Bureaucratic structure of a traditional organisations Essay

Bureaucratic construction of a traditional administration has a tall and thin organizational chart. Beside that, this sort of administration is normally a centralised administration which means that all the determinations are made by directors, and non-manager employees do non hold the right to do determinations. To do the administration tally efficiency, bureaucratic construction of a traditional administration will do their occupation classified by functional departmentalization. Harmonizing to Howard Distelzweig and Scott B. Droege, ‘The occupations in the traditional organisational construction are normally grouped by maps into sections such as accounting, gross revenues, human resources and so on. ‘

It means that organisation can sort employees who have similar accomplishments and cognition to organize a section and lead by a director of section. For illustration, the selling will manage all the gross revenues and promote merchandises and services. With functional departmentalization, employees will cognize clearly about their occupation and besides who are the people they should describe to. The directors of each section must hold good communicating accomplishments because the truth flows of information are really of import in centralisation organisation.

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Bureaucratic structure of a traditional organisations Essay
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The chart below illustrates an illustration for administration chart of bureaucratic construction of a traditional administration.

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Hierarchical construction is one of the first constructions has been used in organisations. This sort of construction was largely common in the traditional companies. One of the grounds that this construction was common among the traditional organisations was that this sort of construction is easier to organize in comparing to other constructions such as organic construction. On the other manus, in hierarchal construction everyone knows that where is their exact place in the construction and who is above or below them. Furthermore, other benefit of sorting staffs is that it is much easier for the directors to advance their employees to higher degrees.

The other thing is that in traditional organisations the directors wanted to hold the full control of the company and since in hierarchal construction determination devising is done by top degree directors so they have good control on the company ‘s procedures.

The other ground that traditional organisations had selected this construction is that with utilizing this construction they could cut down the monetary values because in hierarchal construction there is no demand to hold a controlling section and as the occupations are wholly defined, the procedure of commanding can be done by each portion itself.

In past few old ages the hierarchal constructions were popular because they provided a good bid to hold control on the organisation but by upgrading engineering, increasing the gait of invention and phantom of difficult competition between companies, the companies have decided to diminish the tallness of their organisation pyramid because with those new engineerings by computing machines could make many undertakings alternatively of worlds.

In add-on, in the hierarchal construction informations are stored at higher degrees of organisation and it takes long clip that the information reaches to the lower degrees which reduces the velocity of research and development of the company, therefore the company was non able to last in a extremely competitory environment with this construction, and had to alter its construction. Another issue is that current environment is normally non so stable so that the company must follow to it fast which is non possible with a construction with rigorous defined regulations. As mentioned in the book Organizational Behavior, “ hierarchically structured organisations were non really good at expecting environmental alterations or at sharing information across maps such as production, selling and technology ” .

The other job with this construction is called “ Vertical struggle ” . These struggles normally happen between directors or groups which are in the same degree and it is largely because that their ends are different.

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Bureaucratic construction of a traditional administration are normally confronting internal communicating job. This job occurs is because these sorts of administration largely are centralization administration and non-manager employee must wait the determination or the information from the top degree trough base on balls to each degree trough and eventually go through to them. If any job occurs, non-manager employees have to describe to first-line director and first line director have to go through the message to higher degree director to do determination. It is long procedure of communicating and there is no guarantee at that place wo n’t hold any mistake messages had been bringing in the procedure of communicating.

To get the better of this sort of job, administration must depute authorization to each degree director decently. In an organisation, there are many type of determination had to do. In order to do the procedure of determination doing become faster, some of the determination doing authorization must be delegate to each director harmonizing to the place but non all the determination doing power clasp by higher degree director. A good internal communicating system is besides of import in bettering the velocity and truth of information flow. Therefore, organisation should choose the proper communicating system and. In tradition manner, administration can utilize memo, formal missive, notice, telephone call, facsimile and others. But in twenty-first century, Internet engineering had provided many faster and easier communicating tools to administration. One of the communicating tools is e-mail ( Robbins, P. Stephen & A ; Coulter Mary, 2002 ) .

With e-mail, employee or director can easy direct the information to all employees instead than merely pass on with them by waste clip by group them together. The most of import is the electronic mail was a free communicating tool. Besides, organisation may utilizing video conferencing as a communicating tool ( John Lynch, 1996 ) . In centralisation organisation, all of import determinations are made by top director. So video conferencing can be use by directors at different topographic points to do a group treatment or run intoing instead than waste clip by group all the trough from different topographic point to hold a face to confront meeting. This can assist organisation do a faster determination and the information that be base on balls will be clearly.

Furthermore, intranet and extranet may be a good communicating system for administration. If organisation want to hold a higher security and a proper communicating system, they can develop their ain private web that is intranet and extranet. Intranet can let employee entree the information within the edifice of administration and extranet can let employee entree the information anyplace and anytime. Besides, intranet and extranet can assist to cut down the hazard of information to be portion or stole by foreigner ( Rim Mosbeh & A ; Khalid S. Soliman, 2008 ) .

Question 3, ( B )

The term organic associates something alive which can accommodate itself to alterations go oning around it. Organic construction in organisations show same characteristic. It can accommodate to alterations around it faster than other constructions. In this construction the undertakings and functions are continuously being readjusted and redefined, the communicating happens horizontally instead than vertically and knowledge can be stored where it is most utile in the construction, which provides less centralisation. In this construction occupations are organized between squads alternatively of persons. Employees would be trained to be able to manage different sorts of challenges. In this sort of construction all of the employees can propose new thoughts and they are involved in determination devisings and make up one’s minding is non done merely by one individual. The most of import features in this type are:

Low formalisation

Wide span of control

Low centralisation

Easier to alter

Team based construction can be considered as an organic constructions as in this organisation the organisation is made up of different squads and the whole occupation is distributed among the squads. But the squad members are the people who decide what the best manner is to make the occupation assigned to their squad alternatively of merely following the director ‘s orders. However, the employees are responsible for their determinations therefore they should take the best manner of making their work. In this construction span of control is really level and there is small formalisation besides.

Network-based construction is described in the book Organization and Environment as “ … adapted to unstable conditions, when jobs and demands for action arise which can non be broken down and distributed among specializers ‘ functions within a hierarchy. … Jobs lose much of their formal definition… Interaction runs laterally every bit much as vertically. Communication between people of different ranks tends to resemble sidelong audience instead than perpendicular bid… ” ( Lawrence, P.R. & A ; J.w. Lorsch, 1967 ) which means this construction is really flexible to alterations and the functions are non purely defined and can be changed due to undertakings. All of these features indicate an organic construction. That ‘s why we can see network-based organisations as organic.

In the three constructions mentioned above more people are involved in determination devisings and anyone has the right to propose new thoughts. This civilization causes more invention because the chance of happening a gorgeous thought among many thoughts is more than happening one in a few. Other advantage is in centralised organisation if the individual in centre is excessively busy normally new thoughts are denied without believing but organic constructions lead to less centralisation. In organic organisations the occupations are assigned to groups and it increases the invention because the employees can make up one’s mind themselves.

However, these constructions have some challenges. For case these constructions are really difficult to plan or in these constructions the functions need to be redefined continuously. Furthermore in these constructions the power is non centralized any longer and this means the taking will be really useless. It besides can do to collision between employees because their ends are different due to their groups.


Bureaucratic construction of a traditional administration is the centralised administration that wholly control by top degree director. That means top degree director are the critical issues in administration. If the top degree director are non measure up or weak in planning and managing, that will straight impact the whole administration. The most serious effect are the administration may do loses or shut down. Since the top degree director are keeping the highly power to do any determination, the top degree director might doing the determination without listen the thought from others. This may do the resources of administration could n’t be utilised and make a dissatisfaction of other employee because they do n’t hold any chance to demo their accomplishments and show their sentiment.

Communication and information flow could be one of the issues that confronting by traditional administration. To work out this issues, administration should split the determination doing authorization to other director and use internet engineering to do communicating procedure and information flow become faster and more accurate. Besides, the communicating accomplishment of in-between degree director besides of import in communicating procedure because in-between degree are responsible to present the message from top degree director to first-line director or employee.

Compare to traditional administration, organic structured-organisation includes more employee interaction and any one can propose his/her thought. This characteristic increases the invention highly. Besides this construction makes it easier for employees to derive information suggest thoughts based on them. Organic organisation is extremely good for today organisations since they are confronting rapid alterations in their surrounding environment. On the other manus it ‘s harder to pull off since it must be flexible and sometimes can even do to argument because of differences in different parts ‘ ends.


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