Building Project Of A University Construction Essay

The intent of this study is to show the results and observations of our site visitswith Mubadala Infrastructure. Those results and treatments include assorted facets of ZayedUniversity Project. Honestly, making the undertaking with Mubadala Infrastructure has given us the chance to detect and implement whatever we have studied in our class, CMT2000 in Civil Engineering. The study highlights the major constructs envisaged at this phase and specific undertaking demands and design deliverables. The content of this papers is an result of being supervised by assorted supervisors and undertaking directors who have done their best to help us during our site visits. As mentioned, this study would include chiefly the building direction point of position.

Undertaking Features and general description of the undertaking

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Building Project Of A University Construction Essay
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Abu Dhabi – Mubadala Development Company PJ SC ( Mubadala ) has signed a PPP

contract to construct Zayed University within three old ages life rhythm undertaking and harmonizing to

employee demands, ER.

The undertaking, a PPP between Mubadala and Abu Dhabi Education Council ( ADEC ) , is a

strategic precedence for the Abu Dhabi Government and a nucleus constituent of ADEC ‘s strategic program

to better and prolong the Emirate of Abu Dhabi higher instruction system. The Public Private

Partnership theoretical account is being utilized for strategic substructure undertakings that support Abu Dhabi ‘s

Economic Vision 2030.

The new Zayed University Abu Dhabi campus is presently under building on a 75

hectare batch located in the New Capital District of Abu Dhabi, near Abu Dhabi International

Ai1port. The new campus is designed to suit 6,000 undergraduate and alumnus

pupils together with module and support staff. Construction is scheduled to be complete in Q3


A1 Zayed Project – is being pushed through at an impressive gait. The EPC contract for

Al Zayed was awarded to a joint venture between local group Al Habtoor and South African Firm

Murray & A ; Roberts ( HMR ) .

Explain the grounds for choosing that peculiar undertaking and how you approached the CM. Describe your meeting with the CM.

We have selected this undertaking because it is presently under building ; and it is under the heavy portion of its building. In add-on to that, this peculiar undertaking is considered to be the first undertaking in the new capital country, harmonizing to Abu Dhabi Plane 2030. Besides, we are university pupils and this undertaking is all about constructing a new university.

Mubadala Infrastructure is the unit responsible for edifice this installation ; so we contacted the unit ‘s manager to give us the permission to see the university site. Then, we had a meeting with the Infrastructure Unit Director, Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed, who personally talked to us briefly about the undertaking and welcomed us to fall in Mubadala after graduation. Mr. Ibrahim gave us the permission to see the site and contacted the undertaking director at that place to assist during our site visits.

When we got at that place, we had a debut meeting with the undertaking director ; in that peculiar meeting we at the beginning explained what facets of the undertaking we need to cover. The PM assigned his Centimeter to discourse with us the undertaking demands and assist us in any manner required. The CM was really corporative and we agreed on a agenda to make the site visits.

General Description of the site layout, and site agreement

The site location is in Khalifa City, and it is a wholly new country for edifice. The site layout consists of the following chief countries:

SV1: the first Service Building.

SV2: 2nd Service edifice






Main Building

The first two agreement were the scaling and acquiring impermanent electrical power soruce which added a new challenge to that building phase.

Undertaking organisation ( client, advisers, contractors, involvement groups )

Site Organization Chart:

From a building direction point of position, the ZU undertaking is being held by the client

Mubadala Infrastructure, which is playing the function of the building director for ADEC.

Mubadala Infrastructure has awarded the undertaking to a joint venture between a local group Al

Habtoor and South African house Murray & A ; Roberts ; as a chief contractor we have HMR. MI has

assigned different advisers to look after the undertaking. The following chart represents the construction of the parties involved.


The chief contractor is Al Habtoor Murray $ Roberts Joint $ several Liability contract.

Hl/IR is assigned to plan and construct the pro ECT and manus it over on the completion day of the month: 31 July 201 1.

Project Management Consultancy Agreement: Parsons

The undertaking direction adviser is Parsons. Their range includes disposal of the D & A ; B

contract with aid from Cost & A ; Technical Advisers.

Maestro Plan Consultancy Agreement: Obermeyer

The Master Planning Consultant for the undertaking was Obermeyer Engineering & A ; confer withing.Their

range included development of maestro program and Employers demand.

Technical Consultancy Agreement: Obermeyer

The proficient Consultant for the undertaking is obermeyer. Their range includes design reappraisal,

guaranting the end product specifications are AQ/QC waiting brief during building, blessing of trials

on completion and service required during defect liability period.

Cost Consultancy Agreement: DG Jones

The cost adviser for the undertaking is DG Jones. Their range includes payment recommendations for D & A ; B contractor, helping Mubadala in fluctuation orders, monthly cost coverage, elaborate histories payments, etc.

Lender ‘s Advisers: Gleeds

The loaner ‘s proficient Consultant for the undertaking is Gleeds. Their range includes Pre fiscal

near coverage ( due diligence study ) , building monitoring and operational monitoring.

Reasons for the undertaking and its promise or aims

Abu Dhabi Educational Council, ADEC, wanted to research the vision of AD Plane 2030 by authorising the educational corner ; and as the capacity of the old university could n’t afford to welcome new pupils, ADEC has decided to construct a new installation for Zayed University. The ZU will suit around 6000 pupils ; as portion of Abu Dhabi program, this peculiar undertaking is considered to be the first of its sort in that country. Therefore, the educational system demands a new installation to be located outside the island of Abu Dhabi in order for the pupils to near the university easy. ADEC ‘s program for this university is that it will implement the educational system and it will play a major function in fixing pupils to come in the work field confidently.

Probationary budget of the undertaking and period

Based on the contract, the budget was to be three billion dirham with all the hazard taken by the chief contractor. It is of import to advert that the design of the university has been changed several times before get downing the building ; that alteration has resulted in altering in the ball sum monetary value during the design alteration phases. After the choice of the chief contractor, HMR, the entire ball amount was to be 3.3 billion ; nevertheless, after many dialogues the last monetary value was to be fixed as three billion dirham.

The undertaking life clip is to get down on May 2009 and to be submitted to Mubadala by July 31 2011 ; nevertheless the CM expects that there would be a hold of two months about.

Detailed dislocation of the undertaking structural and other systems and constituents

Harmonizing to the CM, the chief undertaking systems and constituents are as the followers:

Structural Engineering

Mechanical and Electrical Works ( MEP ) .


Construction Management.

The CM has introduced to us the major parts of each constituent ; we would sum up the construct that we understood in the undermentioned subdivision ; and we will concentrate on the building direction portion as it is our chief concern.

Structural Engineering.

The intent of this subdivision is present some of the inside informations of the general design

doctrine for the – structural design. It is of import to advert that those designs have

been issued at March 19, 2009 ; nevertheless, we are at the execution phase but we had

to travel through them to hold a briefing about the structural design of the undertaking.

The undermentioned designs are represented:

two Environmental Design Data, Appendix B.

vi- Geotechnical Design Data. Appendix B

one Materials: Concrete and Structural Steel. Appendix B.

MEP Works

The intent of this subdivision is present some of the inside informations of the general design doctrine for the MEP work. It is of import to advert that those designs have been issued at March 19, 2009 ; nevertheless, we are at the execution phase but we had to travel through them to hold a briefing about the mechanical and electrical plants. A Transcript is provided in Appendix B.

Steel Structure:

What makes this undertaking truly alone is the steel construction. The steel roofing they are implementing at this phase is different from any other steel construction design ; the figure shows a comparatively little portion of the steel roofing. Figure shows a box of steel the was manufactured and ready to be installed as the roofing.

Figure shows a box of steel that was manufactured and ready to be installed as the roofing.

Those boxes are being supported by impermanent supports ; so attached to each other to organize the

Construction Management:

Undertaking Delivery method:

This a really alone undertaking where there are two bringing methods are implemented:

DB is implemented between the CM, Mubadala, and the chief contractor, HMR.

BOOT method is implemented between the proprietor, ADEC, and the CM, Mubadala.

Document Management System:

Document Management System used for the undertaking is ACONEX. The system is been Implemented by ACPNEX. Direct client of this system is HMR but all undertaking informations will be handed over to Mubadala after significant completion. This system will be used by HMR, Consult Maunsell, DMJ M, Parsons, DGJ, Obermeyer, Mubadala and Gleeds to entree all undertaking informations from anyplace in any clip. The system is already operational for the undertaking. Assorted preparations are being organized to develop all users.

Planing and Scheduling:

Planing and programming is implemented through Primavera 6 ( P6 ) , this package is used to track the activities and their continuances. It besides defines the critical way of those activities. It besides determines the control agenda that they need for the payment system.


Based on the contract conditions, the chief contractor, HMR, is responsible of supplying an “ Equipment Log Summary ” . This log drumhead describes the type and the measure of each equipment used in the undertaking. Every equipment should be tested and checked by the wellness and safety squad. The CM has provided us with a sample of the “ Equipment Log Summary ” , which is attached in the Appendix.

Workforce and trades

The contract says that the chief contractor shall supply the CM with a “ MANPOWER HISTOGRAM ” for every month ; that would be to aware of the productiveness and to see that the sum of work force of cretin month is equal. The Construction Manager has provided us with a sample of that histogram.

Problems, hazards and challenges

In the building industry, every mega undertaking has its ain jobs, hazard and challenges. Those challenges differ from one undertaking to another. The first challenge in this undertaking was when the site dirt probe started ; at that clip when discovered that the dirt is no to the full capable of transporting such a immense burden. Many probe surveies where in topographic point at that clip to decide this issue. Finally, they solved that job by digging to the acceptable bound of the dirt that would transport the immense burden ; and in some topographic points fill the dirt with concrete. On the contractual side of the undertaking, it was sometimes hard to cover with the chief contractor because the client entered the undertaking with a joint venture ; therefore, sometimes it was difficult to find from where to get down deciding issues as you should cover with two undertaking directors to make up one’s mind.

In this peculiar undertaking, the chief challenge and hazard was implementing the new steel roofing design and turning the design into existent building. Harmonizing to the CM, the design of the steel roof is really alone and has non been done earlier. Therefore, the great hazard goes to the chief contractor as the undertaking is based on Design and Build type. Another job was the clip and budget for this peculiar undertaking ; that it is because the immense steel roof has n’t been designed, manufactured and constructed before.

Detailed account about how the undertaking is built

PPP Concept:

Public-private partnership ( PPP ) describes a authorities service or private concern

venture which is funded and operated through a partnership of authorities and one or

more private sector companies. These strategies are referred to as PPP. PPP involves a contract between a public sector authorization and a private party, in which the private party provides a public service or undertaking and provides significant fiscal, proficient and operational hazard in the undertaking.

In some types of PPP, the cost of utilizing the service is borne entirely by the users of the

service and non by the taxpayer. In other types ( notably the private finance enterprise ) , capital

investing is made by the private sector on the strength of a contract with authorities to supply hold services and the cost of supplying the service is borne entirely or in portion by the authorities. Government parts to a PPP may besides be in sort ( notably the transportation of bing assets.

SPV Concept:

Typically, a private sector pool forms a particular company called a “ particular intent

vehicle ” ( SPV ) to develop, construct, maintain and run the plus for the contracted period. In

instances where the authorities has invested in the undertaking, it is typically ( but non ever ) allotted

an equity portion in the SPV. The pool is normally made up of a edifice contractor, a

care company and bank loaner ( s ) . It is the SPV that marks the contract with the

authorities and with subcontractors to construct the installation and so keep it.

Contact information of the CM and cardinal figures in the undertaking


This undertaking with Mubadala Development Company has given us the opportunity to be exposed to many different outlooks upon people who have different backgrounds. We think that we have met the aims behind this undertaking in footings of implementing my background in building direction. Therefore, this study highlights the major constructs envisaged at this phase and specific undertaking demands and design deliverables. We have noticed the different facets of the building direction get downing from the undertaking bringing method to the how the undertaking is built The content of this papers is an result of being supervised by assorted supervisors and undertaking directors who have done their best to help us during our site visits. Hazards and challenges were present in this undertaking ; the chief challenge was acquiring that immense steel roofing into world hanged on the university.


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