Bronfenbrenner's Theory of Love Essay

Perspectives in psychology and philosophy in general, are developed to help explain and shed light on various human behaviors that not only boggle and are difficult to understand . There are controversies that ensue and these also make interventions difficult at the same time. Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory of development is not an exception. Though tending to posit a more comprehensive and less simplistic picture of the complications of life and human nature, the Biblical viewpoint however, at times clashes with some of the presuppositions of this perspective, and vice versa.

This paper attempts to critically assess in precise Uri ‘s theory and reflect them in view of the spiritual and /or Christian worldview and how they both traverse in some themes and clash in others. Many find the contemporary theory on child development as put forth by Uri Bronfenbrenner as relevant because it incorporates the whole system that basically surrounds the individual as emphasized in his terms as ecology , macro , micro , meso- , exo- , and chronosystems .

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Bronfenbrenner's Theory of Love Essay
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This is especially applicable to various counseling situations and it presupposes that crucial to a child ‘s development into personhood is his support structure or system that basically impact many of the aspects of his individual growth and development (Bronfenbrenner Morris , 1998. This paper describes and explains the impact of Bronfenbrenner’s theoretical perspective on the work of counseling, culture and the biblical stance that the Bible may have on the theory.

As far as his theory is concerned, the exhaustive attempt to understand the child ‘s development rests on a collaborative effort of all the said ecological system. The impact of Bronfenbrenner ‘s theory is significantly felt within the counseling community even today. As a contemporary psychologist, Bronfenbrenner had the grasp of the enormity of the complex factors that influence a developing person. These factors and influences either stifle or enhance that person in his growth (Bronfenbrenner , 1973).

The complex and interactive manner in which these develop helps us understand why people have become as they and in the same manner implement interventions that incorporate the workings and functionality of the systems of this environment (Baltes et al , 1998). In counseling, the client is understood in these contexts and immense and exhaustive work is done to gather data in order to address most if not all issues that embrace the particular problems that a person or child may be facing.

Specifically, it starts with the home, the school and then the community at large (Bronfenbrenner, 1979 . The activities, roles and relationships in each of the setting as mentioned are examined and related to the person or child ‘s overall and specific functioning. It presupposes as well that the person or child actively takes a role in response to the influences exerted on him /her (Plutchik, 1980). References Barlett, C. , & Harris, R. (2008). The impact of body emphasizing video games on body image concerns in men and women. Sex Roles, 59(7-8), 586-601. doi:10. 1007/s11199-008-9457-8.


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