Bullying Essay

Bullying comes in many different forms, from cyber bullying to physical and emotional bullying. This is a major conflict that needs to stop. The negative impact that bullying has on the victim can be detrimental to their life. Most bullying occurs in schools within classmates. People might not believe that being called silly names or going through humiliation is a big deal, but it is. There are many different stories about the outcomes of what can happen toa person being bullied.

Bullying in school s believed to be a normal part of life, however, when you support this mentality, you forget that bullying can be physically and psychologically harmful. This is not something to ignore nor is it something that will Just go away. When a child is being bullied he/she starts to believe something is wrong with them. The victim begins to feel self-conscious and they don’t forget all the cruel things done to them. As I listened to Allys Choice I realized how much bullying can affect you.

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It is a story about an interbreed family that had struggles within their own kin. Being that the two sisters Ally and Carlotta were brought up as African Americans, they were always bullied as children for being “black”. Both sisters were negatively impacted by the harassment. After such, Ally had a low self-esteem decided she wasn’t going to be black anymore because she was tired of being tortured by her fellow classmates, but Carlotta never lost her identity. Ally wanted to fit in so bad she would deny Carlotta and began to bully her with the rest of the kids at school.

Until this day Carlotta states that she is still affected by these actions. This shows how much weight a child who is bullied carries throughout their lives. Isolation is something that happens very often amongst children that are being bullied. Not only do they start to feel alone but also they start to isolate themselves from everyone. They avoid going to school because when theyre alone no one is around to intimidate them. All of this causes one to begin questioning oneself and will lead to depression.

This is a dangerous phase that can lead to worst outcomes. When a victim feels lost and disconnected from the world he/she will start to question what is the purpose of living. It all starts with self-harm, cutting, burning, eating disorders, etc. This is a way of coping with things. Many believe self-harm is a way of seeking attention or Just a phase but that is inaccurate. When they can’t take it anymore, what started as self- harm, will sadly lead to committing suicide, as a result to all the psychological damage that was made.

Being physically and verbally abused through bullying has many negative impacts. There are so many ways to prevent bullying but the issue isn’t stressed enough. Bullying is a serious matter and should be strongly dealt with. Even if the child has not yet faced any such situation it is important to explain the matter so they understand the seriousness and help prevent it. Leaving this situation unattended, will have serious effects on the personality of the child throughout his/her life and can even lead to suicide. Bullying By glexddd


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