment called ‘Abayah ‘ . ( Misra and Yadav, )

International Trade

International trade is a wide term, which includes all commercial minutess that take topographic point between states. Multinational companies are major participants in international trade and history for the major proportion of International trade. Some authoritative illustrations for international trade are, Ford which makes cogwheel box in its mill in Bordeaux and exports it to assembly workss in different EU states. Spain depends upon Nigeria, Algeria and Libya for 99 % of its natural gas demands. ( Misra and Yadav, )

International Financial Markets and Institutions

Irrespective of whether a company or bank engages in international trade, it is of import that its directors understand some cardinal facets of international fiscal markets. The euro currency market, international pecuniary system, the foreign exchange market all influence the operation of markets for goods and services. The euro currency market may offer a low cost adoption chance ; the international pecuniary system may put a model that may impact many houses and the foreign exchange market determines the cost and handiness of foreign currencies used in concern by many houses.

Alone Culture

International concern and its by merchandise globalisation will guarantee and implement a alone civilization around the Earth. For illustration, Pizza which has had its beginning in Italy is now widely accepted and consumed all around the universe therefore incorporating the civilization and conveying about a alone nutrient civilization. Similarly Indian costumes are in high demand these yearss in the U.S and Europe. So international concern is conveying away a common civilization which brushes out all national and cultural barriers.

International Business Management

International concern direction is all about developing concern operations on an international graduated table. ( Coade,1997 ) . The cardinal characteristics of international concern direction are:

The elements of market analysis which are required to get down concern operations overseas.

Guidance on how to act upon the international scheme on concern

Construct a dynamic market entry scheme

Easy ways to seek for a competitory advantage

Why make companies travel international?

The desire to spread out gross revenues and gross to get inputs at least cost and to minimise concern and fiscal hazard through geographic variegation has led to the growing of MNC ‘s. The factors that led the companies accelerate their concern activities worldwide are:

Minimize competitory hazard

Expand gross revenues

Acquire resources


Minimize Competitive Hazard

Companies seek to hold planetary presence for defensive grounds. The intense competition between companies in the domestic market incites companies to hold planetary operations.

Real Business Case – Tata Motors: Since early 1990 ‘s India have been witnessing strong moving ridges of liberalisation, denationalization, and globalisation. The car giant in India, Tata motors realized that if it wants to turn so it can non afford to hold concern entirely to the lucks of one state as automotive concern is extremely competitory and the fight depends on the quality, economic systems of graduated table and efficiency which could be improved if the organisation enters foreign market. The senior direction of Tata Motors where left with the inquiry “ whether they should stay as an exporter of vehicles which they were making since 1961 or to come in into the international market which can vie with the best in the concern. ” The reply they have zeroed in was to widen its concern operations than merely exports ( Misra and Yadav, 2009 ) .

Acquire Resources

Another of import motivation of companies to put for international concern is to get resources such as natural stuffs, capital, merchandises, engineering, merchandises or services. The grounds for it would be:

Non-Availability of resources in the place state.

High monetary values of resources in the place state.

To seek resources of better quality/standard.

Real Business Case – Prince philips: Cheap labour in China brought Philips to China. In 2002 Philips had 23 mills in China which were either entirely owned or joint ventures. Two tierce of the company ‘s export merchandises were from these workss. Harmonizing to Gerard Kleiterlee, the president and CEO of Philips Electronics, “ China is the 2nd largest market for Philips Surpassing Germany in the last one-fourth of 2009. We are one of the largest multinationals in the state runing in 600 Chinese metropoliss and employ 15000 people. ” (, 2010 )

Minimize Hazard

Organizations ever want to minimise the hazard by minimising the swings in gross revenues and net income. Companies try to extenuate the exposure to a individual economic system by holding a broader base in multiple geographicss.

Real Business Case – Cuddle: In 2001, Nestle witnessed slower growing in Western Europe and in the U.S. but this was offset by higher growing in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia. Harmonizing to Peter Brabeck, Vice president and CEO of Nestle, ‘ Nestle has delivered a good public presentation by any step in the first half of 2002 showing its capacity for growing and public presentation betterment even in a hard planetary environment ” ( Nestle, 2002 ) .


Cost facet is a important motive for organisations to hold disposition towards planetary concern. Many organisations go in for international concern to go more competitory internationally by cut downing their costs.

Real Business Case – Toshiba: The fabrication of Toshiba laptop is dispersed geographically where the mix of factor costs and accomplishments are most favourable. The fabrication of laptop constituents such as memory french friess and show screens take topographic point in Japan, microprocessors and difficult thrusts made in the U.S. and eventually assembly takes topographic point in Singapore from where it is shipped to the U.S, Western Europe and Japan.

Global Trends determining International Business

Emerging markets increase their planetary power

Emerging markets are viewed as the universes ‘ economic growing engine. The emerging markets where one time seen as place for natural resources, inexpensive labour and low fabrication cost. But now these emerging markets are seen as promising markets as they are holding rapid population growing, sustained economic development and turning in-between category. It is expected that BRIC states ( Brazil, Russia, India and China ) would account for 50 % of planetary GDP growing by 2020. ( Ernst and Young, 2012 )

Cleantech become a competitory advantage

Most of the authoritiess and organisations around the universe are really good cognizant about the C emanations and its reverberations. The cleantech enabled transmutation to a low C, resource efficient economic system will be the beginning for following industrial revolution. China, India, Brazil and Germany are deriving advantage in solar, air current, biofuels for its energy demands. ( Ernst and Young, 2012 )

Global Banking sees recovery through transmutation

The fiscal establishments all around the universe are forced to hold regulative alterations following the planetary economic lag. ( Ernst and Young, 2012 )

The concluding form of planetary regulative model is still non clear but the international banking will alter enormously in following cardinal ways:

Heightened corporate administration

More limitations on precedence trading, investings in hedge financess and private equity financess.

Executive wage will be limited.

More focal point on consumer protection.

Demographic displacements will transform planetary work force

Even though the planetary population is on a rise, the handiness of skilled work force is shriveling. The information suggests that the demographic divide will originate between states with younger skilled population and aging shriveling work force. The war for endowment will be intense in countries which require higher accomplishment degrees and instruction. ( Ernst and Young, 2012 )

Rapid engineering invention creates a smart, nomadic universe

Last 20 five old ages have been marked by digital revolution and it has changed the manner we work and communicate. Yet the consumers want more powerful devices and applications, meanwhile concerns are looking for cost-efficient engineering. Still there is room for greater invention in the countries of concern intelligence, smart devices and cloud computer science which would revolutionise the whole procedure by which international concern is being carried out. ( Ernst and Young, 2012 )


From day-to-day staff of life to fuel, cosmetics to autos, amusement to necessities, it is difficult to see a merchandise without holding the label of a foreign trade name. In fact international concern has transformed our life style, civilization and gustatory sensations. It has to be noted that the positives of international concern is overarching the negatives of it. International concern has served as a span for the developing states to achieve the position of developed state, for developing states it is a beam of hope and for the developed universe it is a agency to further widen their concern operations and domination. The good international concern has done to the human sort can ne’er be estimated and the history has proved that the international concern activities were blossomed when peace existed between states. Thus international concern can be viewed as symbol of predominating peace, prosperity and general good being of world.


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