British Lingua School Of Language Commerce Essay

In this essay I will be speaking about the company in which I have worked for approximately 2 old ages as an English GD ( Group Discussion ) module. Basically, I have divided this assignment into four major parts. In first portion I will be traveling over company ‘s background, ends, aims, construction etc. Then in the 2nd portion I will be traveling over the two theories and how it is co-related with my company. In the 3rd portion I will be discoursing my experience that I had over the two old ages. And eventually in the 4th and last portion I will be giving my recommendations and decision.

First Part

I have divided this portion into two facets. One will be about the company ‘s background, ends, aims, direction manner, leading manner, approaches it usage, and in the 2nd portion I will be traveling over its construction.

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Company ‘s Background

The name of the institute is British Lingua School of Language. It ‘s an institute where pupils come to larn, compose, and speak English. The seeds for British Lingua were sown in 1993, when the proprietor started believing about the pupils who were from Hindi background and due to that ground they were non acquiring equal portion of calling chances like others. This was merely because of the ground that they did n’t hold good communicating accomplishments in English. Moved by their state of affairs, the company proprietor ( Mr. Birbal Jha ) decided to assist them by opening British Lingua Institute for English linguistic communication.

The organisation is well-equipped with nice and clean schoolrooms, auditorium, cafeteria and a extremely structured computing machine networking for the pupils and modules. The company has more than 150 well-qualified linguistic communication trainers and experts in the countries like grammar, speech pattern, group treatment, etc.

British Lingua has helped many pupils to accomplish their ends by supplying them with the best English speech production and authorship classs. The company has setup its learning Centre in many parts of India, such as in Delhi, Patna and many little, non-metropolitan metropoliss so that pupils can hold best instruction. Courses that it provides are as follows:

Aim and Objective

The chief purpose and aim of British Lingua is to supply pupils and the other subdivisions of society with the unchained entree to the survey of English.

Management System

The direction system is like an bossy manner. By this I mean that the proprietor makes all the determination for the group or the company. Though our sentiment and recommendation had been asked few times, but at the terminal proprietor is the individual who takes the concluding call. Therefore, I do non like the direction system at all, because this sort of direction system will ever take company to the negative side. It ‘s because the employees will ever hold scores inside them for one or the other ground, which is non good for the company.

Approach it use

The company has a Classical attack. By this I mean that the company has a same formal construction and hierarchy of direction for old ages. The company ‘s lone accent is on intent ; which is to acquire as many pupils as it can to do immense net income. Therefore, company does n’t care about the quality of information that it should supply to the pupils, but alternatively has whole concentration on bring forthing net incomes.

Therefore, we can see from the above diagram that the company is really much interested in seting inputs, and so processes it to acquire to the end product. But at the same clip company is non paying attending towards the in-between portion, i.e. procedure. The organisation merely wants to make large vaulting horses without being bothered about the procedure that it should hold to keep its long relationship with clients and employees.

Organizational Chart




Cafeteria Head




Second Part

In this Part I will be speaking about the 3 theories and how it is co-related to my organisation where I use to work.

Douglas McGregor ‘s Theory X & A ; Y

Out of Theory X & A ; Y I would state that my organisation is more suitable and goes along with Theory X. The ground I choose Theory X over Y is because of the undermentioned ground ;

In our organisation modules use to come tardily to category which shows that they do n’t care about the organisation and demoing that they are lazy towards their work. For an illustration ; one clip Mr. Jain ‘s Grammar category had to get down at 9am. But Mr. Jain came about 9.25am and gave an alibi that there was a immense traffic jam due to which he got delayed. For a twenty-four hours this could be apprehensible but you ca n’t maintain coming tardily and have an alibi every individual clip. And this used to go on at least 3-4 times a hebdomad. Therefore this shows that Mr. Jain is non concerned about the organisation and seeking to avoid his work by doing alibis all the clip.

How to better or alter current job in my organisation ( solution ) ?

To avoid these sorts to jobs direction should hold really narrow span of control at each and every degree. And harmonizing to me what they can make is that, they should acquire an electronic clip pluging machine. So now whenever you come to organisation you have to plug your clip on a piece of paper and demo it to the direction at the terminal of the twenty-four hours before traveling place. By making this direction can maintain a path of you in personal. At the same clip they should come up with an attending policy, which is that you ca n’t be tardily for more than 4 times a month. And even on the twenty-four hours which you will be coming tardily, you have to name in the organisation and allow them cognize why you are coming tardily and how late you will be? And if an employee comes tardily for more than 4 times in a month a certain sum of money should be deducted from their wage. So that from the following clip if the individual ‘s think about coming tardily, he better retrieve the effects he or she might hold to confront. So as you can see how common adult male wants to acquire directed and tends to avoid duty which he or she supposes to make.

Why people do it ( adapt to theory X ) ?

Because of non acquiring appealing inducements, people tend to avoid work.

Have some terrible household job or issue which is trouble oneselfing them, and therefore it ‘s tough to concentrate on work.

They have a misconception that everybody in an organisation is for his or her ain good and benefit. Therefore, people merely get down believing about themselves and care less about the organisation.

The chief intent to employee might be merely in money. And with no rise or publicity it ‘s trouble oneselfing them.

Employee has a misconception that they do n’t hold to work hard. It ‘s director ‘s occupation to delegate them their work and state them everything measure by measure.


Harmonizing to me, I think that it ‘s an organisation ‘s duty and concern that employee do n’t accommodate to Theory X attack. Therefore, organisation should pay particular attending to employee ‘s demands and wants. And they can make this by either holding group treatments where each and everyone can portion his or her job. If for some ground individual is non comfy with this, organisation could engage a counsellor from exterior who will be making one to one treatment with employees and give them solution to their jobs after confer withing with direction. Hence, everybody would be happy and would get down work on a positive note. Because now both sides have cleared their scores and can therefore work towards the organisational end and aims.

What can organisation make to do it Theory Y ( more productive ) ?

Have Sessionss where they can learn employees how to be self motivated and ambitious towards work.

There should be trust maintained within the employees and direction. Ex, direction should maintain up with its promises that it does with its employees. Because if direction breaks its promise, employee will experience cheated, and this will stop up in making miss-trust between both.

There should be unfastened communicating and thoughts sharing between the director and employees. By making this there will be a comfy environment within the organisation and employees will experience that they are being heard and are non left out.

After accomplishing the mark or end employee should give positive feedback and rap one time in a piece, so that employee feels nice. Ex, ( Zara Case Study ) – the shops employees listens to the client ‘s changing sentiment and gustatory sensations, and so explicate this valuable information excessively Zara ‘s manner industry people. Therefore with aid to its employees it gets new points every hebdomad to run into its clients need. Zara besides said that “ Thankss to our shop squad we have change the regulations of the manner gameaˆ¦ ( they are ) .. squads of enterprisers with inaugural, who take manner into the streets every twenty-four hours. ”

Therefore you can see from the diagram below that how the employees have a end ( to run into client gustatory sensations ) which affects on them as a individual and their public presentation. Hence with their good public presentation they get a good feedback or acquire appreciated ( like, staff got the recognition ) by the direction, which once more affects them as a individual and their public presentation addition.

My sentiment about Theory X and Y

For an organisation it ‘s really of import to maintain on turning on a changeless gait. But we all know that this is really difficult to make in today ‘s turning competition. Therefore, you can ne’er state that you are either Theory X or Theory Y, because cipher is perfect or can be on one side forever. In my sentiment you ne’er want to remain on either side for excessively long. You should stand someplace in the center for the improvement of your company.

This is because if you have Theory X in your organisation, the productiveness degree of employee and organisation would be really low. This is because employee would be lazy, de-motivated, egoistic etc, due to which his or her concentration towards undertakings will get down worsening, and which is non good for any company. And if you Theory Y implemented in your organisation, though the productiveness and motive degree of employee would be high, but at the same clip self-importance will originate. Because now the employee thinks that he is truly smart and ca n’t be incorrect in anything, hence would non listen to his or her fellow couples or higher-up in some instances. And due to this, jobs will get down originating one clip or the other, and finally company will endure.

So as you can see from the above accounts that why either Theory X or Theory Y implemented entirely is non good for an organisation. Therefore, you have to hold a mix to both theories in order to win and remain in front in this stiff market competition. At last I would wish to state that mix of these theoretical accounts ends up towards positive attack to direction, organisational civilization, and organisational development.

Frederick Herzberg Two Factor Theory

Harmonizing to me Herzberg Two Factor Theory is related with the organisation ‘s mental wellness. It fundamentally says that one facet of its theory trades with the work satisfaction due to the occupation features or inducements given to employees. And the other aspect trades with the other occupation features which could take to dissatisfaction at work. Job features should associate to the nature of work the employee performs- seemingly have the capacity to satisfy such demands as accomplishment, competence, position, personal worth, and self-fulfillment, therefore doing him happy and satisfied.

Following is the diagram which shows that how these two factors are co-related. In the first box you can see how employees are dissatisfied and unmotivated in the starting. With the hygiene factors, such as ; salary, security, working conditions, etc coming in, they are non dissatisfied any longer, but are still unmotivated. And eventually, after acquiring the motive factors, such as ; accomplishment, acknowledgment, duty, etc they are wholly satisfied and motivated every bit good. Therefore, it shows that both Hygiene and Motivation factors are of import for the company.

Hygiene factor and its illustration ;

It ‘s a job-related factor as company ‘s policies, supervising, proficient jobs, salary, interpersonal dealingss on the occupation, and working conditions. Therefore, if direction wants to increase satisfaction on the occupation, it should be concerned with the nature of the work itself – the chances it presents for deriving position, presuming duty, and for accomplishing self-fulfillment. If, on the other manus, direction wants to cut down dissatisfaction, so it must concentrate on the occupation environment – policies, processs, supervising, and working conditions.

There were many issues which led to the hygiene factor within the company. Factors like ;


Relationship with foreman

Work conditions


Relationship with equals

Company policy

These all factors do non take to higher degrees of motive but without them there is dissatisfaction. For illustration ; there was this clip when an employee who was working as a module in an organisation merely got raise 4 times in last 6 old ages which is nil to what he devoted to the organisation. And when he went to direction sing this issue, he was turned down by stating that it ‘s a tough twelvemonth for direction therefore he ca n’t acquire a rise this twelvemonth. And it was non like the individual was inquiring for excess addition in salary. It was under the company ‘s policy that every twelvemonth an employee would acquire 12 % addition in his wage. Therefore it was his basic demand and demand, and without this there would be dissatisfaction within himself, due to which he would n’t be besides to work decently. Besides this his wage is a basic demand of his, it does n’t actuate him to make any better than what he is already making.


There should be some sort of extrinsic factor that should actuate him. By this I mean that there should be some sort of touchable wagess given to the employee to actuate him. Wagess such as ; fillips, periphery benefits, etc. These all factors will assist in actuating the employees and therefore they would be able to work expeditiously.

Motivation Factor and its illustration ;

It is something that comes from inside. It ‘s an intrinsic factor which leads to be feeling of acquiring something. By this I mean that it ‘s a psychological wagess, such as ; chance to utilize our ability, accomplishment, or sense of challenge which gets us motivated.There are many factors which led to motive factors with in organisation. Like ;



Work itself




These all factors in the organisation lead to employee satisfaction. For illustration, when I use to learn in British Lingua I ever use to acquire the provender back from the pupils that how good they feel after my category and my category truly helps them. This usage to do me really happy, that pupils appreciate my difficult work. This acknowledgment and accomplishment was really much intrinsic to me. This is what that motivated me to learn better and better every twenty-four hours.

Therefore by acquiring extremely motivated I use to concentrate better in my work. So it shows how simple words and acknowledgment can assist you to execute better. Due to acquiring recognized I felt satisfied and motivated towards my undertaking, which is good for me and every bit good as the organisation. As now I will be more productive and undertaking oriented.

Third Part

My Overall experience & A ; Positions

In the undermentioned paragraphs I will be speaking about the observations that I have made at my workplace. The topographic point that I am working was British Lingua institute of linguistic communication. In this institute I was appointed as an English module. In this institute we teach pupils how to better their communicating accomplishments and grammar. Now I will be traveling over my perceptual experience of the organisational clime of my company. In this treatment I will be stressing over the three chief subjects, and they are communicating, civilization, and struggle.


As in our company there were many degrees of people due to which there were ever jobs in communicating. This is because there were people from different moralss and background and therefore it ‘s really difficult to pass on with people, as other were non familiar with their manner of interaction or working.

Another ground was because of the fact that there were people from different background ; there was ever job in gender prejudice, favoritism, equity and equality. This all happened due to the deficiency of communicating within the company. As there was deficiency of transparence in the company due to which people were confronting jobs in communicating.


Every company or organisation demands to acquire their employees motivated for the improvement of the organisation. This is because employees besides have demands and outlooks, which they want to be met. But in our company there is no such thing like motive. In order for organisation to win at that place has to be some sort of extrinsic motive for the employees, such as rise in salary, awards, acknowledgment, etc. But in our organisation there was no such thing like extrinsic motive. There was no competition or jealousness between the employees, to make their work better than the other. Therefore without extrinsic motive employee will ne’er acquire bravery to execute better and crush his or her rival to acquire fame and wagess. Because he knows that there is no such thing like wages in the organisation. So this factor truly brings down the employees work dedication towards the organisation, which is non good for any organisation. Therefore there should be a combination of extrinsic motives followed by intrinsic in order for company or organisation to win and last in today ‘s competition. In the undermentioned diagram you will see what happens when employee ‘s demands and outlooks are non met.

So as you can see from the above diagram that if employee ‘s demands are non met by the organisation it either leads to defeat or end accomplishment. But in most instances it leads to defeat, which creates job for the company. Because of this company will confront loses and minimal growing. But on the other side if company removes these barriers, such as ; inducements, publicity, award, assessment, etc, and give employees what they need, it could stop up towards accomplishing its end. This will assist company every bit good as the employees, as both are happy now. Therefore, you should cognize how to actuate your employee, if you want them to accomplish end and execute better.


There were tonss of struggles in our organisation that we use to face mundane. Following are the 2 chief struggles that I feel were at that place in the organisation ;

Group conflict –

In our organisation there were people from different parts of the state. Therefore each of them had their ain groups, harmonizing to their civilization, geographical countries, norms, values, or background they were from.

Though, this could take to either constructive or destructive towards the organisation. But in this instance it was destructive. As each group was believing about their ain good and advancement, instead than the company ‘s, as whole. This could be the ground which leads to the ruin of company and its long term ends. So it is really of import that direction pays particular attending to group formation, and do certain that even if they do organize it should merely ensue towards the constructive and improvement of the company.

Workplace struggle –

Another major struggle was workplace struggle. This struggle could besides be of two types ; struggle within the two employees or struggle between the direction and employees. In this instance it was more sort of towards the direction and the employees.

There were many grounds for this, but few of them were ;

Long working hours with no excess wage ( no acknowledgment for working supernumerary )

The hierarchal construction of the organisation ( no freedom of address )

Fiscal effects ( employees had to go forth houses because of wage and raise issues )

Therefore these unsolved issues could take to farther miscommunication between the employees and direction, which could ensue in ; employees non willing to collaborate, losing work deadlines and acquiring delayed, more stressed employees, hapless work consequences, reduced client satisfaction and eventually employees end up quitting.

SWOT Analysis:



Good repute in market

Has many centres in different provinces

Low-cost monetary values for pupils

Advanced plans for pupils

Highly skilled modules

Appealing advertizements

Good substructure

Centralized system

Difficult to retain employees

No extrinsic motive

Poor work environment

Unhealthy nutrient

Poor direction ( bossy manner )

No regard and trust on employees



Real trade name image ( could deviate more pupils to its establishments due to its high trade name image )

Expansion ( Could open more subdivisions around the state for future growing and acknowledgment )

Huge market to tap ( in today ‘s society there are more and more pupils who wants to larn English for wider occupation chances )

Health concern due to bad nutrient ( due to unhealthy nutrient pupils can halt taking admittances )

Increasing outside competition ( as more and more English speech production institutes are opening )

Unhappy Work force ( due to overtime without acquiring excess benefits or pay, employees can get down discontinuing the occupation )

Decision and Recommendation:

At last I would wish to state that the current organisational clime of my company was good, but could be improved further in many facets. Therefore I have divided my decision and recommendation in two different parts.

In first portion I will be speaking about my intrinsic position towards organisation and what I feel about organisation should make to better within. And in the 2nd portion I will be speaking about my extrinsic positions, which are fundamentally how as an organisation it should believe in footings of ; organisational planning, supervisory planning, and saying SMART aims.

First Part

This is the portion where I will be showing my positions how the alterations that should take topographic point within the organisation. Following are my recommendations:

Manager should pass on in footings of one to one conversation, between him and staff. So that there is no miscommunication with in the staff and organisation. For illustration ; if director wants to convey a message to all the modules about new regulations or guidelines, he or she must hold a meeting where this should be discussed. Rather so merely stating person to convey this message to everyone. Because this could take to miscommunication between the direction and staff.

As people are from different backgrounds there should be a cultural sensitiveness and consideration among the people. For illustration, being a Sikh I use to be picked upon and commented upon, because of the manner I look.

There should be proper guidelines available for the staff and pupils to follow. For illustration, there should a proper clip table given to faculty and pupils, which should advert the vacations, which category they have on which twenty-four hours, and what clip category is traveling to get down, etc. By making this there will be a better apprehension between the pupils, employees, and direction.

There has to be a clip bound available for each category so that the following batch wo n’t hold to wait for long. By this I mean that there should be a proper clip frame. For illustration, if a category starts at 9am and say to stop at 1pm. It should halt rite on clip so that the following category can get down on clip.

But this was ne’er usage to go on. Say that the category supposes to get down around 9am, but the module is late for some ground, and starts the category at 9.30am. Then evidently he is traveling to go forth the category tardily, which creates job for the following batch or category to get down. Therefore a batch of pupil ‘s and module ‘s clip got wasted, because now they have to wait until the category gets finished.

To avoid the struggle within the company people should n’t be prejudice and prejudice. They should unclutter their emotional luggage before come ining the organisation. For illustration, equal occupation rise and assessment should be given to the staff that got same competence work accomplishments. Therefore, director should non be bias or prejudice towards a peculiar employee because he or she is from the same background, civilization, or have similar likes.

Organization should hold some wage and pension benefits for the trusty employees who are being working for old ages with them.

Second Part

In the 2nd portion I will be traveling over SMART objectives that the company should hold if they want to last in today ‘s stiff competition. Therefore, with the altering clip there should be altering inventions. By SMART I mean ;





Organization should cognize how many pupils they want to inscribe and how many franchisees they want to open each twelvemonth?

By opening new franchisees they are spread outing their concern district and hence giving tough competition to its rival.


Yes, by holding an enrollment list in which they could advert how many seats are available each twelvemonth?

For franchisees they can first see if the location is suited to open and will they bring forth net income?

Their admittances would be full in progress because pupils know that it ‘s a first semen foremost function state of affairs if they want to acquire admittance.


Can they accomplish their end of coevals net income and seeking clients ( pupils )

Their franchisee might non be able to bring forth net income, due to which the whole concern suffers, and gross diminutions.


Is it of import to open a franchisee during this period of clip?

There might be another economic crisis coming your manner. Therefore survey market good before puting.


How shortly can they open the franchisee and get down bring forthing net incomes.

Could either assist company in bring forthing more net incomes or stop up in loss?

Besides this there should be eventuality be aftering. By this I mean that organisation should be prepared for catastrophe or jobs and hence, should ever hold reply to the undermentioned inquiry ;

1. What must be done?

2. Why must it be done?

3. When should it be done?

4. Where should it be done?

5. Who should make it?

6. How should it be done?

At the terminal I would wish to state that these are all the alterations that I would wish to urge to the organisation where I use to work. I non merely presented the recommendations but besides a new a better construct of how they can run their concern more successfully. This is by looking at my new concern theoretical account and recommendations I have provided to them.

I will besides seek to utilize this theoretical account in my undertaking, which is to open a eating house in States after finishing my MBA plan.

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