Building Procedures And Processes Construction Essay

A building undertaking such as this would necessitate a figure of phases that it would necessitate to travel through before it can be completed. Initial readyings would include completion of a figure of points such as the client ‘s brief, conventional designs, and pre-construction services such as blessings, commands and contracts. Once blessings and the building paperss are secured, the building phase can get down. Once building begins, on-site review and observations are carried out during the building phase of work. ( Illingsworth, 2000 ) . Visits consist of office-related work, correspondence necessary to organize and help the undertaking with constructing merchandise reappraisals, quality control samples, necessary store drawings, etc. It is critical for the designer and contractor to work closely to do certain that the drawings and specifications are built to the right lineation. The designs will be specified for 200 3 sleeping room homes, a public resort area and a community hall as per specified in the brief ( figure 1 – see appendix ) . The mean cost of each home is estimated to aprox. ?71,500 including services and labor, and aprox. ?150,000 for the community hall ( – Accessed – 14/12/2010 ) .

The entire cost is estimated to be no more than ?15,000,000 including the resort area, stuffs, labor, services, etc. ( – Accessed – 13/12/2010 ) .

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Building Procedures And Processes Construction Essay
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The undermentioned building stairss will necessitate to be undertaken during the building of the homes and the community hall:

Preliminaries & A ; Demolition






Landscaping & A ; External Works

Uncluttering Out

Preliminaries and Demolition

Since of the undertaking is an old wood 5 stat mis out of the town Centre so the country should be cleared of shrubs, flora, grass, subdivisions, trees and saplings. The roots of trees should be dug up to the deepness of 60cm under land degree.

Existing constructions and services such as power overseas telegrams, drainage pipes etc. surrounded by or nearby to the country, are to be diverted/ removed. Any memorials or other objects should be fenced off in the country where the work is to be started ( Brook M. 8 Mar 2004 ) .

Removing Roots during Ground Work

The roots of trees should be dug up to the deepness of 60cm under the land degree, 30cm below development degree, or 15 centimeters below sub-grade degree. The holes should be packed up with the Earth which is rammed and levelled. The demolition/excavation countries will be isolated by building billboards. ( Jackson, N. and Dhir, R. K. 1996 ) . Trucks entree and issues will be through dedicated building Gatess controlled by gate keepers.

Filling up the Land

The Earth used for make fulling up should be liberated from all roots, grass, shrubs, subdivisions, trees, and wastes. Filling up with excavated Earth will be done in standard matching beds. All bumps and balls more than 8cm in any way will be broken up. Every degree will be watered and consolidated with an Fe rammer.

Outside of Excavation Area

Prior to the Earth work is on the spell, the locality coming under building and filling should be cleared of bush, flora, brushwood, trees and of comprehensiveness up to 30cm over land degree. The trash should be removed up to a distance of 50m outside the boundary line of the country.

Protective Measures during Excavation

Excavation will be secured off by a fencing, with proper prophylactic marks, perceptibly displayed during the twenty-four hours and illuminated with visible radiations during the dark to avoid accidents ( PL=2HYPERLINK “ hypertext transfer protocol: // PL=2 & A ; Estimator ” & amp ; HYPERLINK “ hypertext transfer protocol: // PL=2 & A ; Estimator ” Estimator=

Accessed – 14/12/2010 )

Site Accommodation

Site workers will necessitate satisfactory commissariats lavatories, altering suites, remainder suites, storage suites and washrooms. These comfortss will be required for the continuance of a undertaking and so the undertaking director will necessitate to do certain these have been prearranged in progress to avoid break to a development. Besides site offices, storage countries, H2O and power supplies will in put up during the continuance of plants.

Mechanical Plants

Mechanical workss equipment are comparatively heavy machines which perform specific building ( or destruction ) maps on a building site. It is customary to sort building machines in conformity with their maps such as hoisting, unearthing, haling, rating, paving, boring, or pile drive. Excavated stuffs are moved great distances by a broad assortment of conveyances. The most common of these are the automotive rubber-tired rear-dump trucks, which are classed as over-the-road or off-the-road trucks. Wagons towed by a rubber-tired premier mover are besides used for haling soil. These normally have bottom mopess which permit distributing soil as the vehicle moves. In particular instances side-dump trucks are besides used. Conveyers, while non normally used on building occupations for haling Earth and stone great distances, have been used to good advantage on big occupations where obstructors make impractical the transition of trucks. Therefore the site would necessitate to be decently cleared and have broad plenty roads for the conveyance of the machinery ( Lorenz, H. & A ; Haven, H.M11 Jan 2010 ) .


Since the site is an old wood 5 stat mis out of town, so there are no edifices or any constructions that would be needed to be demolished for building to commence. However the trees, bush sand shrubs will necessitate to be removed utilizing works machinery such as bulldozers and combatants. All unwanted obstructions would be discarded ; the environing country will be needed to be fenced away. As there are no edifices at that place would be no stuffs to recycle and no edifice dust would necessitate to be discarded ( Lorenz, H. & A ; Haven, H.M11 Jan 2010 ) .

Excavation & A ; Infrastructures

The digging process will include levelling the land so that the foundations can be dug for the edifices. The type of foundations that will be used in this undertaking will be reinforced Concrete Shallow Foundations. Shallow foundations will be used for the building of the homes. The foundations are close to the finished land surface ; where the initiation deepness is less than the breadth of the terms and less than 3m ( Emmitt, S. and Gorse, C. 2010 ) .

Shallows foundations will be used as the surface dirts are adequately hardy and stiff to back up the tonss ; these are normally unsuitable in weak or extremely compressible dirts. When the foundations are dug hey would necessitate to be at least 4ft deep and 2ft broad to let the concrete to put in.

There are a few different shallow foundations that will be used, these include tablet foundations, strip foundations, and raft foundations. A pad foundation is used to back up a individual single burden such as a column slab. A strip foundation is used to back up a row of tonss. Raft foundations are by and large used to distribute over the tonss of a construction onto a larger country. It is concrete slab which expands over a given country, back uping the tonss on top, so that the weight is distributed. This is extremely utile is soft dirts so that the beams do non drop into the dirt. As the site is a wood, these foundations will be equal, and since the dirt is non consecutive, particular works machinery such as bulldozers will be required to flatten the aslant land. Holes will be allowed to be left, this is to to let 50mm clearance to avoid the possibility of any colony foundation traveling about as the dirt is loose. Pad foundation should be used on the community hall as it is constructed from a steel frame, so it will hold heavy tonss at remarkable point of the construction, so proper concrete tablets should be installed to suit the weight distribution ( Foster, J. S. ( 1994 ) .

During the digging procedure trenches would besides necessitate to be dug to let for services adjustment. These are demand for services come ining a edifice below land ( H2O, electricity, gas, telephone/cables etc ) , and go forthing the edifice such as drainage, garbage systems, etc. ( Neville, 1995 )


It is stated in the brief that the homes are required to hold 3 sleeping rooms and 1 bathroom on the upper floor, and 2 response suites, 1 kitchen and 1 lavatory on the lower floor. The design brief states that the needed flooring would be timber. First, concrete demands to be poured and levelled on the land. Joists should be laid down across the ceiling ; these would necessitate to be levelled besides. The lumber flooring and ceiling can so be placed over the concrete ( Foster J.S. & A ; Greeno, R. 12 Jul 2007 ) .

The walls are required to be to the full insulated pit walls with brick & A ; block masonry ; these should be plastered on the interior. The internal walls are to be timber dividers. The roof is required to be a pitched lumber roof trusses with tiles. This is a traditional pitched roof which will follow across all 200 homes. The roofs will be to the full insulated and the insularity will be measured harmonizing to an R-value. The higher an insularity stuff ‘s R-value, the improved it is at thermic opposition. So the home will remain cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. The insularity will necessitate to be specified by the client whether sheep ‘s wool,

midst froth, or fiberglass would be installed, depending on the budget. The roofs should be delivered and placed into place, on the back uping walls and fixed rapidly with roof cladding. As this is a large building undertaking, this method would salvage clip as the roofs will be built on another site and non acquire in the manner of other procedures.

The community hall will necessitate a concrete foundation and flooring. The walls are steel framed and will be insulated. The roof is to a metal cladding crucifix. Scaffolding will be needed when working on the community hall as there will be raised platforms. These will dwell of cylindrical steel metals held together by yokes and adjustments. The staging will so be dismantled at the terminal of the undertaking ( Ching, F. D. K, 7 Mar 2008 )

Resort area

The resort area will be constructed after the chief plants are carried out. The resort area will be built following to the community hall, it will mensurate to 60ft tens 60ft. Shallow foundations will besides be used to do certain that the surface is strong and concrete can be poured over the foundations and levelled off. A bed of tarmac of 10mm will cover the top of the concrete. The resort area will eventually be covered off with recycled gum elastic to do the surface soft and safe for kids ( – Accessed – 14/12/2010 )


The services will be installed below land in trenches, drainage dress suits ; left for future connexions with above-ground drainage must be temporarily sealed. For the relevant services permission must be sought from the local authorization when connexions to a public cloaca are required. The local authorization must convey in a contractor to inspect and O.K. all drainage work and the subsequent installed plumbing work. The concluding trials will besides necessitate to be carried out by the local authorization after trenches have been backfilled.

Servicess above land should be carried out and installed after finishing the basic structural work such as the walls, floors and roof. The plumbing works needs to be carried out one time the external enclosure is completed. After the basic coatings completed so the healthful plants can be done.

Landscaping & A ; External Works

Landscaping interior decorators should be called in to plan greenery countries, communal gardens, lakes, etc to heighten the visual aspect and quality of the edifices and country. The roads should be designed so that it is convenient for methods of circulation on pes and by vehicles. The community country could be closed off gated country and have security in topographic point from improper entree ( & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: // – & gt ; Accessed – 14/12/2010 )

Uncluttering Up

Once all the plants are completed all excess stuffs and dust should be removed. All workss, huts, offices, impermanent adjustment will be removed. The concluding site should be left in a clean and feasible status. Interior designers and authorization inspectors will be brought it to inspect the concluding work. A care manual will be prepared before passing over the undertaking to the client.

Word Count without mentions = 1,970


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