Building Performance & Regulation Assignment Essay

Construction technology & A ; Project directionBuilding public presentation & A ; ordinance

Undertaking 1

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This study has been compiled in conformity with the Building Regulations ( Northern Ireland ) in regard to the methods accomplishing conformity in non-domestic edifices Section 3 Existing edifices other than homes. ( Extensions ) Part F2

The Building Regulations are made for specific intents, chiefly procuring the wellness, safety, public assistance and convenience of people and for the preservation of fuel and power. Standards and proficient blessings are relevant counsel to the extent that they relate to these intents. However, they may besides turn to other facets of public presentation such as serviceableness, or facets which although they relate to wellness and safety are non covered by the Building Regulations.

Within portion F of the ordinances there are certain methods set for a edifice to go compliant and to accomplish the proper marks for an environmentally friendly and sustainable construction. The statute law states that all edifices ( extensions over 25 % of the full floor infinite of the bing edifice ) as is the instance for the named extension the undermentioned regulation apply… .

3.11 Where an bing edifice holding a entire utile floor country greater than 1000 M2 is to be extended, eventful betterments should be made to the bing edifice in conformity with paragraphs 3.73 to 3.82, in add-on to following the counsel in the remainder of this Section.

Large extensions

3.12 Where a proposed extension has a entire utile floor country that is both –

( a ) Greater than 100 M2 ; and

( B ) Greater than 25 % of the entire utile floor country of the bing edifice, it should be treated as a new edifice and should be designed to follow with Section 2 of this Technical Booklet. The demand for eventful betterments, if applicable, should besides be met by following the counsel in paragraphs 3.73 to 3.82.

3.73 Consequential betterments should be made to an bing edifice holding a entire utile floor country greater than 1000 M2, where any of the followers should use –

( a ) It is extended ; or

( B ) Any fixed edifice service ( other than a renewable energy generator ) is installed for the first clip ; or

( degree Celsius ) An bing fixed edifice service ( other than a renewable energy generator ) is increased in capacity.

On widening a edifice

3.77 Where an bing edifice holding a entire utile floor country greater than 1000 M2 is to be extended, or the habitable country is increased, eventful betterments should be made to the bing edifice in conformity with paragraph 3.78 and Table 3.5.

3.78 Measures from Table 3.5 should be adopted to the extent that the entire cost of the eventful betterments is non less than 10 % of the value of the principal works.

The value of the principal plants and the value of the eventful betterments should be established utilizing monetary values current at the day of the month of sedimentation of the programs with the territory council, and should be confirmed in a study signed by a appropriately qualified individual.

An illustration of a appropriately qualified individual would be a hired measure surveyor.

Undertaking 2

For the extension to follow with the edifice ordinances in association with the floor country given it must hold calculation’s carried out in order to conform to energy public presentation.

DER– the Dwelling C dioxide Emissions Rate measured in kgs of C dioxide per square meter of floor country per twelvemonth { kg/ ( m2.year ) } .

TER– the Target C dioxide Emissions Rate measured in kgs of C dioxide per square meter of floor country per twelvemonth { kg/ ( m2.year ) } .

Both these computations are used to find how efficient the edifice is in energy use as is aSap– the Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure for Energy

Rating of Dwellings: 2009 edition or any ulterior edition approved by the Department.

It should besides take into history that any eventful betterments should be made to an bing edifice holding a entire utile floor country greater than 1000 M2, where any of the undermentioned apply –

3.20 Where extra ascents ( over and above the eventful betterments ) are proposed to the bing edifice to counterbalance for lower public presentation in the extension, those parts of the bing cloth should be treated as retained thermic elements and as such should be upgraded to the criterions given.

Five Standards

  1. Is to accomplish an acceptable C dioxide emanation rate ( TER )
  2. Design bounds ( BER )
  3. Avoid inordinate summertime solar additions.

Construction phase.

  1. Quality of building and commissioning.

Consistency of design & A ; building.

Quality of building.

Inspection & A ; commissioning of edifice services.

  1. Provision of information.

The edifice must accomplish a an acceptable emanations rate by set uping a mark dioxide emanation rate in kgCO2/m2/yr ( TER )

The edifice must besides show an acceptable edifice C dioxide emanation rate. ( BER ? TER )

Cfancifulten ( 1- betterment factor ) ten ( 1- LZC benchmark )

Therefore to obtain the ( TER ) for the existent edifice.

  • Improvement factor
  • LZC part

For illustration the TER in an air conditioned infinite will be Cfancifulten ( 1-0.20 ) ten ( 1-0.10 ) = 0.72 ten Cfanciful

To Calculate the Building C dioxide Emission Rate ( BER ) it must be done twice – one time at design phase to bespeak sensible assurance in accomplishing and secondly for the constructed edifice, integrating any alterations to the public presentation of the envelope or services and the measured air permeableness, ductwork escape and commissioned fan public presentation computation by a individual who is appropriately qualified provide computation within 5 yearss after completion.

The edifice in inquiry must besides show design demands to run into the coveted ordinances such as thermic bridging and air permeableness.

The design bounds will integrate

  • Heating and hot H2O systems
  • Cooling works
  • Air handling works
  • Insulation of pipes, canals & A ; vass
  • Heating controls
  • Fixed Internal Lighting & A ; controls
  • Energy metering

The edifice must besides hold a good quality and commissioning and besides comply with the edifice ordinances signifier of accredited inside informations which gives minimum counsel for anyone at the building phase and an appropriate system of site review is in topographic point.

Construction checklist must so be copied to Building Control.

The proprietor of the edifice must acquire a edifice log book which has all the relevant inside informations of all the services within the edifice therefore giving the proprietor all facets of care and operational affairs.

This will besides include all metering and energy usage age within the edifice.

1 Standards Based Approach ( paras 3.9 -3.29 )

2 Deliberate Trade-off Approach ( paras 3.30-3.32 )

3 The Equivalent Carbon Target Approach ( paras 3.33 – 3.35 )

(parities 3.9 -3.29)

No SBEM computations involved.

Limit country of Windowss, doors and roof visible radiations.

Controlled adjustments must follow with certain commissariats.

There are set down U Valves for new thermic elements.

If more that 25 % of an bing thermic component is being renovated it must be upgraded.

Where more than 25 % of the surface country of a thermic component is being renovated, the completed thermic component is being renovated the competed thermic component shall accomplish improved U Values.

(parities 3.30-3.32)

This attack involves utilizing “U” valves given in the old Standards Based Approach and changing them in a computation covering with “area weighted “U” values with long stop restrictions.

(parities 3.33 – 3.35)

This is a computation methodological analysis utilizing the SBEM system.

Building Service Systems in an Extension ( Controlled Services ) this is where the work involves the proviso or extension of controlled service it should hold efficiency allow to that given in the 2nd grade counsel certification relevant to that service

Controlled Servicesswill hold the Heating and Hot Water Systems Supporting papers – ‘Non domestic warming, chilling and airing conformity guide’ .

HVAC Systems – needed to be zoned in conformity with the edifices tenancy and solar exposure.

Each zone should hold independent clip and temperature controls.

Energy Meters

Shall be provided in edifice service systems to enable 90 % of energy ingestion to be assigned to either warming, illuming etc. CIBSE TM39 Monitor the public presentation of low or zero C systems in a edifice one-fourth than1000m to enable automatic informations aggregation.

The air handling works and ductwork must hold:

An efficiency non less than that recommended in ‘Non-domestic warming, chilling and airing conformity guide’ .

Insulation of pipes canals and vass must hold hot and chilled H2O pipes & A ; storage vass must be insulated in conformity with ‘Non-domestic warming, chilling and airing conformity guide’ .

Fixed internal lighting with an mean efficiency of non less than 45 luminaire-lumens per circuit-watt.

Adequate lighting controls to avoid unneeded illuming during daytime. A local switch should be within 6m of a luminaire.


All fixed edifice service must be commissioned in conformity with:

‘CIBSE Commissioning Code M’ Commissioning Management ductwork in conformity with HVCA DW/143 “a practical usher to ductwork escape testing”

Consequential betterments

Must be made to an bing edifice greater than 1000m2 if:

It is extended or if a fixed service is installed for the first clip, An bing service is increased in capacity where an bing edifice greater than 1000m2 is extended eventful betterments will be made to the bing edifice.

Consequential betterments will be technically, functionally & A ; economically executable.

Economically Feasible

Economically executable agencies with a simple payback period of 15 old ages

Appendix B TB F2 gives information necessary to measure the simple payback of proposed plants.

Provisionof Information

The edifice proprietor must be presented with a edifice logbook.

The format of the logbook is given in CIBSE TM 31 ‘Building Logbook Toolkit’ .

Undertaking 3

All the information gathered is relevant when any big extension as mentioned above hits a certain standard, this being given with the floor size. This was simple plenty to name utilizing the set edifice regs: N.I. but the bing edifice must besides come into the image when the gap from the extension opens into the bing edifice.

Here the bing edifice, which is evidently older, must therefore comply with all the relevant ordinances as that in the newer extension.

The whole edifice as one therefore must has the correct values within the ( TER ) ( DER ) ( BER ) And the standard appraisal process taken will demo that the older bing constructing my non follow with that of the newer extension, so a batch of upgrading may be required to make this. New dual glazed Windowss, new insulated panels, doors etc. will all necessitate up-grading to accomplish this to derive the edifice control certification.

Cardinal characteristics must include ;

“Thermal Element means wall, floor or roof, but does non include Windowss, doors roof Windowss or roof visible radiations which separate a thermally conditioned infinite from

The external environment including the land ; and

In the instance of floors and walls, another portion of the edifice which is thermally innate or where this paragraph applies, conditioned to another temperature.”

Renovation in relation to a thermic component means the proviso of a new bed in the thermic component or the replacing of an bing bed but does non include surface coatings

Where a thermic component is renovated or replaced such work will be carried out as is necessary to guarantee that the whole thermic component complies with the demands of Part F ( Conservation of fuel & A ; power )


Referee: Undertaking 2 portion f2 of the proficient counsel brochure edifice ordinances N.I. 2012

Reading stuff: Building Regulations ( Northern Ireland ) 2012


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