Broad Differenitation Essay

Broad Differentiation Strategy Our company is maintaining the broad differentiation strategy in our decisions. This strategy maintains a presence in every segment to gain competitive advantage by distinguishing products in design, customer awareness and easy accessibility. R & D is constantly maintained to keep our products exciting and new. Size and performance should remain ahead of the competition. We price above average but not at the highest price to maintain competitive on price as well.

Capacity is to be generated continuously to maintain the high demand for productivity. We decided to keep our existing product line and offer new products periodically. Our goal is to maintain a presence in every segment. We try to remain within customer satisfaction guideline criteria for positioning, age and reliability. Although we do have new continually improved products that do not usually meet the customer criteria for age. Our company spends aggressively on promotions and advertising.

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Broad Differenitation Essay
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Our sales staff is staffed fully for the best possible benefit at maximum desirable consistencies. Customer awareness must be high so that we maintain the customers attention at all times. We tend to pay additional for the customer awareness to be higher in general than most companies. We have easy accessibility and make our products easy for all customers to find. Our products will be well positioned and will continue to be improved every year to maintain top positioning among competitors.

Automation levels will be increased gradually but continuously to improve margins. However these will be kept under control as not to get too high for ability to reposition products. We have a high need to keep up with segments as they move across the perceptual map. Our investments will be financed through operating cash, bond offerings, and loans as needed. When our cash position allows, we will give dividends and retire stock.


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