brown's mussem Essay

brown’s mussem BY Chyde9798 Imagine you are a seven year old and have to walk one mile to a bus stop by walking through a railroad switching station and then waiting for a school bus to go to a “black elementary school” or a school where only African American children went. This is what happened to Linda Brown, an African American third grader from Topeka, Kansas, even though there was a “white elementary school” only seven blocks away. A “white elementary school” was a school where only white students were able to attend.

You might ask the qestion,” how did this mussemu get started? One day a man named Reverend Oliver Brown took his eight-year-old daughter, Linda Carol, for a walk to the Sumner Elementary School located Just seven blocks from her house in Topeka, Kansas. After a discussion Brown had with the principal over the enrollment of his daughter, he was informed that she would not be admitted to the school even though she qualified. The reason she was not admitted to the school was because of the color of her skin, Sumner Elementary only accepted Caucasian children.

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Reverend Brown was not a man who caused trouble, but he did not want is daughter to have to walk six blocks along railroad tracks in order to catch the bus to a rundown black school. Brown and his family, along with many other African American families wanted to put an end to school segregation. Thirteen African American families of Topeka rallied together and sought out the help of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). He agreed to help him and the families with geting their childern in to the caucasian school so that way they didnt have to walk acrossed the railroad tracks and take the buss.


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