Building Essential Characters of an Entrepreneur Essay


Outside snow flakes were falling on the land and conditions was at its bitterest of the twelvemonth. Inside, in his office, Graham Barnes peered into his laptop look intoing the histories for the twenty-four hours and subsequently answering to clients. Subsequently, he planned to analyze the certification of a paradigm theoretical account for a package undertaking. It had been a busy twenty-four hours. It ever was.

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Building Essential Characters of an Entrepreneur Essay
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Graham Barnes was the CEO of a package house. This company had been his inspiration and he enjoyed his work vastly from the beginning.

7 old ages before, Graham was an employee in a transnational package house, pulling a immense wage along with other fringe benefits. Besides, he had an chance to work with the best heads in the industry.

However he was caught in the enterpriser bug as he started his ain house. He felt that it was of import to make something of value and implement all his pet thoughts about concern. His head reminisced the twenty-four hours he decided he had sufficiency of the corporate universe 6 old ages back.

Year 2000

Geting out of his auto, Graham Barnes looked at the uniformity of the landscape of his office ; certain they looked enforcing and a campus feel with over 500 employees.

His twenty-four hours was full of undertakings, ratings, deadlines and holding to sit through quarterly assessments. He met Reginald and a typical conversation would run like this:

Graham: “Hey, what ‘s up with you? You should be place resting”.

Reginald: Yes, but I have this darn deadline to finish

Graham: “Hmmm..I got a batch of work to make excessively. Once, I complete this undertaking, I am traveling to travel on a holiday.”

Graham Barnes thought back to the old twenty-four hours. His girl, Veronica, all of five old ages was pleading with her pa.

Graham would hold invariably guarantee her of an at hand interruption, “We ‘ll travel honey. Another 3 yearss, and Daddy ‘s vacations will get down too.”

But unhappily something would come up in the last minute and he would call off his vacation engagements and look sheeplike before his married woman and immature girl. Software clients are ne’er easy satisfied.


Graham had quit and started his ain company. He thought he would hold flexible clip and finally, he would be boss of his ain life and clip. But it had non been that manner. For the first five old ages, he had had to work awfully difficult. But at that place seemed to be a difference.

Yes, it was still hard to travel on holidaies, But, he was making all the things that he was passionate about. And more than anything else, he could state “no” now to a undertaking that he knew his squad would non be able to present on the timeline. He had been able to handle his squad good. He was generous when it came to their holidaies besides offering ESOPs to identify people.

It was no little admiration so that the company was making so good.

Aureate Wordss:


P PERSISTENCE to go on till you win

O OPPORTUNITY to be transform industry and society.

W WILL Power to win against odds

Tocopherol ENDURANCE to do it go on

R REALISTIC ends for the hereafter

Chapter Highlights

Q: What does Entreprener21 or e21 mean?

A: Entrepreneur 21 indicates the enterpriser of the twenty-first century. It refers to the modern age enterpriser with advanced thoughts to transform way interrupting thoughts into concern chances and achieve outstanding success in the twenty-first century.

Every enterpriser needs to make value. The twenty-first century, being the digital epoch, the enterpriser needs to turn to demands for clients attuned to the practical medium. The enterpriser 21 demands to construct a concern that entreaties to the demands of the Gen Y and following coevals purchasers.

Q: What is the difference between a little concern proprietor and an enterpriser?

A: A little concern proprietor typically works really difficult and non overtly ambitious or methodical plenty to turn or take advantage of the chances on the web. Normally a concern proprietor is cardinal to the concern and the concern can non work without him.

In contrast an enterpriser selects a concern with high potency for growing and allows for growing in such a manner that it is possible for the concern to work without him, if required by engaging a competent squad.

Qs: Does every enterpriser demand to hold a flash of mastermind?

A: Not needfully, flash of mastermind is rare. Most enterprisers did non get down out with a compelling thought for a merchandise or service but still made it large. What is required is obviously a good dosage of intelligence, common sense, and above all an endurance to remain the class.

Q: What are the advantages in being in a concern?

A: Being in a concern has many advantages: more income so that you can retire early. Apart from fiscal security, it is ability to utilize advanced thoughts and transform the industry and benefit society, at big. Bing an enterpriser gives you an avenue to play out your passionate thoughts without any hobbles.

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an enterpriser?

A. Advantages:

  • Bing your ain foreman
  • Able to recognize your dreams
  • Able to accomplish potency
  • Able to integrate thoughts and civilization that you like into your company


  • It is hazardous and face unsure and irregular incomes
  • Have to be bootstrap and work long hours
  • Make all the determinations by themselves
  • Recognize that you are the SOLE ground for success or failure

Q: Which concern should you get down?

A: The concern that you intend to get down can be every bit varied as package, meat processing, janitor cleansing etc. But the most of import ingredient to get downing a concern is to be motivated and be passionate. Skills and know-how regarding that industry might move as another of import factor to obtain success.

Qs: Does a occupation guarantee security?

A: Earlier occupations indicated security, but now layoffs are common non merely in houses with losingss but besides in houses gaining good grosss. Slowly the word “job security” is going medieval and even obsolete in our times. So one might every bit good fall in the entrepreneurial bandwagon for there is small security even for an employee.

Q: Why do some concerns fail?

A: There is no unequivocal ground as to why new ventures fail but the most common causes for failure are:

  • Poor concern planning and readying
  • Managerial incompetency and deficiency of experience
  • Poor fiscal control
  • Inappropriate location
  • Lack of stock list control
  • Inability to do the entrepreneurial passage

Q: What are the features of an enterpriser?


  • Committedness and Determination with an independent run
  • Continually hunt for thoughts that can be transformed into chances
  • Leadership and Tolerance of hazard, ambiguity and uncertainness
  • A high grade of assurance
  • Creativity, ego trust, ability to accommodate
  • Passion for excellence

Q: What must be an enterpriser ‘s operating doctrine?


  • Involve themselves in activities that give energy. Merely have merriments
  • Ability to calculate the following measure and so traveling whole pig ; no half-measures
  • Optimism and a belief that nil is impossible
  • An impulse to better position quo ; oculus for betterment
  • Ability to take deliberate hazards
  • Most significantly, given to self acquisition and an ear for constructive unfavorable judgment

Quite merely this: dainty others as you would desire to be treated, portion the wealth that is created with those who contributed to it and thirdly, give back to the community.

Q: What are the different things that could halt you from being an enterpriser?

A: There are 1000000s of people working at occupations and about all of them have wondered sometime or someplace about holding a concern endeavor of their ain. However, non everyone really chooses to make so. For some, it is simply a passing idea with a assortment of grounds coming in the manner:

  • Fear of failure, instead the unknown
  • A financially satisfactory and emotionally rewarding occupation
  • Lack of concern cognition and technique
  • Confusion and deficiency of lucidity or even being in the incorrect concern
  • Family duties: Everyday measures need to be paid, day-to-day jobs need to be completed, kids need to be taken attention of, and other committednesss need to be fulfilled.
  • Lack of enterprise: Peoples set themselves into familiar modus operandis: a peculiar occupation, and set of people to work with and to socialise, day-to-day wonts, and so on.
  • Lack bravery and assurance to travel “solo”

Goals & A ; Aims

Goal 1:

To Reach the TIPPING POINT – from an employee to being an Entrepreneur


Compare the pros and cons of working in a regular occupation and being an enterpriser ( Fix a list depending on your current state of affairs in life for an honest assessment ) Compare the advantages and disadvantages of being an enterpriser ( List the assets and subtractions of taking the enterpriser route given your state of affairs in life )

Goal 2:

Evaluate who you are and where you stand


Identify personality type

( Analyze your personality type: are you a natural hazard taker or are you one of those with a demand for stableness? ) Identify your cognition and skill sets with mention to get downing a concern ( Identify your accomplishments in the proposed venture. Answer this inquiry: do you hold it in you to run an endeavor and manage people to portion your vision? ) Identify your resources before you start your concern ( finance, substructure etc ) ( It is clip to believe of the fiscal deductions of get downing a concern. How much of nest eggs do you hold to run the concern? For how long can you prolong? )

Goal 3:

Learn and Build indispensable characters and accomplishments to go a complete E21


Research the pre needed qualities and accomplishments of successful enterprisers ( Make your prep by analyzing the parturiencies of your function theoretical accounts ) Identify your entrepreneurial qualities and accomplishments ( List out the accomplishments needed to win in your endeavor. Is it proficient ability? Or people direction? Or new merchandise invention? ) List qualities and accomplishments that act as your strengths ( Is that undertaking in melody with your internal strengths? Is at that place a personality fiting with the proposed activity? ) List qualities and accomplishments that you need to heighten ( Jot down the list of properties you need to get and work for betterment. Can you place your failings and do you hold the bravery to change over them to strengths? ) Identify ways to beef up qualities and accomplishments ( Is at that place a preparation class for get the better ofing your failing? Time to smooth up your communicating accomplishments? Acquire industrial preparation? )

Case Study 1

Lance Hamon was fond of his aunt and a function theoretical account in his turning old ages. He had grown up in a low-income vicinity in California and no 1 of all time thought of Hamon determining up to any good. Most of Hamon ‘s friends had low income occupations, and some of them had ended up in gaol, on drugs, or still worse, dead.

( Hamon is from a really low background )

Initially, like his friends, Hamon excessively had no purposes of traveling to college. He went to the Midwest, United States “to get out of town”. He worked at physically demanding occupations for low wage. Realization dawned that the best occupations went to those who were educated and had a college instruction. That spurred him on to inscribe himself at a local community college and worked towards two associate degrees- 1 in humanistic disciplines and anthropology and the other in political scientific discipline.

( An early acknowledgment that humble occupations are non honoring and a demand to for college instruction )

Soon after, he was hired by a luck 500 company and worked there for a period of six old ages. However he shortly found that he was non meant to be the traditionally typical corporate employee.

( Working for a luck 500 company for a individual of Hamon ‘s background is itself believable. Yet he has an impulse to believe large and beyond )

He was a free mind and corporate civilization did non honor creativeness or free thought. Conformity was valued at the cost of creativeness and Hamon felt suffocated. So, although he was being paid good money now, the company started downsizing. Hamon knew that he was no longer safe.

( Conformity and lower degrees of occupation security make him believe outside the system )

Hamon besides detested when he used to “clock in” everyday. Hamon had to time in twice a twenty-four hours at the entryway gate with a droping feeling that it “took a small piece of me”. Hamon wanted his freedom and be his ain foreman. So he entered existent estate and finally, partnered with another existent estate agent. Now, both Hamon and his spouse earn a six-figure income though in their first twelvemonth in concern.

( A shooting at an entrepreneurial venture )

Hamon shortly realized that he was the worst foreman he of all time had, working impossibly long hours. Initially he thought that get downing his ain concern meant that he would give himself a batch of clip off. On the contrary, he logs in at least 55 hours a hebdomad and frequently on weekends excessively.

( Committedness and motive to stand out )

Young and individual, there is nil to restrict his clip spent on his two passions-business and going. By the beginning of 2006, Hamon had already been to Europe twice. Not bad for a individual born in low poorness and an abandoned male parent.

While going, he is a acute perceiver with an oculus to descry concern tendencies and cultural displacements from each state to another. Any thought from one industry can be transplanted to new countries and transformed to chances that work.

( An oculus for new concern chance and impulse for uninterrupted acquisition )

Hamon ‘s end is to merely be happy. He believes in “chasing dreams that can go world ; non trailing fantasy.” His doctrine is – “all enterprisers must be willing to put on the line and be willing to fail”. He believes that you must “know yourself and cognize who you are. Then you can cognize others. You ca n’t construct Bridgess without it.”

( A healthy sense of personal values and civilization )

Points for contemplation:

  • Hamon ‘s ability to raise himself from his state of affairs
  • An early realisation that humble occupations do n’t pay
  • Discontentment and insecurity even in a white coloring material occupation
  • An aptitude for acquisition and hazard pickings
  • A balanced doctrine to life.

Case Study 2

Sir Richard Branson

Born in 1950, he had a slightly unusual but privileged upbringing. When he was four old ages old, his female parent, Eve pushed him from the auto one twenty-four hours and told him to happen his ain manner place.

Some distance from place, he got lost wholly and had to strike hard on alien ‘s doors for waies. Again, while other parents banned their kids from mounting trees, his female parent made him mount right to the top.

( Learning the lessons in survival early in life )

Such experiences developed his assurance and self-belief tremendously ; so even though he suffered from dyslexia he was ever confident in his ain ability. Although he gained 6 0-levels, he was frustrated by the rigidness of the formal instruction system and at 16, persuaded his barrister male parent to allow him go forth school and get down a concern printing a pupil newspaper with his school friend, Jonny Gems.

( Disgust at the limitation of formal instruction and an about natural inherent aptitude to strike it on one ‘s ain )

The construct was really simple: the paper would concentrate on pupils and carry characteristics written by famous persons including stone stars, film stars, intellectuals and taking politicians. It would do money by selling publicizing infinite to major corporations

( An advanced merchandise for pupil market )

With a contribution of ?4 from Richard ‘s female parent to assist cover postage and telephone disbursals, the concern was started from the cellar of his parents ‘ place in the Bayswater country of London. Branson persuaded a respected magazine interior decorator to work for no fee and his friends to work for ?12 per hebdomad. Besides, he negotiated a printing contract for 50,000 transcripts.

( Get the better ofing initial support obstruction and gift of the chitchat to do a celebrated interior decorator to work for gratis )

The first edition of the “Student” was published in January 1968, On the screen was the image of a pupil drawn by Peter Blake ( the screen interior decorator for the Beatles ‘ “Sergeant Pepper” album ), it carried a message from the schoolmaster of Stowe school ( where Branson had been a pupil ). It read:

“Congratulations, Branson. I predict that you will either travel to prison or go a millionaire”.

However, the venture was non successful. Like many other start-up concerns, it had hard currency flow jobs. So, in April 1970, together with two co-workers, John Varnon and Tony Mellor, Branson established his 2nd concern – Virgin Records – to sell records by mail order.

( Ability to raise himself out of failures and still hold the enthusiasm for new undertakings )

From a low and slightly doubtful beginning, the current Virgin imperium has evolved to a ?3 billion operation with 200 companies using 25,000 people.

There is no centralised Virgin central offices, non even a corporate council chamber because the company does non keep regular Board meetings. Branson works every bit though he was running a startup and communicating is really informal.

( A friendly and employee friendly corporate civilization )

Harmonizing to Branson, “One of the jobs about formal meetings is that they lead to defeat. Peoples who leave companies with formal constructions do n’t go forth because of wages. If they come up with a good thought, they ‘re told to wait until the following meeting. Then they ‘re told they have to do another presentation to another group, so another. Then the board takes it on deliberation. And he ‘s gone away to another company.

With Virgin, we make determinations on the phone. If you ‘ve got a good thought and I like it, you can acquire on with it.”

( Instilling an ambiance that encourages and wagess new thoughts )

For Branson, informality is really of import to the keeping of an entrepreneurial, advanced civilization. Tom Bower ( 2000 ) suggests he operates in this manner because “For all his repute as an pioneer, thoughts are non Branson ‘s speciality” – he builds on other people ‘s thoughts.

An informal system of communicating is possible because the company is structured into 150 little companies. When any company becomes big, it is split up. For illustration, Virgin Records, was structured into 40 different companies before it was sold to Thorn EMI in 1992

Harmonizing to Branson, informal communicating and organisational construction are of import, but the most of import is people – enrolling the best and maintaining them motivated.

“The miss who opened what will be the best espousal store in Europe was winging on the air hose as an air hostess. She came to me with an thought and I said, Go to it. She did. Now it ‘s Virgin Bride. By holding the freedom to turn out herself, she excelled.”

Richard Branson has non read any concern text or taken a class in direction. He has learned by experience – by seeking and from doing errors. As he says,

“I ‘ve learned every twenty-four hours by making things different and new”.


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