British Invasion Essay

British Invasion
When one thinks of rock and roll there is a whole list of adjectives to describe a band. The groups can go from laid back to an in your face, ultra loud show of shows. There are many differences in rock bands and none is greater than the deviation between Oasis and Dave Matthews Band. From upbringing to influences, the differences are represented in the music and those who live for it. They might be under the same category but there are very few comparisons that are so far apart.

Oasis is the foremost representative of a working class band. Their hometown of Manchester, England is a tough town of industry. The people are known for they’re hard work and even harder partying. In contrast, Dave Matthews was raised on a South African estate as the son of an ambassador. His hometown was full of proper English families, most being from aristocracy. The members of Oasis tell of their early drug days, shop lifting, and hard partying. Drugs were a major part of the bands early years and so was hard, ear blasting rock and roll. Matthews once criticized this behavior by Oasis as he proclaimed his own virginity in the drug world. In typical Oasis fashion, Matthews was dismissed with swear words and the raising of a certain finger.
Perhaps the biggest difference between the two bands is their music and fan base. Oasis is known for literally playing at maximum level, while Matthews has a mellower and almost soothing concert sound level. He also has a very limited stage with little lighting as compared to Oasis’ dazzling effects that seem to pulse with the music. These flashing lights seem to activate the rowdy crowd found at the typical Oasis show. The model fan is ready to jump for two hours straight and they are the complete opposites of the usual Dave Matthews Band fan.
While the Oasis fan hops, you notice they casually dress in plain pants and striped T-shirts. The Dave Matthews fan is uniformly dressed in Old Navy clothing and preppy khaki pants. They are concerned how close they look like the person next to them and the Oasis fan wears whatever is most clean when they wake up. In essence, the Oasis fan cares about the music and not the scene. A Dave Matthew’s concert is more of a college event than a rock concert.
Overall, the difference between the two is more than clothing or lights. It is about the music and about the people who flock for it by the masses. Each band’s sound seems to reflect on the personalities of its devout followers.Whether it’s a preppy, beer chugging, frat pledge or a casually dressed girl standing on the corner whistling her favorite Oasis tune, the differences go deeper than two categories at the music store.

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British Invasion Essay
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