Burlingtoncoat Factory Essay

Burlington Coat Factory Operation Burlington Coat Factory Operation Yureka S Giles BUS235: Introduction to Marketing Donna Manley August 30, 2010 Burlington Coat Factory Operation The company was founded in 1924 as “Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation a wholesaler of ladies coats and outwears. In the late 70’s the company started adding apparel including suits, shoes, baby items and accessories. Burlington Coat Factory has over 450 stores in 45 states as of 2010. Much growth of the company has been accomplished through mergers and acquisitions.

Burlington Coat Factory focuses on their target market and presents their product for the specific needs that is market. This is a store with name brand coats of all kinds for men, women and children. If you are one that likes to shop online you will find more in Burlington that is offered. Burlington Coat Factory is a store where you can build your wardrobe within the walls of the store. Burlington Coat Factory advertises that by shopping there, you can save 70% more than any other department store. With the name brands and large selection, Burlington has become one of the popular store compare to Marshall and TJmax.

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Burlington Coat Factory buys items that are called buyout, this merchandise that other companies don’t want. For example if Macy’s were to have a shipment of shirts coming in and half are consider no longer in style, Burlington Coat Factory has the option of purchasing the items at a cheaper price. Burlington Coat Factory continues to markdown their items on the time product has been on the floor. Burlington Coat Factory separates from most competition like TJ Max, Marshall, and Ross is because the store is much larger and they chose to capitalize on consumers that usually targeting these stores.

Burlington Coat Factory is able to see better sales than other traditional retailers. A recently study shows that Burlington Coat Factory is behind when it comes to their competitive TJ Max, Marshalls and Ross. The problem that I have with Burlington Coat Factory is the fact that the employees are not customer friendly. I remember doing a return about a year ago there were three people together one in front of me and two behind me. The clerk told the party behind me to get in front of me since they all were together, I found that to be very rude and asked to speak to a manger for a complaint.

The store was in a mess, clothes weren’t in their right size on the racks, things were thrown on the floor, and nothing at all was in the right place. The store lay out very well in the bathrooms and kitchen department. I was nice to explore the kitchen area there were someone to help assistance me in that department. I think that the kitchen layout was very well and each aisles is well labeled and it’s was pretty straight forward to find the things I were looking for. In my opinion the sales approach was more laid back.

The return policy for Burlington Coat Factory is not set for the customer satisfaction; I remember when you were not able to receive any cash refunds. For the new return policy if the items are return within 30 days you can receive your cash back. * You may return online purchases within 30 days of receipt of your order for any reason. * Shipping charges are non-refundable. * Many of our vendor-fulfilled items (special orders) will need to be returned to the specified vendor. * We will refund your credit card for the purchase amount less shipping and handling within 14 business days of receipt of your return.

You are responsible for all return shipping charges. * Merchandise returned must be in new condition and in its original packaging. Merchandise is not returnable if it has been assembled. * Due to health and sanitary reasons, swimsuits, breast pumps, and breast pump accessories are not returnable under any conditions. * Fabric sold by the yard is not returnable. * Some merchandise returns are subject to a restocking fee. This is stated on the individual product pages. References http://www. burlingtoncoatfactory. com Retrieved on August 30, 2010


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